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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Unattractive Women

Natalie Dee's Property

I'm a girl, and I love my species a big deal. What I mean is I love being part of the ladies loop here on Earth. I can't even imagine myself being a member of the opposite sex. I am more than contented with the gender my Creator has assigned me. I don't have complaints about not being a man instead. Just so you know, the best thing about being born with two X chromosomes is that, we can talk about and do variety of things in different manners. We just have so many options, whether in choosing the clothes we'd like to wear or the jobs we'd love to have. You see, a man mostly gets flak by being in a career path that is predominantly for women. I'm confident enough to say that a woman performing a manly occupation is highly valued than a man doing a woman's job.

But no, I won't talk about how happy I am to be a woman all through out this post, cause I've already done that many times. I've thought of writing something other than that. Despite how satisfied I am to belong in the women's race, I still encounter SOME girl attributes that I think are very unlovely. I don't mean to condescend my own kind, it's just that I feel I have to point those out. Let me ask you this straight, "If you were a boy, what types of girls would probably turn you off?" I totally think that we girls have the best answers for this more than men, since we know so well what are the different characteristics of our kind. I hate to blow your bubble girls, but I'll clue you in some signs that you're getting annoying at times. I'll be handing you over this list of the Ten Most Unattractive Type of Woman from the ladies' perspective. I do believe we have to take heed of this, so we can evaluate ourselves. Let's all together figure out whether we're fortunate enough not to be part of this list. Best of luck to us!

Girls who talk about love too much

Hopeless Romantic.

Take note of the phrase, TOO MUCH. There's nothing wrong about sharing your thoughts about love, just don't overdo it by spreading to everyone that you want a new boyfriend or something. This usually happens to single women who are itching to find their mate. It's unattractive to let others notice that love is your weak point. If your only focus is on finding a mate, you run the risk of coming off as desperate. Learn to live without needing men.

Girls who are too emotional

Emotional Girl.

These girls are usually those always need other people to act as outlet for their emotional baggages. I'm not saying that you shouldn't unload what you feel, it's just that, girls who are too clingy and needy can be pretty irritating. Girls who are depressed all the time are a bummer. As someone says it, this kind of girl burdens other people by bringing them down to her level so she can have a company in her lonely world. Learn to be independent!

Girls who have a lot of enemies


I'm sure you've already encountered women who are a lot like this. They always badmouth other girls so they'll feel good about themselves. They think they're powerful enough because they have bullied others. They might think it's cool to be like this, but it's totally not. This kind of girls are too high-minded that they tend to dominate and downgrade others. Let me ask you, since when did it become pleasant to have a lot of enemies, especially for girls?

Girls who are too conscious with diet

Skinny girl.

This type of girls are those who don't eat a thing, because they want to achieve something. We have to bust the myth that thin is in. This built looks so fragile that something might break even with just one touch. Don't skip meals just to become the "it" girl that you want to be. Don't hesitate to eat, cause the issue of health should matter more than anything else. Just bear in mind that the issue of weight holds little when it comes to beauty.

Girls who bare too much skin

Girl baring too much skin.

Looking like a bombshell is totally different from looking like a stripper! It may be true that formal and modest women rarely make a sound, but who cares right? Being decent doesn't mean you are boring. Why should you worry if you become boring anyway? Well at least you're respected by both sexes, unlike the one who dress up like a slut. Dress how you want to be treated. Dress with self-respect so you'll earn respect in return.

Girls who are good only when there are guys around


There are actually some girls who just flirt too much that they tend to become hypocrite. They evolve into someone as good as an angel in front of the opposite sex in order to gain their admiration, only to find out that it's only their front. There's nothing wrong about trying to impress men, just don't do it at the expense of your same kind. What I mean is, a girl should be congenial to both sexes not only to one.

Girls who don't know anything

Dumb girls.

I hate it when girls don't know about anything, especially about the current events. Girls should be smart, because we are already in the era of independent and intelligent women. Don't get too involved with petty matters like romance and the likes. Be a keen observer, so you won't get ignorant with the things happening around you. Read the news, and other socially relevant articles. Remember, you cook your own goose when you know nothing at all.

Girls who fall in love easily

A girl falling in love easily.

A girl who falls in love a lot with various people and things are repugnant. These girls couldn't control their feelings that they tend to fall for someone even when they're already committed. Being romantic is good, just don't be romantic to every guy you think are worthy of your affection. Be a one-man-woman, so to speak. Don't fall in love that easily, or else members of the opposite sex might use that to take advantage over you. Be careful!

Girls who are untidy

Untidy girls.

Girls should set the example of being clean inside out. We, girls should have proper hygiene because we are the fairer sex. Girls who don't know how to to take care of themselves are a total turn off. I hate it when a girl has a room that is so dirty and disorganized. It's so not woman-like, right? Tell me, who would want to be with a woman who is all stinky and filthy? That actually holds true to both sexes. There's no excuse not to be sanitary.

Girls who are social climbers

Social climber.

Gold-diggers and users are part of this category. This type of girls are those who are trying too hard to fit in the rich and famous class. If I were a boy, I would ditch this kind of girl because they're only after one thing, and that is MONEY. These girls talk nonstop about bucks and possessions. They tend to become greedy and selfish as well. You have to avoid this type of girls especially when you're above average on the salary.

So, have you met girls like those on the list I've dished out? Beware of these types of girls, cause they might wear you out. For me, these girl qualities are up to no good. If you find within yourself that you have attributes included in the list, try your best not to let them linger. It's not too late to change. I'm not a perfect girl either. I have my own faults as well. So with that I say, let's all become role models of a good girl. Let us not be a kind of woman that get into everyone's nerves.

Do you have something to add in my list?

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Kevin Paquet said...

Certainly ain't a girl to say I have any of these. But I used to know a few, and it's not only annoying for fellow females, 'cause I've been pretty much annoyed too. :D

Mystic Nymph said...

Indeed! Thanks for dropping by. :-)

karla stefan said...

i THINK the attributes you discussed are not just exclusive to women, they can be mistakes of men also. I personally think that it's this kind of attitude (women giving a close eye to what other women think or how they behave) is the attitude that hurts womanhood in general and it's what gives us a hard time forwarding feminism and all that jazz. :-)

ALTHOUGH yeah, I get REALLY annoyed with most of the things you described about women. So I'm with you on that. haha

Mystic Nymph said...

I do apologize if I came off that way. I don't mean to hurt the ego of women, in general. I just want to point out the specific unattractive woman traits.

But thanks for the eye-opener, Ms. Karla. :-)

Tessa said...

I think the top most thing that I don't like about a woman would be someone who has a lot of enemies. I forgot to include that on my dm to you at twitter... but that's the most annoying thing I find in some girls.

very nice entry ^__^

Mystic Nymph said...

@Tessa: Do you think this entry is degrading? I'm kinda worried. :-(

Thanks for appreciating it, Tess. :-)

Dee said...

"girls who talk about love too much" and who FLOOD facebook walls with way too much love quotes/song lyrics. bwahaha. Occasional posting is fine, but when a new update pops up every minute or so about love, it kind of makes my stomach lurch.

Mystic Nymph said...

Spot on, Ms. Dee! That's what I'm trying to point out. Their endless love posts just get into my nerves.

Michelle's Style File said...

Interesting post indeed!


Pinguu Enriquez said...

sheesh. this post is awesome ate >:D oh i love you! i was thinking of random annoying girls while reading this including myself in the untidy room part. tsss. but it is very well written and isn't actually mean or offending at all.it's an eye opener. ugh those girls.

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