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I'll let you in a little revelation about my favorite usernames in my virtual sites. First is about my Mikimoto Angel pen name. Mikimoto is a famous brand of pearl accessories in America. I first saw that brand in Vogue Magazine. I got mesmerized by that label, and I thought of using it. I just added Angel from my name "Angela". Thus, the formation of Mikimoto Angel.

For my other pen name Mystic Nymph, the word mystic really came from the show Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. I used to be so hooked to that show. I am also obsessed with mythologies, and nymphs are mythical creatures depicted as beautiful young women who are considered as guardians of objects and places in nature. Thus, the evolution of Mystic Nymph.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodbye July

It's the end of July! next week is definitely a hell week for me. It's my exam week. That's from Tuesday to Friday! I've got to study hard this weekend. I must pass those dreaded exams or else I'll be dead. But despite that hellness,

I'm still on a high because It will be August tomorrow! New things and experiences are coming ahead. I love surprises. Who knows? August could be a blessed month for everyone. It's the eighth month of the year. Four months to go and rain deers will pass by our window pane again! I can't wait for Christmas!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Broadway Wednesday

The Communication Arts students batch 2007-2008 are in high spirits with their broadway getups. They all look good with their red and black costumes. They are all in a rush to rehearse for their ought-to-be theatrical dance presentation later this afternoon. I want to witness that moment but I don't think I could stay here in school any longer.

The Comm Guild neophytes are really attractions of the day. They really turn heads. They all look gorgeous. If I were to choose among them who's the best dressed, that would be DALE. She looks really good. She dressed up well and she carried her costume strikingly great.

I must be sad now. It's a fun experience dressing up with your friends. I did not join Comm Guild, so I just observe how they turned the hassle situation into a good memory.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Should UP Students Engage in Protests to Exercise Activism?

The students of the University of the Philippines have been known as the youth's voice for several years. UP students have built this legacy to make a change. This act is hat we call activism and it has been maintained as UP's trademark.

When I say activism, I associate it to protest. That's what UP students are known for. They are a group of students organized to speak one voice. They have one mind who wants to fight for the right. The want their opinions to be heard by the ruling authority. This is to bring about change in our society, especially in politics, economics and education.

The last time I knew UP students had a protest was when the UP Administration introduced the 600 per unit tuition fee for the freshmen students. Our student council even invited us to join that endeavor. They wanted to change the administration's decision considering this matter.
Does activism really have something to do with protests? Should UP students engage in rallies to exercise activism?

Expressing what is needed to be blurted out is actually a good thing. They do this through protests so everyone could hear their complaints. This could possibly arouse enthusiasm to those who feel the same. They do this usually in public roads or even in the campus.

They think this vigorous actions like shouting in the streets could solve the crises. Through this, they try to persuade people to change their behavior toward something significant to humanity.

Democracy is what they are trying to point out in this kind of activity. The Philippines is actually a democratic country. Its citizens can exercise it in any way they want.
UP is known for expressing freedom in whatever field. In this way, they could exhibit it and let the whole country know that they are opposing something.

I have just cited the claims of what UP protesters stand for. If you ask me, I would say I don't agree with any of those statements. Let me state my points which could strengthen my stand on the issue.

Activism has nothing to do with protest or confrontation. If UP students want to voice out what they think is right, rallying is not the only way to do it. Activism could mean something else anyway.

I firmly believe that if you want to have what you desire, you must work out on it the best way you can. I don't believe that forcing it on others could help you get a way with it. Violence like overt reactions should not be involved.

There are alternative ways to make everyone see what is going around our environment. If they want to urge people to make a move to develop our society from depression, there are a lot of better ways to do it.

The University of the Philippines produces students that are excellent in different fields. Why not use their talents? Students in communication or broadcasting can create publications about political or other social issues.

Satirical plays or independent films could also be a way to express activism. In this way, you do not only express what you feel, but you also expose your skill.
My next point will be about the effects of protesting. I have never heard of any better changes after most protests.

Before doing one thing, they must first think twice. Will they get what they want when they go rallying? Will the change they desire come about after going to a march? One perfect question would be, are they really on the right track?

When these students ganged up against the UP administration for implementing the tuition fee increase, I could see that they were one-sided.

They just looked at the negative side of the issue. The problem with them is that they did not consider both sides. They were just too eager and enthusiastic to stage a rally and voice out what for them is right.

I believe that before you create an argument out of something, you must know which side is practical. Take it easy and don't rush things.

