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Monday, April 4, 2011

Gastronomy: Cafe Demitasse

I've been spying over the menu of Cafe Demitasse in their Facebook Page for quite a long time already, and finally, I got to feast on their mouth-watering dishes just last week. Big thanks to my boyfriend who treated me there. I ordered five items for myself while he only got two for him. Geez, I'm such a bad girlfriend. I'll make it up to you, dude!

We bumped into professional customers when we went there. I think we were their only student customers that time. We kind of felt uneasy with their presence, especially for a shutterbug like me. But I'm a blogger, why should I hold back from doing things that make up my niche? I didn't mind my apprehensions then cause I really wanted to share you my experience.

We originally wanted to try their al fresco dining area at the second floor, but we realized it was too hot that time of the day. We dropped by for lunch by the way. Imagine how hot it was. After moments of calibration (LOL), we decided to just enjoy our hearty meal and conversation inside instead. We didn't want to take pictures of each other all sweaty and smelly.

I have to commend their interiors. I love it, not just because it matched our sweet pink tops, but also because it's designed for comfort and laid-back feel. You don't have to practice formality cause the place is very visitor-friendly. I also love the service here. We got our orders fast. The waiters are very attentive and cordial. One of them even offered to take a pic of us.

We ordered two 18oz Mocha Frappe (which is actually good for four people); Club House, Chef's Cheeseburger and two Oatmeal Cookies for me; and Pork Tocino with Garlic Rice and Egg for him. Everything was totally appetizing. We will surely come back for more! Anyway, here are the photos we had. I hope by these pictures, you find the place & food pleasing too.

The Diners

The Place

Mocha Frappe (18oz)

Clubhouse Sandwich

Chef's Cheeseburger

Pork Tocino with Garlic Rice & Egg

Oatmeal Cookies

The Comfort Room

Food coma indeed! Too bad I'm having a hard time uploading photos in Multiply these days. I'll be uploading more photos in Facebook instead. Til the next episode of Gastronomy, folks! Watch out for my next food trip adventure. Keep those undying support coming.

Cafe Demitasse is located at 727 F. Torres Street, 8000 Davao City, Philippines. They're open at 8am to 12am from Sunday to Thursday, and at 8am to 2am during Fridays and Saturdays. Check out their Facebook Page for more photos and further information.


scarlet's walk said...

you had me on the cheeseburger! sure would like to try it someday!

Mikimoto Angel said...

It's really yummy! The place is perfect for you cause you love pink, right? :-D

Tessa said...

mmmm pink na pink. hehe. :)
now that i've seentheir food, I want to try it! :D chicco de cafe also have the same gigantic mocha shake. :D

Mikimoto Angel said...

Really? I wanna try it there too. Haven't been to Chicco di Cafe. Maybe next time! I'm planning to eat at Jose Rafael Fine Coffee next. :-D

Planado ang food trip. Haha!

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