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Saturday, October 9, 2010

SCREAMatized Gossip Original Script

Written by: Yours truly
News report by: Shimea More
Edited by: Maxine Villas/ Shimea More

Misconceptions of people among Page 1 of 10
Davao City and its Citizenry
15-minute Podcast
CJAmor/ KACCastro/ SJMore/
JRTorotoro/ MAVillas


1 OBB: Hi I'm Max! Hi I'm Kat! I'm Ximee! And we love Ice
2 cream!
5 OBB: Scream. Shout. Holler. “Screamatized Gossip” at DXSR
6 87.4 Scream Radio
7 VILLAS: Hollers in guys! I'm here with Kat and Ximee. Guys,
8 speak up!
9 CASTRO: Bonjour tout le monde!
10 MORE: Hola mi amigo, mi amiga!
11 VILLAS: Hearing our OBB makes me drool over Chicco di
12 Cafe "ice cream." You know what, Davaoeños nowadays
13 seem to be very hooked with coffee shops. I, for one,
14 am a fanatic.
Page 2 of 10
1 MORE: Yes, it's really becoming a trend here. It's
2 like when you've been to many coffee shops, you're
3 automatically branded as cool or well-off.
4 CASTRO: We, Davaoeños are looking for a place that offers
5 chic and cozy ambience that makes us feel relieved
6 and relaxed. We are not just for the meal, but for
7 experience.
8 VILLAS: That's exactly the reason why I frequent at coffee
9 shops more often than not. And of course, don't
10 forget the free wifi access. Without wifi, there will
11 be no Facebook and Twitter. Kat will be sad.
12 MORE: Definitely! It will be boring if you just go there and
13 sip your coffee without something to browse in your
14 laptop.
15 CASTRO: I hope next time I can bring my desktop with me at
16 Blugre!
19 MORE: (laughs) That joke sucks, Kat I have to say!
20 CASTRO: But at least I got that crappy feeling out of me by
21 saying that joke. I rehearsed it in my head!

Page 3 of 10
1 VILLAS: I'll buy that joke! Haha! Anyway, have you been to
2 White Hat? It's the new froyo store at GMall now.
3 MORE: Wow, we have a lot of froyo stores in the city now.
4 It's one of the fast-rising industry here. I've got to
5 try their healthy cup one of these days.
6 CASTRO: California Berry is the only froyo store I know. I
7 tried their original flavor, and it's quite a steal
8 considering their pocket-friendly prices. Speaking of
9 Gmall, they also have Calda Pizza now. And by the way, do you know that Calda means “hot in Spanish”? It's becoming
10 one of their most visited stores. I can say their
11 pizza is very delicious! The prices are not bad!
12 VILLAS: I totally agree! The next time we dine in there we
13 have to order their Extra Super 36-inch pizza, alright
14 girls? Damn! We've been yakking about food for the
15 past few minutes.
16 MORE: I'm hungry! I can't contain my cravings. Expect me to
17 turn off the mic any minute later if we continue this
18 topic. (laugh)
19 CASTRO: But you know what despite these new innovations we
20 have here in Davao, we still get misconceptions from people
21 outside our city. But before that, let's pause for a commercial
22 break first.
23 Stay locked in sweethearts.
24 COMMERCIAL BREAK 1: (00:30) California Berry

Page 4 of 10
1 COMMERCIAL BREAK 2: (00:42) Chicco di Cafe
2 COMMERCIAL BREAK 3: (00:30) Blue Jazz Beach Resort
3 SFX: FADE IN "Sound Effects- NBC News- Special Report.mp3",
5 TOROTORO: (01:00) Here are tidbits of news stories for the
6 Davaoeños and the Davaoeños at heart. A sand castle
7 making competition brought to us by Sanuk is happening
8 at Sales St. across Chimes Specialty Store. This is
9 part of their 4city-stop sand castle competition from
10 which the first was held in Manila. A close
11 competition plays between eight groups, each with five
12 members, as they are given four hours to mold their
13 masterpiece. The second runner-up receives Php 10,000
14 worth of cash and Sanuk gift certificates, the first
15 runner-up brings home Php 14,000 worth of cash and
16 Sanuk gift certificates and the best entry for this
17 event are the KB Builders who receives P20,000 cash
18 and Sanuk gift certificates.
19 The Davao City’s pavilion has caught off-guard the
20 rest of other pavilions in the three-day Philippine
21 Travel Mart at the Mega Trade Hall of SM Megamall as
22 it showcases Davao’s natural beauty. The deck is

Page 5 of 10
1 filled with the most elegant waling-waling and fresh
2 cut-flowers from Davao. It displays the bountiful
3 harvest of lanzones, pineapple, mangosteen and pomelo
4 while overflowing with bignay wine and a free-tasting
5 of Puentespina cheeses from Malagos. The public-
6 private partnership of tourism players came in this
7 event to promote the diversity of Davao City.
8 I'm Jewel,and that news is brought to you by
9 California Berry.
10 SFX: FADE IN "Sound Effects- NBC News- Special Report.mp3",
12 AMOR: (01:00) The newest, the most adventurous and the
13 breathtaking city attraction--the Deca Wakeboard Park
14 launches Monthly Medal. A wakeboarding competition
15 held on every last Saturday of the month awarding the
16 most. This is a free-for-all event. Wakeboarding
17 enthusiasts or anyone interested are invited to join
18 this event. It is a half-day event and the competition
19 goes straight up to finals, no more elimination
20 rounds. A trophy, a free ride pass and a jersey is
21 awarded to the monthly champion.