My last point is about their claim that protesting is an act of freedom given by the school and the country. Yes< I agree. But don't they know about the responsibility coming after freedom or democracy?
It doesn't mean that when you are granted a privilege, you could enjoy it without realizing its effects. This act of freedom causes too much dilemma.

Rallies can cause trouble in the streets. They cause traffic that delays everyone trying to go about their routines. They also leave the streets messy. Noise is another annoying effect. All of could greatly affect the tourism of our country.
Some student activists actually disturb ongoing classes. Students should act as students when they are in the school premises. They are trained to become better citizens and not to become trouble makers.

No matter how hard they try to convince me that protesting does good, I would still stand firm on what I believe. UP students or even other people don't need to protest to express themselves. It is not the only way to prove others that what you believe is right. Remember that violence only causes another conflict.

Instead of spending their time protesting, students should do well in their craft to create a better society. Protests only cause trouble. If they want to fix a problem, they must not do it with something annoying. They can do it peacefully in a creative manner. They could use their skill to express their angst or anything else.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm thinking of...

- taking a rest. I do want to turn my mindset into a vacuum. I don't want to think of anything else other than to sleep...sleep..sleep! I'm not feeling well because of this slimy fluid stuck in my nose..grrr!

- having a food trip. Gotta take a little time saving some bucks for it! I want to feed my appetite for some gourmetized delicacies.

- the fare increase. Damn it! It really gets into my nerves. Everything's hiking fast. It's as if they're having a race or something. Give us a break! we're going way too low.

- how to get rid of those unnecessary things. I thing it's time for cost-CUTTING! The situation is getting worse every now and then.

- how to convince my mom to permit me for Reeka's debut celebration on August 2. Poor me, she refused it. It's so sad because that's supposed to be the first time I'm going to attend a formal debut party.

- of many other things. But i think i have to go now cause it's already time for our AH4 Class.

Pen is mightier than the sword

It was a moment of intense tension. Tears dripped all over everybody's cheeks. Heartbeats seemed to heat up my insides making me numb for a little while. I was so confused with what to feel. Mixed emotions dominated my heart. I prayed so hard to hear what I wanted to hear.
What place would I be at? The worst question could be, Do I really have the chance to win this competition? Those were the things running in my mind while waiting for the announcement of winners in the Division Schools Press Conference. All of us crossed our fingers and closed our eyes. It was really a nerve-wrecking hour.
Six students brought glory in our school. I was fortunately on of them. Nothing else felt good than savoring the sweetness of victory. That added up to my happiness and fulfillment.
It would definitely help a lot if you enjoy writing despite the difficulties. Nothing is called wonderful if it didn't pass any distress at all. You couldn't appreciate one thing unless you accept its strain. I could say i love writing though I know sometimes my works are unappreciated.
My writing experience began when my mother transferred me to a public school. Teachers there sharpened students in different fields especially in writing. This skill should be enhanced because not everyone knows how to write substantial compositions. Some just have the confidence to speak in a huge crowd but poor in making good speech. Some even opt to hire someone to write their speech.
I had undergone many trials when I chose campus journalism as my world for six long years. It was in grade 5 when I first encountered creating an essay. With all honesty, I would say that I really had a hard time in doing even one paragraph. It crushed my heart and troubled my mind whenever our English teacher required us to pass one for our formal composition.
It wasn't very easy dealing with teachers who expect a lot from their students. You tend to be conscious composing such essays. As a beginner back then, I used to believe that length is one of the factors to impress readers. Yes, I write to impress, but that was before. I used to be so proud whenever composition reaches the back of my paper. I got overwhelmed whenever my classmates complimented it and eventually envied it.
I was really childish then. I really was. I even thought of going around the bush just to lengthen my work. However, as time passed by, that kind of mentality slowly rushed out from my head. Realizations began to conquer my mind.
I learned from Ed Fernandez's lecture to write as we talk. We write all things that pops out our mind like we are just conversing with people. But of course proper organization is also necessary.
One more thing that I learned was that we must write to express not to impress. This passage suited me because I used to write with one aim in mind- to get people's attention. That was a wrong intention that lead me astray before.
Writing continuously teaches me a lot of things each day. I consider it as a treasury box of new escapades ahead. It is only in writing where you broaden your mind and ensnare your senses.
My experience with this skill made me boost my self-confidence somehow. Because of this skill, I achieved a lot of things I never thought I would have. Though I'm not genius enough in writing, I still could say that I have proven my worth as a campus journalist.
To sum it all up, my life in writing is one heck of an adventure. The things you learn from it is continual. Experiences and the realizations you get from it is never-ending. You just have to be tough to endure its sharpenings.
Here you find out that reality and fantasy could be one when you believe.

