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Monday, August 29, 2011

Play The 7 Links Challenge

Before anything else, let me thank Ms. Wi of A Single Girl's Musings for inviting me to join this fun blog game. I have a soft spot for this girl, because she's also from Davao City. I assume she first noticed Mystic Nymph when I posted about Photoscape in my Something Very Short (SVS) blog feature primer. From then on, she became one of my avid readers who never fail to leave their thoughts down low when they have time. A million thanks to you, girl! I hope I didn't sound like Pilita Corales with that statement. Chuckles. Ok, let the game begin!

1. The Most Beautiful Post: Mama Bet's  Cookbook Episode 1

My dear mother, Emilie.

I consider this as my most beautiful post because I featured my Mom and her cake here. It was also my first episode for the newest bait in my niche called Mama Bet's Cookbook. She has baked a lot of sweets after that, but I haven't blogged about them due to lack of resources for documentation. Too bad! It's never too late! Check it out again soon.

2. The Most Popular Post: I'm A Woman and I Hate These Styles

I don't like Tattooed Men.

According to my blog stats, this post has already garnered 1,658 pageviews because of the men on tattoo. It's about trends that men love which I hate. I dished out a list of six styles that are very unmanly, at least for me. It's my version of Shine's Trends That Women Love Which Men Hate. Tessa of Fashion Facile also shared her views about it in her blog.

3. The Most Controversial Post: Unattractive Women

Natalie Dee's property.

I'm not sure about this though, but I think I've offended some women in this post. I also think I sounded like a bully who's so high-minded. But honestly, I didn't have any intention of coming off that way when I wrote that piece. That was solely to present my own list of ten unattractive traits that some women have. If I've hurt you with this, I deeply apologize. I hope you accept it.

4. The Most Helpful Post: Having Blogger's Block?

Pretty please let us blog more.

We experience blogger's block, more often than not. We get distracted, and sometimes it gets difficult for us to drift back to our beloved vocation (blogging). I'm sure you also get indignant about not having your daily fix of blogging like I do. Interruptions certainly are very disturbing! In this post, I compiled some tips that I deem are very beneficial to us, bloggers. I gave a list of ten.

5. A Post That Was Surprisingly Successful: Bollywood Fashion

My headless Bollywood Outfit Shot.

I blogged about my thoughts about Bollywood Fashion in this post (obviously). This is one of my effortless write-ups. By that I mean, there were no enough original words to describe the topic. I'm a wordy type of person, and when my posts don't have loads of texts, I get disappointed. But to my surprise, it became one of my posts that gained more than a dozen of unique comments.

6. A Post That Didn't Get The Attention It Deserves: Creative Juice (My Intense Devotion for ART)

Salvador Dali's Persistence of Memory.

This post is actually part of my Top 5 most viewed posts according to my blog stats. I wrote this back when I  still had two followers. I think it only gained a number of page views because of the images. They didn't read the texts that were written whole-heartedly. That's what I don't like about some bloggers. They just drop by without paying attention to texts. They only look at the pictures, and that's it.

7. A Post I Am Most Proud Of: Mistaken Identity of Davao City

I love Davao City!
I'm proud of this post because I managed to lift the name of my beloved city to the whole world. I mentioned three distressing misconceptions they give towards Davao City gets, and then I hashed out their wrong ideas by highlighting every beautiful things Davao City can be truly proud of. Our city doubtlessly has an abundant array of good quality food and places that will surely make your life pleasing and delightful.

One of this blog game is to tag seven bloggers to do this as well. Too bad, I can't tag all my dearest readers and followers. Without further ado, I'm tagging...

Zahara of Scarlet's Walk
Lavinia of A Dash of Lav
Glenn of Gencified

I hope you enjoy playing this challenge, girls! And... for the last two links.. I invite you to LIKE my Facebook Page which can be found here -- Mystic Nymph (Blogspot). You can also connect with me on Twitter. See you there!


Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

This is awesome challenge! I remember I really enjoyed reading each one of the above mentioned posts (especially the blogger's block one) ;)

Happy Monday!


Fashion Fractions

Pratishtha Durga said...

What a wonderful challenge! Love your posts. Your mom is beautiful.

Am following you now. Hope you drop in and follow, if you like.

Peiyinn said...

Great post! :D

Bree said...

yay! I've been tagged!!!! I will respond the the tag after today's classes! =)

BlueVanilla said...

Cute post! Love looking back at all the different posts on blogs! :)

Hot Pink Day
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Scarlet Letter said...

thanks for the tag! sounds fun fun!

Bonnie said...

This is such a fun challenge!! It was a great way to get to know you. :)

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

TiasaurausRex said...

Sorry im kinda slow minded haha, how do you play this game? it looks very interesting.
btw i just stumbled across your blog and i love it!
we should Follow each other ^o^

Sara Norat said...


Glenn Encinares said...

Thaks Angela for tagging I already post my answer in my blog :)

Hayley said...

Fantastic posts. love them all, controversial is good - it means you have your own thoughts and opinions =)


Chelsea Lane said...

what a fun post! gah, I have definitely gotten blogger's block before ;)


lav said...

thanks for tagging kat. you're doing a great job in blogging. :D i'll try to do this challenge as soon as i can.

Sunny & Star said...

This is such a great idea! It gets you thinking about your posts, but it also lets your followers find out more about your blog. I do not like tattoos either. I can handle one(a small one), but men and women too for that matter do not need tattoos all over their bodies! I just had to go read your post on this and I absolutely AGREE with everything you posted! I hate it when guys wear clothes so big that I can see their boxers or so tight I can see the outline of things I should not be seeing. I can understand about being fit and defined but some guys take this way too far and look gross (sorry). Armpits and disgusting I agree I should not see hairy armpits.
I also read your post on unattractive girl qualities and I totally agree with you on this too. Even as a girl being friends with girls who possess those qualities is a drain. I can understand a friend being excited about something and going on nonstop about it occassionally or on a special occassion, but someone who dominates the conversation all the time is really being a friend to me. And those that are overly emotional just wear you down because you never know what to expect.
There's a lot more that I can say here but I think we all get the point and I do not think you came off mean in that post either.

The Cat Hag said...

Fabulous entry, I love reading about your thoughts and feelings. :)

The Cat Hag
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Bad Joan said...

That cat got a LOL! Provocative posts are always good .


ChiChi81 said...

Yay, thanks for accepting the challenge! I'm a bit late to comment though, was kinda busy during the weekend haha :)

And I so agree with you on how some bloggers just roll by and drop those "generic" comments. I mean, it's so easy to tell who actually takes time to read and who comments just to advertise their blog lol.


A Single Girl's Musings

margaritats said...

great post!!

Bree said...

I just did my tag! You can read it here:
Also, I liked your facebook page ;)
Congrats on 100 GFC followers!!!

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