Page 6 of 10
1 Another event held in Davao City is the Make Your Own
2 Havaianas. This famous brand of flip lops celebrated
3 its 5 years of chic and colorful customization as it
4 made a come-back in Gaisano Mall of Davao last
5 September 16 to September 19 2010. Make Your Own
6 Havaianas is an event that is truly looked
7 forward to by Havainas fans every year. This is the
8 time where they can mix and match the sole and
9 strap of their choice. And what makes each pair
10 special is that it reflects the wearer's creativity
11 and imagination, a pair you can rightfully say as your
12 very own.
13 I'm Charina for Scream Radio. That update is brought
14 to you by Chicco de Cafe.
15 MORE: You're still here on Scream Radio with me Ximee,
16 Kat and Max. You see, because of these industrial
17 changes in Davao, we are slowly making people feel
18 that "Hey, we're not just a province, we're a city."
19 CASTRO: Yes, it just makes me sad to think that there are
20 people who discriminate Davaoeños just because they

Page 7 of 10
1 think we are uncivilized and barbaric. Is it because
2 Davao City is situated in the war-torn Mindanao,
3 that's why they see us that way? There's more to us
4 than meets the eye.
5 VILLAS: The worst misconception towards Davao City that I've
6 encountered were when I was in UP Diliman. I had a
7 chance to talk to someone from there. She got amazed
8 that I can speak fluent Tagalog and English, because
9 she thought Davaoeños can hardly speak them. She even
10 asked me whether we have cybercafés here. That was
11 very insulting, right?
12 MORE: A friend also told me that her acquaintance from there
13 got shocked that she's from Davao, and she's that
14 healthy. He thought we don't have enough food to eat
15 here because there's war going on Mindanao. My God!
16 They're that judgmental and one-sided!
18 CASTRO: Those guys are freaking me out! Maybe they've never

Page 8 of 10
1 been here that's why they're saying those things that
2 are very untrue. I hope they can see these
3 developments we have in our place now. If they're
4 here, they'd appreciate just how beautiful a
5 city, Davao is.
6 VILLAS: Don't they realize that we're gradually coming at par
7 with the most industrialized city's here in the
8 country? Businesses are pouring in. So, who says we
9 hardly have food and leisure here? As a matter of
10 fact, when we say for an instance, pizza, we no
11 longer think of just one pizza store. We have
12 already a lot of pizzerias, bars, restaurants,
13 shops, malls, parks and hotels here. And of
14 course, fruits are bountiful here. That's why Davao
15 City is considered as a fruit basket.
16 MORE: When it comes to tourism, we also have plenty of hot
17 spots that visitors can enjoy. Who will not be

Page 9 of 10
1 captivated by Eden Nature Park and Samal Beaches'
2 breath-taking and picturesque sights? Not only that.
3 We have Gap Farm, Malagos Garden Resort, Philippine
4 Eagle, Jack's Ridge and many more attractions here.
5 What more can you ask for? We all have it here in our
6 promise land.
7 CASTRO: Maybe the only way to eradicate these misconceptions,
8 is to feel confident on what we have. We don't have to
9 argue because we know deep down, that we ave the best!
10 Davaoeños should let those who step on us feel that we
11 can stand on our own, and that we don't feel insecure
12 towards them. Davao doubtlessly has an abundant array
13 of good quality food and places that will surely make
14 your life pleasing and delightful. Give our city a
15 try, and you'll surely forget your name.
16 SFX: FADE IN DESPICABLE ME'S "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna

Page 10 of 10
1 VILLAS: Whoa! Is that a sign that we're running out of time?
2 Guys, there's so many things that we want to cover but
3 the time is not enough.
4 MORE: That usually happens when we have a lot of things to
5 say in mind.
6 CASTRO: We had fun discussing these substantial matters
7 though. I assume our listeners enjoyed our topic as
8 well.
9 VILLAS: I wanna say thank you to our listeners for giving us
10 their time while we ponder on the misconceptions
11 Davaoeños get from other people.
12 MORE: Once again we don't need to fly, because the best is
13 offered here in Davao!
14 CASTRO: I have to say that Davao City is yet to unveil more
15 gratifying pleasures soon! I'm Kat.
16 VILLAS: I'm Max!
17 MORE: I'm Ximee!
18 ALL: And we're screaming out!
20 OUT.
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