To be or not to be? (Being single and having an affair)

--- This was the Compare and Contrast paper I submitted to our AH1 Lecturer Maam JC Duhaylungsod. It was the first semester of my first year in UP---

I was out the other night for a reunion with my high school classmates. When I saw them, I felt like hugging them all at once. We were so overwhelmed with each other's presence. We talked a lot about the things that happened to us. We sure missed a lot of noteworthy experiences of everyone.
One talked about her boyfriend. She got pinned to boy who played the lead guitar in a band. Sh bragged a lot about how sweet he is to her. She could not stop reminiscing how wonderful their first date was. She even elaborated on how passionate he kissed. while she was having her romance spilled, I was just sitting blankly before her. Actually I didn't even mind her talk. I didn't want to listen to her. Could that mean something?
I would have to admit that I must be insecure about her state. But do I have to envy her? I have a lot of realizations for both sides of the coin. What could be that to sides It is being single and being attached. What would you rather choose folks?
these mumbo jumbo talks about love could be very cheesy in a way. We have had enough of this matter. But this time, I would like to cite the differences of the choices I mentioned earlier. That could be a very interesting ground to tread on.
To have or not to have a romantic affair with someone is a choice. It depends on your mood. We give love because we feel lke giving it out. But sometimes even though love comes right in front of you, you still opt not to mind it. You choose not to put too much weight on all those crap about lovesick thing. SEE? Love isn't really blind. It's just that we don't feel like falling in love sometimes.
Whenever I see couples hold hands, I honestly feel so annoyed. Why do i feel that way? It's a clear sign of insecurity. That is what those single and unencumbered usually feel. I have to be honest that I'm irritated seeing lovers because I always wanted to have one. But I don't consider that as a big problem anyway. That's out of the picture... and that's what you call denial! But of course many would rather stay single than settle.
So many people are depressed because they don't have somebody.It may be true that having someone can help add to your happiness and fulfillment. I believe that can occur when we find the right person that suits us. But i can also recall a lot of people that are in relationships that are miserable. They're not happy at all. in fact. they feel like they are just trapped. Many of them would give anything to be single.
Many people say that it is boring to stay single. All i can say is that it's all in the mind. You can never feel it unless you won't think of it over and over. It's actually a blessing in disguise. You don't need to rant about the problems you and your partner have. You just have to care about yourself and nothing else.
When you're single, you can do whatever you want. No questions asked. No guilt about doing things either. You don't have to make excuses. You don't have to call your partner to check on his permission to go somewhere.You need not to care more on your time management. Your time is exclusively for you.
You're as free as a bird when you're single. When you're hands aren't tied,you can go wild anytime and anywhere because nobody would care...except for your parents!You won't get paranoid whether or not you made your partner as mad as a hatter. Perhaps rightly so, that would really cause a grave trouble. You'll never know when heartbreak attacks.I'm sure you will never want to entertain that heart with a zigzag at the middle.
But what if suddenly you got hitched? What could be it's advantage? What difference does it make when you have an affair with someone?
It's true that one of the most enjoyable parts of having a relationships being able o fulfill your romantic fantasies. You know, the one being swept off your feet by a knight in shining armor or rescuing the damsel in distress?
Having a special someone by your side eases your anxieties somehow. They make you forget about any negative emotions. You tend to focus your mind on them and not on anything going on around you. Sure, you get inspired when they are around you.
Our happiness depends on our choice. We are the the only ones responsible for our own happiness. When we're single. let's enjoy our freedom while we can. When we're attached, let's try to strengthen our bond with that special someone and let not anything break it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Things I want to have at the moment


I'm longing to have a new dress. Dresses make us girls look more feminine. They infuse a kind of energy that works well for every lady in the universe. They make us look fragile which i could say is a positive aura. If I have the money, I would spend them all for dresses.

Lend me your ears

What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts

This is a nice song. Whenever the intro strikes, I can't help but slow down for a while. It's an emotional song and I think everyone who gets the chance to listen to it feels sympathetic to the one singing the song. Have great time listening to it tout le monde!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I kissed a girl By Katy Perry

This was never the way I planned
Not my intention
I got so brave, drink in hand
Lost my discretion
It’s not what, I’m used to
Just wanna try you on
I’m curious for you
Caught my attention
I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it
I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Don’t mean I’m in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it
I liked it
No, I don’t even know your name
It doesn’t matter
Your my experimental game
Just human nature
It’s not what, good girls do
Not how they should behave
My head gets so confused
Hard to obey
I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it
I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Don’t mean I’m in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it
I liked it
Us girls we are so magical
Soft skin, red lips, so kissable
Hard to resist so touchable
Too good to deny it
Ain’t no big deal, it’s innocent
I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it
I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it
It felt so wrong
It felt so right
Don’t mean I’m in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it
I liked it

---------It's a nice song indeed. It shows how a girl experimented on the song. But I don't think I can do what she did. It sucks. It's somewhat unethical to have an affair with the same gender.

