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Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm a Woman and I Hate These Styles

Ms. Tessa of Fashion Facile has just posted about her views on the Trends that Women Love Which Men Hate. Now, here's my version of that post. I'll be calling it, Trends That Men Love Which I Hate. Let me exercise my right to take revenge for us girls. This list of styles that I'll be dishing out are so unmanly, at least for me. But please, don't take that seriously boys. This is just for fun.. and equality, of course. Just take this as my advice instead.

Ok, here goes my list:


You will never catch me with a man who looks exactly like that man in the photo. I just don't like it when his shirt's shoulder lines go below his shoulders. It doesn't look appealing at all. For me, this outfit is such a nuisance. It seems like you're with a human kite.


Some may find it cool to have too much body paint, but definitely not for me. I will never be drawn to tattooed men no matter how handsome he is. It looks so dirty! Who knows, he might have gotten some communicative diseases because of the needles used to him.


Muscled men are attractive but I don't like it when they have it enhanced way too much. Who would want to be with someone who looks like a "goon" or a "bouncer"? Well, maybe there are some women who are yanked to these men, but totally not me.


K-Pop or Korean Pop Style is just A-Ok for women, but not for men. K Pop for me is very feminine, and any men who try to pull off this style is so not man-like. This fashion makes him look delicate. It makes him less of a man. This kind of vibe certainly repels ladies.


I don't feel comfortable being with men who wear sleeveless tops. We all know how hairy men are. The sight of their armpit is just so awful. I don't like it when they expose that part which I still consider as moderately private. It's very unsightly, isn't it?


I give two thumbs down to men who wear fit tops and skinny jeans. Do they have to show off their figures? They don't have to do it, actually. Most guys who have this style are usually those who are trying to come off as emo rockstars. They're not lovely!

That ends my list. I still go for guys who are natural. They don't have to be too conscious to be stylish. They don't have to ride with the trends to become cool. A real man displays courage, confidence and other manly qualities instead of style.

How about you, what kind of trends that men love repels you the most?

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Tessa said...

I find this post funny because IT'S TRUE!!! Thanks for the mention. I really had fun reading this entry. hangang ngayon natatawa parin ako.

I think there's nothing wrong with being a "hip hop kind of guy" as long as hindi yung exaggerated. some filipino men can actually pull this outfit well... pero I'd rather date a rasta guy :D hahahaha. ay uu. what do u think of men on dreads? :D

super muscular men! geez! turn off!

KPOP sa lalake? especially Pinoy? Way angay! :D LOL.

Men wearing sando??? TURN OFF. as in no no. makairita :D ok lang pag naa sa beach pero sa mall? urgh!

I like men with Tattoos. :D Pero kanang limpyo lang sad tanawon ui.Kanang matawag na body art.. dili body crap. :D

Very nice entry :) Love it! Thanks for the mention kat :) really appreciate it :)

scarlet's walk said...

hahahaha!!! agree on all of them! as in all of them.

i guess i don't like guys who scream some sort of label on how they wear. let me add one though. a trying hard rocker. even though a rocker is cool, id still find it turn off he's trying to show it off on his look. like a print on his shirt "i love rock" or something.

nice post!

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Tessa: You're welcome! I agree with everything you said. Ok lang ang hiphop pero pag super dako ang size sa outfit, OA na for me.

Haha. For the tattoed men, I like it when you said the term "body crap"! Tama. :-D

@Ms. Z: Yah! You're right, I also don't like those men who are "posers"! They should show they're a rocker through their skills, not through their get up.

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