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Friday, July 25, 2008

To be or not to be? (Being single and having an affair)

--- This was the Compare and Contrast paper I submitted to our AH1 Lecturer Maam JC Duhaylungsod. It was the first semester of my first year in UP---

I was out the other night for a reunion with my high school classmates. When I saw them, I felt like hugging them all at once. We were so overwhelmed with each other's presence. We talked a lot about the things that happened to us. We sure missed a lot of noteworthy experiences of everyone.
One talked about her boyfriend. She got pinned to boy who played the lead guitar in a band. Sh bragged a lot about how sweet he is to her. She could not stop reminiscing how wonderful their first date was. She even elaborated on how passionate he kissed. while she was having her romance spilled, I was just sitting blankly before her. Actually I didn't even mind her talk. I didn't want to listen to her. Could that mean something?
I would have to admit that I must be insecure about her state. But do I have to envy her? I have a lot of realizations for both sides of the coin. What could be that to sides It is being single and being attached. What would you rather choose folks?
these mumbo jumbo talks about love could be very cheesy in a way. We have had enough of this matter. But this time, I would like to cite the differences of the choices I mentioned earlier. That could be a very interesting ground to tread on.
To have or not to have a romantic affair with someone is a choice. It depends on your mood. We give love because we feel lke giving it out. But sometimes even though love comes right in front of you, you still opt not to mind it. You choose not to put too much weight on all those crap about lovesick thing. SEE? Love isn't really blind. It's just that we don't feel like falling in love sometimes.
Whenever I see couples hold hands, I honestly feel so annoyed. Why do i feel that way? It's a clear sign of insecurity. That is what those single and unencumbered usually feel. I have to be honest that I'm irritated seeing lovers because I always wanted to have one. But I don't consider that as a big problem anyway. That's out of the picture... and that's what you call denial! But of course many would rather stay single than settle.
So many people are depressed because they don't have somebody.It may be true that having someone can help add to your happiness and fulfillment. I believe that can occur when we find the right person that suits us. But i can also recall a lot of people that are in relationships that are miserable. They're not happy at all. in fact. they feel like they are just trapped. Many of them would give anything to be single.
Many people say that it is boring to stay single. All i can say is that it's all in the mind. You can never feel it unless you won't think of it over and over. It's actually a blessing in disguise. You don't need to rant about the problems you and your partner have. You just have to care about yourself and nothing else.
When you're single, you can do whatever you want. No questions asked. No guilt about doing things either. You don't have to make excuses. You don't have to call your partner to check on his permission to go somewhere.You need not to care more on your time management. Your time is exclusively for you.
You're as free as a bird when you're single. When you're hands aren't tied,you can go wild anytime and anywhere because nobody would care...except for your parents!You won't get paranoid whether or not you made your partner as mad as a hatter. Perhaps rightly so, that would really cause a grave trouble. You'll never know when heartbreak attacks.I'm sure you will never want to entertain that heart with a zigzag at the middle.
But what if suddenly you got hitched? What could be it's advantage? What difference does it make when you have an affair with someone?
It's true that one of the most enjoyable parts of having a relationships being able o fulfill your romantic fantasies. You know, the one being swept off your feet by a knight in shining armor or rescuing the damsel in distress?
Having a special someone by your side eases your anxieties somehow. They make you forget about any negative emotions. You tend to focus your mind on them and not on anything going on around you. Sure, you get inspired when they are around you.
Our happiness depends on our choice. We are the the only ones responsible for our own happiness. When we're single. let's enjoy our freedom while we can. When we're attached, let's try to strengthen our bond with that special someone and let not anything break it.

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