I want to get a new hair cut. I'm so over this hairstyle that I have. I'm really getting fed up with it. Want to suggest a good style? Where should I

How well do you speak English?

Image not intended for copyright infringement.

The film Pygmalion showed how an English expert transformed an ordinary florist into a fine lady. Professor Higgins has a formula for turning Eliza into a lady. He brought her up in a lifestyle that is far from the ordinary. He also taught her things , from the simple to the complicated ones, that are needed to be learned as a duchess-like woman.

There are many things that I would like to get rid of with the way I speak English. I believe that even though it is not our native language, we should still be conscious in dealing with it. I could say that it really creates a big impact when you know the language very well.

I, for one, would want to improve my English speaking skills. I don't think I'm already that good. If I could fix three things about the way I speak English, those would probably be my intonation, fluency and vocabulary.

Intonation because there are a lot of times that I get so conscious with the rising and lowering of the tone in a sentence. Sometimes I tend to forget when should I raise my voice in a question. The problem with me is that I speak in a passive tone for neutrality's sake. If that is so, nobody would correct me if I use the wrong tone.

The second one is my fluency because I have a tendency to forget everything that I'm supposed to say whenever I talk to someone in English. Again, it's because of consciousness. I stutter and stop in mid-sentences. That happens many times already.

The last one is my vocabulary. I still want to learn more words and other idiomatic expressions in English. I think those could help me a great deal. With lots of those in my memory bank, I believe I will be much better.

I firmly believe that everything is just in the mind. Nothing gets difficult when you believe you can. We must think that we are good at something so that nothing can beat us up.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Midnight Crisis (Sour Graping)

I have never tried going out somewhere at night. They say it's fun partying at Pop's or in Autoshop or anywhere else. Some people love spending their whole night with those people they don't even know.
I couldn't see the significance of partying. It's just a waste of time. I guess you could say I'm just a kill joy person, but that's how I see it. You spend most of your money for some useless things like liquor, cigarettes, and some sort.
Hot ladies in their best apparels stay in the club to hunt some big catch. It's useless! Girls there just wear masks to anybody by their hook. Whenever they get drunk, their biggest mistakes usually happens. That could be the beginning of losing their dignity. Well, from the very beginning they have already lost it though. So pathetic.
Hanging out at night is dangerous. I've been used not to have night life. It works for me. Partying costs lots of money. We should consider that money doesn't just grow on trees. we could just save it for better purposes.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Animated Pictures Myspace Comments

It's been really a long time since i got new possessions for fashion. I love dressing up because I feel like a princess whenever I do it. Some girls don't have the passion for fashion because for them it's a waste of money and time. well, for me, it isn't. It actually eases the pressure you are into. fashion helps a lot if you feel deprived or whatever. It makes you look prettier than what you really are. i love fashion and it will never be erased in my life.

Heart Fireworks

Love Myspace Comments

I love this animated image of a heart. It looks really nice. Check this out at www.mynicespace.com

Kick That Dirty Little Pig!

Animated Pictures Myspace Comments

I saw that pig again! She's so pathetic cause I know she's just insecure with me! She has nothing else to do but to stare and talk behind me. Well, it's not just a simple stare though. It's something that could make you sense she's thinking bad against you. I definitely hate her and she will never be my friend. Thanks for ruining my day, piggy girl!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

About last Friday

Animated Pictures Myspace Comments

I don't think this year's torch night was good enough. The previous one was far better than the last one. It was not organized well. The sound system did not even cooperate well. There were people who took everything seriously. It was supposed to be a night to have fun, not to mourn and accuse one another.
---------------Better Luck next time--------------------------------------------------------------

