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I'll let you in a little revelation about my favorite usernames in my virtual sites. First is about my Mikimoto Angel pen name. Mikimoto is a famous brand of pearl accessories in America. I first saw that brand in Vogue Magazine. I got mesmerized by that label, and I thought of using it. I just added Angel from my name "Angela". Thus, the formation of Mikimoto Angel.

For my other pen name Mystic Nymph, the word mystic really came from the show Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. I used to be so hooked to that show. I am also obsessed with mythologies, and nymphs are mythical creatures depicted as beautiful young women who are considered as guardians of objects and places in nature. Thus, the evolution of Mystic Nymph.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Be at Rest

It's the end of the week! Time to get kicked. Time to say Thank God it's Friday! No other day is better than Friday. I wanna go home and take a rest. I miss my bed and everything that I stare at whenever I get bored. I miss doodling a lot. Writing senseless things just to make the most out of your time. For me it does make sense. It all depends on what we affirm to. remember the theory of concrete affirmation? Thanks to the great philosopher Sir Pavo!

Heard about the Kadayawan festivities lately? It's making a lot of noise around the metro. It's coming up soon. Actually it's kick off celebration will be this Sunday. Am I right or I am right? As far as I know, there will be a lot of activities all over again for the week-long celebration. Some will be Cultural shows, Lumad celebrations, Indak-Indak sa kadalanan, Float Parades, Hiyas ng Kadayawan and many others. We should check them all out. Let us support Philippine festivals. That is to increase the tourism rate in this poverty stricken country. Did I sound so noble? That should account for something.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I had a conversation with the Koreans who came for a cultural show yesterday. they were so friendly. I could attest to that. They notice every single detail that they noticed from you. I think that shows their interest in knowing one person.

I enjoyed talking to them. I was glad that Jovi appreciated my art work when he browsed my sketch pad. They even took a picture of it. That pinkie promise also reminded me of something. That promises are really important for them.

I also tried their Kimchi. It's their national food I guess. Koreans are famous for that. It's so spicy. I think Kimchi is just served as a side dish made to enhance the flavor of our meals. It was made of onions. But Recipe Zaar stated its ingredients and how it's done:


* 1 lb sized head Chinese cabbage
* 2 tablespoons sea salt
* 4 cups cold water
* 1 tablespoon fresh garlic, chopped
* 1 tablespoon fresh ginger, finely chopped
* 1 tablespoon green onion, finely chopped
* 2 teaspoons dried chili pepper flakes
* 2 teaspoons sugar
* 1 tablespoon sea salt


Separate and wash the cabbage leaves.

Sprinkle them with the 2 tbsp of salt.

Place them in a non corrosive dish (Pyrex) and pour in the 4 cups cold water, cover with plastic wrap and place in fridge over night.

The water should cover the leaves if not place a heavy object on them to keep them submerged.

After sitting overnight pour off the water and rinse the leaves well, shake out excess moisture. ( I used my lettuce dryer to remove the extra moisture).

Mix the garlic, ginger, green onion,chili flakes,sugar & 1 tbsp salt, stir together.

Pour 11/2 cups of very hot water over the mixed seasoning.

Place cabbage leaves in a large zip lock bag or in a bowl, pour in the seasoning, mix well so the seasoning is on every leaf.

Place in the fridge for two days. Flip the bag every time you open the fridge door.

To serve cut the leaves into 2" strips and serve as a side condiment.

To store pack the cabbage into a jar and store in the fridge it will keep for several days to a week or more.

I hope I could meet them again somewhere. I would love to know their culture more. Knowing different cultures is really one of a kind. I just love talking to people from different races. I love it when I introduce my culture to others and vice versa.

After the conversation we had, i realized how I love my course. Communication arts is really my passion. I will never trade my course for anything better than it, for I think it's the best ever.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

No room for talking trash

I was cross examined. It didn't do any pressure to me except for the extreme coolness of the room. I wasn't able to speak normally because my jaws are trembling. Of course it's not because I was nervous. That was so embarrassing. Good thing they didn't actually notice it. But I'm not quite sure about that.

One more thing I have to let out is that I can rest without worries tonight! Hollers out! Exams for this week are done. This week is really one heck of a tiring week. I had my head ache because it's too drained to think about academics. At last I'm going to have a break at exactly 5:30 this afternoon! Let me hear you scream!

Poise under pressure. That's what I believe in. Despite everything sickening me these past few days, I still am in the mood to freshen myself up. That will never be omitted in my list.

This day is a seventh heaven for me. I think I ought to say that. And you ought to know that! Get your freak on fellas!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm in a GOTH mood

This imge is not intended for copyright infringement.

I am so fascinated with the gothic air I'm breathing in today. It's like black sets my spirits high at the moment. I'm gonna try wearing that fashion soon. But I think it's going to be nice with a camera in hand. That is to capture the moments of your goth mood, right?

i have researched some dose of information about goths and i found out it is not just a mere fashion. It is actually religion. Goths believed that they just see beauty and it's coming destruction at the same time. creepy isn't it? But of course, it's not that I'm biased. It's just that I don't think like them. I just don't see myself believing them.

They also quoted that goth is the ability to find art where art seems to be lacking. That profound passage is really striking. Goths just shows how they appreciate something where everyone seems to dislike it.

R.G.Green also said that when Goth dies, God laughs. I found this quote very funny! Could that be true?
A few reporters have also associated Goth with Satanism, violence, white supremacy and intolerance. The implication was that the Goth culture had been the cause of the alleged perpetrators' obsession with revenge, and thus is at least partly responsible for the homicides.

Some factors that are commonly observed are:

* Its unique music, art and literature.

* The use of extreme black clothing, light colored makeup, unusual hair styles, body piercing, bondage items, etc.

* A fascination with medieval, Victorian and Edwardian history.

* Wearing of symbols such as a Christian cross; an Egyptian ankh or "Eye of Ra," or "Eye of Horus;" a Wiccan pentacle, a Satanic inverted pentacle. etc.

* Goths tend to be non-violent, pacifistic, passive, and tolerant. Many in the media have mistakenly associated Goth with extreme violence and hatred of minorities, white supremacy, etc.

* Many Goths write about being depressed. Followers seem sullen and withdrawn, when in public. They are often much more "happy and carefree in the company of [other] Goths." Examples of depression are:

"Tigriss," commenting on her own life, writes: "So my gothic persona fit me quite well. My black clothing and dark music aptly reflected my own depression, pain, and anger which was what I made most of my life about. Most of my goth friends had dysfunctional families and troubled childhoods as mine. We could identify with each other through our dark make-up and painful pasts." 
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