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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Killer Shoes

Before I hit the sack, let me just share you what dropped my jaw tonight -- Alexander McQueen's killer shoes. They scream fierce, I have to say. It's just that I can't imagine myself on them. They're way beyond my character. I was loitering at Polyvore's site, and saw the link to McQueen's expensive fashion collections. No wonder about that cause AMQ is owned by the Gucci Group. I also searched for its Facebook Page, and there I found these ferocious shoe finds. I have seen some of his designs being worn by Laureen Uy, but I never knew about his shoe collection. Now that I've seen it, I'm truly in awe. I just have to look at it, cause I know I can never afford it. Well, who knows right? Check these out, fellas!

Alexander McQueen's style are Avant-garde, Eccentric/Whimsical, Especially Detailed, High Fashion, Red Carpet. That explain why it's really costly. I've read irom some articles that Lady Gaga used Alexander McQueen shoes in one of her music videos. I guess the superstar have really seen her unique fashion sense from AMQ's one of a kind shoe line. What more can I say about these shoes? They look painful, but I think it's worth it. Let me share you this passage that the celebrated designer said in Harper's Bazaare, "I'm interested in designing for posterity. People who buy McQueen are going to hand the clothes down to their children, and that's very rare today."

According to New York Fashion Magazine, McQueen was found dead in his London apartment in February 2010, and the cause of death was suicide. May he rest in peace.

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scarlet's walk said...

i can still remember that day i heard about his death i was watching E!news. he's such a big lost on the fashion industry.

lav said...

If I'm not mistaken, Lady Gaga wore AMQ's lobster claw shoes in her music video, Bad Romance. It's just sad to know how Alexander McQueen's life ended :(

Mystic Nymph said...

@Lav and Ms. Z: You're both right, he may be dead but his fashion legend lives on.

Tessa said...

omg! hmmm. even if I want to wear those shoes I don't know what to wear it with. it just steals the whole attention from the outfit/clothing itself. Something you can wear maybe even when you're naked? lol. love it though from bad romance. :) lady gaga's the best model for it I think because her personality, matches with the shoes. :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

Tama ka dyan! I think those shoes are really made to be worn even when you're naked. Haha It provides the outfit for itself. Kudos to the makers! :-D

Dee said...

Alexander McQueen is a genius! Although it's his fierce studded boots that i love, love, love!

Mystic Nymph said...

Wish we can all get the chance to have his fierce shoe collection someday! :-)

Cinderella's Closet said...

Lovely shoes :)



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