Check this out

Rude People

It's hard to wake up every morning when you know in your heart you're going to face another trial. Every place where I see frowned faces and crooked smiles seem to be a monster's lair. It gets so difficult whenever I think you can't get out of it ever again.
I admit it's my fault when I decided to join a sorority in UP Mindanao. From the very start, I knew I was Going to dishonour my parents if I blend with those violent group of people. But because rebellion and curiosity emerged, I followed my heart never thinking what the consequences would be. It was totally a mistake.
The mess that I made created an irresistibly great impact on the people very dear to my heart. I disappointed my family, especially my parents. They found out everything that I did. As parents, they wanted to give those who hazed me a lesson. My mother filed a complaint against them. I had to support my mother.
I never thought that giving my mother the support would make me look evil among those who sided with the sorority. Their friends started to tease me and give out fabricated stories against me. They call me bitch and asshole dimwit. Who never get hurt with it? It affected me a lot.
Because of what happened,I began to ponder who my real friends are. I may see and meet people good to me, but I can't say they are all true. I don't want to conclude that despite what happened, I still have many friends. Because now, it's clearly vague.
This time, I guess I could say having many friends is not really an achievement. Finding one but true friend is definitely a chance of a lifetime.
I would like to tell myself that I don't have to gain many friends. One true friend is more than enough.

The place to beat

School is definitely not my comfort zone. That's exactly the reason why I am dashing off what is needed to be complied this afternoon. It's already 5:30 and I'm so excited to get home.
Whew! At last Ate Malou's done photocopying these thick readings! Drum rolls please, signifying this joyous moment. I am now all set and ready to leave.
A great deal of longing rush through my veins as I step in the jeepney. My room is all I want! I don't care much about the other places in our house. Well, of course with exemption to our dining area.
It's time to get kicked! Let me allow you to take a peek in my place. The place to beat- my room.
It's not what you think it is. It's not as lavish as what others have. It's not even wide enough for me to have a queen-sized bed. What I have is just a simple one. But I believe that we can do so much on what we own. No matter how simple it is,you can make it look good without overspending.
My room doesn't have a huge door which could make it look luxurious. This floral curtain and this wooden wall are the only things that divide it from the living room. Let us now enter the portal to my haven.
I am running out of words to describe my room. It just goes to show how simple it is. I can't say anything much about it except for the value I give it. But since you're here with me, I guess you ought to know how each of these things function in my life.
The first thing you probably noticed upon entering the room is this drawer beside my cabinet. I am so sorry if it annoys your sight. It looks awful now because it had been with me since I was six. The stickers are now torn which make it look uglier.
That wooden cabinet stores all the things that I have. The first half is filled with stuffed toys and my accessories. Honestly i talk to my toys whenever I feel heavy deep inside. They give life to this little room. The second half of the cabinet is where my books, notebooks and magazines are kept.
This is my bed. I hate it when my sisters sit on it and ruin how the bed sheet is placed. I put great effort on taking care of it like what I do for myself. Though the foam is not that fluffy anymore, I still feel good sleeping on it with my two pillows and my blanket.
When you lie on my bed you can have a clear view of the sky because my bed is just beside the two windows. I love gazing at the stars through the window. It also feels good whenever it rains, because i just listen to it drop while hugging my pillow tight.
Beside my bed is a table where I do my homework. under it is where I put my shoes.
Sometimes I think I'm so lucky that i have this bed room. Houses in our village are not that far from each other. So if that's the case, I could have the chance to stare at the handsome boy next door. But unfortunately I can't find cute guys there. Too bad!
One more thing is the air is still. Taking a deep breath, you could tell what the neighbors have for supper. Bon appetite!
My bed room knows a lot about me, from the bad to the good things in my life. This room is my shelter. this gives me comfort whenever I am down.
I remember that it was in this room where I discovered I had my first period. This bed got stained with my first menstrual blood. I can still clearly picture out how disgusting it looked like.
I used to hate this room way back then. I hate the way my parents treated this room like storage room while letting my sisters and I sleep there. There used to be cob webs under this bed. Chairs that are damaged were kept there for a long time.Huge boxes of unused clothes and toys were piled up making this room look really messy.
But despite the untidiness of this room, I learned to treat it as a place I truly call home. Every time my mother scolds me, I run here and cry my heart out. Everything feels better again whenever I'm inside this room.
I fixed what were needed to be fixed in this room and made it as my royal chamber. This is the place where I dreamt about my future. This is where I smiled and cried because of some happenings in my life. This is where I grew up.
I remember way back then in my childhood days, we used to play "bahay-bahay"in this room. My sisters and I even fantasized about Rico Yan, Diether Ocampo as our usbands. Cheesy, isn't it? Even though it is, I won't get sued though. my room knows a lot about all the cheesy thing in my head.
Memories enliven this special place. They will never fade no matter what happens in this room. Changes may take place, but those unforgettable moments will forever stay intact. No matter how simple my room is, it's the memories that make a difference.
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