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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

La Toscana Italian Bar & Restaurant

My boyfriend and I had a Pre-Valentine's Date yesterday. We were supposed to be having it on the 17th. But since we were really so excited to pig out, we decided to do it in advance. It was totally a happy day for both our palate and heart (Forgive me for my mushiness). We've always wanted to dine at La Toscana Italian Bar & Restaurant, and finally our desire has been satisfied. The place and the food were superb! They definitely won't fail to feast your eyes and your stomach. The prices of their menu items are also not that bad at all. They're very affordable, I should say. With a budget of 500, you can have a huge meal since their pasta and pizza are already good for two people. You won't even regret paying a large amount, because of the private, romantic and serene ambiance of the place. Now, let me share you these photos we had there. I hope you enjoy!

Their vintage wines add up to the beauty of the place. I salute their interior designer. We actually felt like we were really in Italy.

We, Davaoeños are looking for a place that offers chic and cozy ambience that makes us feel relaxed. We are not just for the meal, but for experience.

Who wouldn't be captivated by these food from La Toscana? We forgot our names when we tasted these delights. Food Coma!

Davao doubtlessly has an abundant array of good quality food and places that will surely make your life pleasing and delightful.

We ordered Pizza Cappricciosa (P305), Tiramisu Cake (P85) and Chocolate Sundae Ice cream (P75). They also gave us a Salumi Toscani dish as an entree. It's called Soprasatta. We originally wanted to order pasta and pizza, but just having those three made us full. Next time, we will surely try their pasta. That place deserves our return. Now we have another restaurant to add to our top favorite food spots. It's located at Quirino Avenue, Davao City just beside Banco de Oro. Contact them through land line (082-305-6556) for reservation. They're open daily except Sunday from 11am to 10:30pm. And by the way, in time for Valntine's Day Celebration, they will be open up 11:30pm. That's on February 14, 2011.


zaharatales said...

the food looks delish enough to add on my list of restos i want to try.. for some reason, when i'm in the city, i get tamad to go out and dine. usually, we just end up eating at the mall.

mikimotoangel said...

there are a lot of delish restos in the city ms. z especially in torres and damosa. :-)

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