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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mistaken Identity of Davao City

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Davao, for me, is a paradise. As a matter of fact, I am still in awe by its beauty. There may be crimes, but there are just a few of them compared to what other cities have. I am proud to be living in a city where peace and order are the top priorities. Everyone can paint the town red without fearing about their life. I can really say that Davao City is one of the safest places. Just don't live badly, so masked men on motorcycles won't shoot you.

Davaoeños and the loyal visitors know for sure that Davao is a developing city. We are getting at par with the industrialized ones. A little more effort in city planning, and our place will certainly become a bigger thing, in terms of business and tourism. But despite all these good things we have, we still get a mistaken identity. What I can't take is other people's underestimation. I don't understand why they still tag our city as uncivilized, barbaric and impoverished. It's extremely upsetting. Maybe they haven't been here that's why they're saying all those nasty things that are untrue. If they're here, they'd appreciate just how beautiful a city, Davao is.

Now, let me give you this not-so exhaustive list of the negative things we get from judgmental individuals. Mind you, it's distressing. Prepare and calm yourself, so your blood pressure won't get high. I got so mad hearing those statements. I won't keep you waiting any longer, so here goes my list.

Davao doesn't have enough food supply

I was disheartened when my Davaoeño friend told me that her friend from Luzon got amazed when she looked healthy knowing that she's from Mindanao. She thought the people here are malnourished because of lack of food supply. So, they really think that there's a massive famine here. Is it because Davao is situated in the war-torn Mindanao that's why they think we're unhealthy and famished? They give these hasty generalizations towards us, and it's totally disturbing. As a matter of fact, Davao is considered as the fruit basket of the Philippines, because of its bountiful harvests. That's actually the reason why Davaoeños are celebrating the Kadayawan every year to express our gratitude for the abundance we are getting.

If they're wondering whether we have food spots here, let me just say the resounding YES! We have a lot of them here, from your all-time favorite fastfood chains to the elegant restaurants. Try to keep your eye out for the ultimate mouth-watering food experiences here in Davao, and you will surely forget your name.

If you're into streetfoods, we have a good number of them here. Because Davao is the largest city in the world, there are also a lot of streets high and low. That would mean street foods are more than enough here. We have kwek-kwek, balut (hard-boiled duck's egg), isaw, barbecue -- name it, we have it!

If you want to have a coffee break somewhere peaceful and cozy, don't you worry cause Davaoeños are addicted to coffee shps. I think there are almost a hundred coffee shops here. One of the best coffee shops I've tried is Zabadani Cafe. It's a Mindanao Syrian joint owned by Sir Wadilkhaerry Ibn Mohammad Ali. Their coffee is relatively cheap compared to others, but the taste is absolutely superb. They're famous for their layered coffee and soda. I also read good reviews of Jose Rafael Fine Coffee which is located at Lanang. I'll have to try it there soon. I want to take a bite of their famous Jaffles. I've seen some photos of the place, and I'm quite impressed.

Fusion restaurants are also famous here in Davao. We also have Middle-Eastern, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish and French restaurants here. Try the items in their menu, and you will crave for them like crazy. Who says Davaoeños don't know Western delights? I suggest you visit Davao. You'll most probably swallow your words. If you're taste buds are craving for some French cusisine, you should try the authentic Claude's le Cafe de Ville. I haven't been there though, but our French teacher told us that they're serving the best French delicacies in the city. Go to Damosa Gateway, Torres Street, Quirino and Ponciano to find these temptations I'm talking about.

Deliciously Davao!

Davao is indeed rich, especially in food resources. Pizzerias and froyo stores are the trend They're sprouting like mushrooms. We have a lot to choose from, unlike before when all we ever had was Greenwich and Pizza Hut. Davao at present is a promising food haven, I must say. If you ever decide to set foot here, don't fret about food cause it's nonsense. Just drive around town, and you will find the best of Davao's delicious satisfactions. They're quite a steal! Let me just say that Davaoeños are not just for the meal, but for experience. Dig in!

