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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Should UP Students Engage in Protests to Exercise Activism?

The students of the University of the Philippines have been known as the youth's voice for several years. UP students have built this legacy to make a change. This act is hat we call activism and it has been maintained as UP's trademark.

When I say activism, I associate it to protest. That's what UP students are known for. They are a group of students organized to speak one voice. They have one mind who wants to fight for the right. The want their opinions to be heard by the ruling authority. This is to bring about change in our society, especially in politics, economics and education.

The last time I knew UP students had a protest was when the UP Administration introduced the 600 per unit tuition fee for the freshmen students. Our student council even invited us to join that endeavor. They wanted to change the administration's decision considering this matter.
Does activism really have something to do with protests? Should UP students engage in rallies to exercise activism?

Expressing what is needed to be blurted out is actually a good thing. They do this through protests so everyone could hear their complaints. This could possibly arouse enthusiasm to those who feel the same. They do this usually in public roads or even in the campus.

They think this vigorous actions like shouting in the streets could solve the crises. Through this, they try to persuade people to change their behavior toward something significant to humanity.

Democracy is what they are trying to point out in this kind of activity. The Philippines is actually a democratic country. Its citizens can exercise it in any way they want.
UP is known for expressing freedom in whatever field. In this way, they could exhibit it and let the whole country know that they are opposing something.

I have just cited the claims of what UP protesters stand for. If you ask me, I would say I don't agree with any of those statements. Let me state my points which could strengthen my stand on the issue.

Activism has nothing to do with protest or confrontation. If UP students want to voice out what they think is right, rallying is not the only way to do it. Activism could mean something else anyway.

I firmly believe that if you want to have what you desire, you must work out on it the best way you can. I don't believe that forcing it on others could help you get a way with it. Violence like overt reactions should not be involved.

There are alternative ways to make everyone see what is going around our environment. If they want to urge people to make a move to develop our society from depression, there are a lot of better ways to do it.

The University of the Philippines produces students that are excellent in different fields. Why not use their talents? Students in communication or broadcasting can create publications about political or other social issues.

Satirical plays or independent films could also be a way to express activism. In this way, you do not only express what you feel, but you also expose your skill.
My next point will be about the effects of protesting. I have never heard of any better changes after most protests.

Before doing one thing, they must first think twice. Will they get what they want when they go rallying? Will the change they desire come about after going to a march? One perfect question would be, are they really on the right track?

When these students ganged up against the UP administration for implementing the tuition fee increase, I could see that they were one-sided.

They just looked at the negative side of the issue. The problem with them is that they did not consider both sides. They were just too eager and enthusiastic to stage a rally and voice out what for them is right.

I believe that before you create an argument out of something, you must know which side is practical. Take it easy and don't rush things.

My last point is about their claim that protesting is an act of freedom given by the school and the country. Yes< I agree. But don't they know about the responsibility coming after freedom or democracy?
It doesn't mean that when you are granted a privilege, you could enjoy it without realizing its effects. This act of freedom causes too much dilemma.

Rallies can cause trouble in the streets. They cause traffic that delays everyone trying to go about their routines. They also leave the streets messy. Noise is another annoying effect. All of could greatly affect the tourism of our country.
Some student activists actually disturb ongoing classes. Students should act as students when they are in the school premises. They are trained to become better citizens and not to become trouble makers.

No matter how hard they try to convince me that protesting does good, I would still stand firm on what I believe. UP students or even other people don't need to protest to express themselves. It is not the only way to prove others that what you believe is right. Remember that violence only causes another conflict.

Instead of spending their time protesting, students should do well in their craft to create a better society. Protests only cause trouble. If they want to fix a problem, they must not do it with something annoying. They can do it peacefully in a creative manner. They could use their skill to express their angst or anything else.

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