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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Davao's Affordable Food Haven

This month's Blog Caravan challenge is to answer Ms. Ria Jose's question which goes this way, "If I only had P100 where will I buy my breakfast/lunch/dinner?" Who says Davaoenos cannot partake of fine cuisine with just a budget of 100 pesos, right? STop wearing that long face my friends, because I will be giving you a solution to this dilemma. Read on and be amazed on how something could be this good despite the terrible turn of events in our Land of Promise.

Good food makes me melt by all means. I'm no closet queen when it comes to my enthusiasm for food. I have to say it's my ultimate guilty pleasure. I love it more than fashion and gadgets. I can really say I'm a human pig (credits to Ms. Addie of The Cat Hag for coining that term). I even catch myself just daydreaming about what to devour in my next Gastronomy adventure. Good thing that I don't get fat that easily because of my fast body metabolism. For me, food definitely has the capacity to help me free myself from all those bad vibes.

You see, I don't get to splurge that much on what my taste buds crave for. I have to admit that I also experience agony over options and most importantly, budget more often than not. But of course, we shouldn't make that a big deal. Fretting is only a colossal waste of time. I do believe that a true blooded foodie can do whatever s/he can just to savor those mouth-watering goodies s/he desires. A passion must never cease from growing fonder just because of this hindrance called budget.

As what I wrote in my previous blog entry Mistaken Identity of Davao City, our town is a food haven. Davao is considered to be the fruit basket of the Philippines, because of the abundant harvests we get. Other than that, we also have a good number of food spots all over from the home-made goodness of "carinderia" to the dining seductions of high-end restaurants. What we all need to do is to just let ourselves loose and keep our eyes out for the best food experience to satisfy both our palate and... pockets!
Honestly, I still got one place in mind where I can eat affordable but highly delightful meals. I'm talking about Davao City's famous Mindanao Syrian restaurant, Zabadani Cafe. Most of the items in their menu cost less than a hundred pesos. It's a perfect spot for budgetarians who seek to dine in stylish comfort. It's an oasis that is just located within the city, but staying there will surely make you feel far enough removed to relax. I've developed an intense craving for their dishes ever since I got a word about their delectable offerings from my dear friend, Jesse Boga of Planet Crap.

I love Zabadani Cafe because it's full of brilliant surprises. They always give their patrons something new and exciting to watch out for. They're just very creative. For everybody's information, they've just upgraded their menu. Check the details on their Facebook Page. Cheers to that, folks! I can't wait to dock my hunger pangs in their recently added items that are now available in sagheer (small or regular) and kabeer (big or large) servings.

Zabadani Cafe makes it a point to have scrumptuous dishes. Everything they have is a must-try! So folks, let me present to you my top favorite meals and beverages from them, and of course, with their corresponding price that are all below 100 pesos. Here are they:

Machiatti (75php)

Ayran (75php each)

Belgian Hot Chocolate (75php)

Pita Shateerah (95php)

Chicken Kabsa (85php) and Syrian Grilled Breast (85php)

Pita Cheese Sticks (79php)

Shish Kebab (95php)

Dajaj Kebab (85php)

Bruschetta (85php per 4 or 5 pieces)

Beef Squares (85php?)

I suggest you eat with someone or a group if you're on a tight budget, or if you're planning to have only one meal. That is to save yourself from the "loss of face" of ordering just one meal. In Tagalog, para hindi masyadong halata o nakakahiya na isa lang ang inorder mo. Kidding.

Basically, everything that I've tried from them have made an overwhelming impact in my gastronomical route -- my stomach. I also love their Layered Mochaccino and Kefte Kebab which both cost 95 pesos. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of them. Kefte Kebab is one of Zab's newest dish which is made of  minced beef meatballs with herbs.

What are you waiting for? Dig in at Zabadani Cafe!

*All photos are taken by me. They were not copied elsewhere.


ChiChi81 said...

The food looks great! I am so intrigued with the Pita Shateerah lol I haven't been to Zabadani Cafe yet, can you please tell me its exact address so I can go check it out?

thanks ;)

Ria Jose said...

Tried the Beef Squares and I absolutely love it. Must go back soon.

lav said...

I miss zabadani. i haven't tried their machiatti and bruschetta yet :(

Harija said...

All the food looks so yummy!

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The Cat Hag said...

Wow, everything looks absolutely delicious!

I love looking for cheap and good food too, who says food has to be pricey to be good!

Hehe, welcome to the human pig club. ;)

The Cat Hag
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Red Reidinghood said...

The pita cheese sticks look delicious!

Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!



glenn encinares said...

aah the food made me hungry :)

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Awhhhhhhhh, this food looks so great! Would love to visit you and try some of that :)


Fashion Fractions

Sunny & Star said...

Everything looks delicious. I would love to go and try these.

La Mode En Rose said...

so fun!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

Denise said...

Those bruschetta looks so good! I miss the Philippines :( Love this!


Sara said...

You look so adorable in these pictures and the food looks yummy, I’m drooling all over the screen, I would definitely tray this place out if I would live there! Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Bad Joan said...

All of these dishes look so yummy!


Chelsea Lane said...

oh my gosh this post makes me so hungry! great write up girl!


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