Davao doesn't have malls

The mall is the center of gravity of almost everyone in a city. We renew our civilized existence by going to the mall once in a while. It's as if we're reverting to the primitive ways of living, if we don't consider going to the mall. People love to buy new things for themselves, and everything they want are inside this huge air-conditioned building with different kiosks and rooms inside. Non-Davaoeños think we don't have it here in our city. I got depressed knowing that. To our beloved guests who shop like there's no tomorrow, worry no more cause we have not just one, but six major malls here, not to mention the minor ones. I have good news too. Ayala Malls Abreeza (May 2011) and SM North Davao will be opening soon. I'm very much excited about it. A few more years, and I think top designers of the country shall also invest here in the city, knowing that Davaoeños love fashion.

Davao is an impoverished city

Davao City is not poor! As I said, Davao is a developing city. We are wealthy when it comes to natural resources. We're even the producer of some raw materials needed by other cities for their products. In short, we produce what they need. There's this story told by another friend of mine. It tells how low others look at us.

When Maxine was in UP Diliman for a summer class, she had a classmate who pissed her off. Max told her that the Internet was pretty fast, without comparing it to Davao's Internet connections of course. Her classmate then asked, "Don't you have Internet back there in Davao?" OMG! Of course we do have! Is that how poor we are in their eyes? I think Maxine's classmate with a stupid mind is even poorer, because she didn't have the chance to be here. She'll miss half of her life if she doesn't have plans of having fun here.

If we're poor, how come we have many tourist spots here? Visitors who frequent here are continuously enthralled by the sheer beauty of our promise land. Samal Beaches are one of the splendid sites we're proud to offer for our adventurous guests. If you want to tread in a place like Grden of Eden, well then you're most welcome to visit its namesake, the Eden Nature Park and Resort. It's a very large area where you can forget your anxieties just by marveling at the extraordinary loveliness and serenity of this park. You will never get enough of this place, I tell you. One visit will never be satisfying. With as low as 180php, you can enjoy the scenic view nature has to offer.

At Jack's Ridge, Philippine Eagle and Eden.

That is what I love about Davao. You don't have to travel far and wide just to feel far enough removed to relax from all the stresses of city life. You will also find some good hang out spots just within the city proper. If you want to see Kublai Milan's famous sculptures, visit People's Park. If you want to listen to some good music while savoring the cool night breeze, have it your way at Jack's Ridge, Matina Town Square or Dencio's Hilltop. If you want a refined and comfortable suite life, you can choose to stay at more than ten hotels in the city. Not only that! We also have Gap Farm, Malagos Garden Resort, Philippine Eagle and many more attractions. What more can you ask for?

There are also enough job opportunities here in Davao. With the opening of new business establishments, the number of available employments is sure to grow. Just don't get too high-minded about finding for a perfect job, or else you might never find it anymore. Just give Davao a chance, and you will surely see that the industrialization here is gradually improving. For students, do good on your studies so you'll find a job here in Davao that will fit your level of knowledge. Speaking of studying, quality schools are all over here in the city. We have the University of the Philippines Mindanao, Ateneo de Davao University, University of Southeastern Philippines, Philippine Science High School, and many more.

On that note, I would like to reiterate that Davao City is definitely one of the best places to stay and visit. That is why I get daunted hearing others' misconceptions towards my hometown. I hope they find it in their hearts to stop misjudging. Maybe the only way to eradicate these misconceptions is to feel confident on what we have. We don't have to argue because we know deep down, that we ave the best! Davaoeños should let those who step on us feel that we can stand on our own, and that we don't feel insecure towards them. Davao doubtlessly has an abundant array of good quality food and places that will surely make your life pleasing and delightful. With that I want to tell everyone that I'm a Davaoeño, and I'm loving it. I'm a Mindanaon, and I'm truly proud of it.

Gihigugma tika Lungsod sa Davao!


lav said...

long live DAVAO CITY!!!

Mikimoto Angel said...

Yes! Davao City is the best city!

RM Bulseco said...

Back in 1988, nung naga review pa si mama sa board exam sa Manila, his boardmate asked her: May kuryente ba sa Davao?

LOL KAAYO! And about sa malnourished thing: mas maraming malnourished sa Manila no, kung niyo lang!

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