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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Season of the Witch

I found another favorite movie. Thanks to my sister, Miko who is very much a movie buff. If not because of her I wouldn't be updated with the latest films. As I said before, I hardly ever watch movies because I find it a waste of time. I can’t stand staying put doing nothing but to watch the scenes pass by. Honestly, there’s a one out of three chance that a certain movie can get me staring transfixed at the motion picture going on. And now, Season of the Witch obtains a part of that 1/3 chance for a film to get me hooked.

As far as I understand, the story revolves around the servants of God and this girl who is thought to be a witch. The monk strongly believes that she really is one, because she spoke in a language that nobody understood. One more thing is that a plague afflicts every town two days after she passes by. Those things don’t make her a witch, but the monk said those are signs that she is one. The soldiers and the monk were tasked to bring the girl to the place of the monks to give her a fair trial to prove her innocence or guilt. You should watch it for yourself to know the shocking (at least for me) twist.

I don’t want to talk seriously about the characters of the story, so let me just talk about who among them got my admiration the most. I love Nicholas Cage’s role because he wasn’t stricken by the deceptions done by the girl. Although in the last part of the movie, he made her happy by doubting God. Good thing though that his friend was there to rescue him from his drawback. I also love the altar boy’s role not only because he’s handsome, but also because he... oh, let me not spoil the story.

I really love movies that are set in the old era, with all those damsels in archaic wardrobes, chivalric knights on noble steeds, honorable monks on old-fashioned coats. Most of the movies I’m totally into are set behind the times. I’m a big fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Harry Potter saga, for an instance. The only thing I found unattractive about the cinematography was when Nicolas Cage and his friend were talking while on their way. I noticed that the background was not real, but that’s forgivable anyway. It’s not a major thing to dislike the entire film.

What moved me about this film is when the monk warned everyone that the mischievous girl sees their weakness, and uses it against them. There’s this one soldier who remembers his daughter whenever she looks at the girl. She uses it to knock him down. Another thing is I realized that we should never give up in everything that we do because God will never abandon us. That’s what I learned from the monk. We must never doubt his ability to help us get out of the dungeon of darkness. The least we could do is to trust in Him faithfully.

Season of the Witch is a must-watch film indeed!

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scarlet's walk said...

haven't seen this movie before. sounds harry potter-ish. i might watch it one of these days.

Mikimoto Angel said...

No, it's different from HP Ms. Z

Sorcerer's Apprentice is the one that's HP-ish. :-)

Dee said...

I haven't seen this yet. Love Nicolas Cage but his Sorcerer's Apprentice was quite a letdown for me, mostly because I didn't like his apprentice a bit. Hehe.

Mikimoto Angel said...

Why? Haha I think he's cute despite the nerd countenance, :-D

Dee said...

Hehe. I have my funny cute nerd favorite in the person of one of my favorite TV characters, Chuck and I thought the apprentice was trying to be like Chuck in a not-that-cute way. LOL.But hey, to each his own right? My little sister loves the apprentice. Hehe.

Tessa said...

I watched this movie just this afternoon with my Dad. I'm satisfied with the movie. A lot of Nicholas Cage movies disappointed me lately, but this one is pretty good. :)
Had a great time watching this... and my Dad thinks it's a very good movie too :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Ms. Dee: From GG right? I get your point, and it's ok. Hahaha He's not my greatest celeb crush naman eh. :-D

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Tessa: It really is a great one. Do you know other movies like this? :-)

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