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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ultimate Guilty Pleasure: Food Coma

I will never get tired of talking about food, cause it's part of my top three most-loved things in the whole world. Splurging on food is certainly one of the best activities one can do to spoil himself. The other two that equally dominate my world are fashion and music. As you've noticed, this personal blog is mostly flooded with thoughts under those three subjects. That's exactly the reason why I find it hard to focus on a specific niche. Maybe if I get a domain for all those three, I'll definitely become as poor as a rat now.

It's been more than a month since I last shared something here in this blog series. I almost forgot about it, cause I got so preoccupied with other matters. I have to apologize for that. To refresh your memories about Ultimate Guilty Pleasure, let me do the recap. The first episode of this series was about my love for Pizza, and the second one was about my Blog-hopping hobby where I featured five blogs I frequent to the most. So for the third episode, I will be talking about my food trip adventure.

Break a leg Mystic Nymph.


I have only dined here once, and it was when we celebrated Maxine's 20th Birthday. We ordered the Food Trip Platter, Grilled Burger, Classic Valentine Cake and Creamy Carbonara. I wanna come back here again to try their Strawberry Shortcake, Chix Ahoy and other delish Platters. They say its Torres branch is better. What do you think?


I haven't visited this resto again, cause I want to try all the food spots in Davao City before I go back to the other. When we went here, we ordered their Lamb Kebab Pizza, Yummy Turkey and Cheese Melt, Gourmet Triple Decker Sandwich, Grilled Burger with Egg and Baklava. For the place, it's cozy and comfortable at the same time. You and your friends can be informal.


I've been here four times already. I've tried their Calda, Calzone, Etna and Milanese. My favorite would have to be the Calzone which is a close-baked pizza. The only thing I don't like about Calda is the place. It gets too crowded especially at 3pm onwards. It's hard to move around cause the place is not big at all. I hope they consider renovating it.


We only tried their Healthy Combo Pizza when we went here. We got full already just by having four slices each, how much more when we had a lot more orders? They have big servings for the items in their menu. This resto is definitely good for groups. I love the place although it's slightly appalling. One thing I don't like is the service. The waiters are snobs!

Dined here twice already with friends. I wanna treat my boyfriend here, cause we still didn't have a date here. I love this place a big deal cause it's not intimidating. The carpeted platforms invite everyone to just stay relaxed while digging in their Middle-Eastern cuisine. Their Pita Shateerah, Kebabs, Belgian Choco Drinks and Layered Coffee are a must-try indeed!

Truly one of my favorite restaurants in the city! The service, the place and the food are all good. They're all superb! They definitely won't fail to feast your eyes and your stomach. The prices of their menu items are also not that bad at all. They're very affordable, I should say. There's no reason not to go back to this place!


It was my first time there when we dined there last month. We ordered Con Salsiccie and Quattro Stagioni. My favorite was the first one. I don't like the place cause it's not clean that it gets smelly sometimes. It's also crowded. But I could attest to how good-tasting their pizzas are. If you ask me if I ever want to go back to Picobello, I'd say I don't think so.

That's it for now folks. Check out my new food blog series. It's called Gastronomy (to replace Copy Kat). In that blog feature, I will be sharing you some scoops of the most remarkable food experiences I have. My pilot episode will be about my boyfriend and I's latest food adventure in this cool Cafe at Torres. Watch out for it only here on Mystic Nymph.


scarlet's walk said...

i still haven't tried picobello and la tuscana.

having too many blogs for me is actually a disadvantage. i'd rather have one blog that can talk about a lot of things.

looking forward for more of your food trips!

Mikimoto Angel said...

Yes!!! I agree with you on that, Ms. Z! I still go for diverse blogs. ;-)

I'll keep you posted on my future food trips! :-)

Tessa said...

haven't tried calda, la toscana, coco's and picobelo. hehe. wawa naman :D I usually go to restaurants that has already satisfied my taste. pizza hut is definitely the place I always go to... and bigbys, maybe 2-4times a year.

oh... you don't really have to buy a domain if you want to blog. there are actually blogs that have climbed popularity by using hosting from blogger, wordpress and even tumblr. :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

I suggest you try at La Toscana instead. :-)

ribiczar said...

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