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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Dog Story

When I first heard of the movie Hachiko from my highschool friends, I didn't care about it at all. I just said, "Nah, it's just the same old dog story again." I doubted the beautiful feedbacks they gave for that film. I wasn't excited to know what it's really like. Days passed and I forgot about it. Yesterday, my mother brought along some DVDs for us -- there are 3 Idiots, From Prada to Nadaand Hachiko. I've already watched the first one, and I'm not interested with the second. I watched the latter one with my sisters instead. Now, I understand where the "beautiful feedbacks" my friends had for that movie were coming from.

Hachi (English Title) is a true story of faith, devotion and undying love as its tagline goes. Hachi was actually an abandoned puppy who found its way to its master, Mr. Parker Wilson. As his wife said, Parker didn't find Hachi, cause it was Hachi who found Parker. This movie is definitely a perfect tear-jerker for pet lovers like me. It touched my heart so bad I couldn't help but cry. In fact, this is the only film that got me weeping from start to finish. I didn't know a dog can love its master that much that long. That must be true love from a pet's point of view. If you ask me, I don't see Hachi as just a pet. I see him as a man's best friend indeed.

Watching this film would make you want to have a pet who would love you like Hachi did. I am not that much of a dog-lover, but now I definitely am. Hachi faithfully waited for his master everyday for nine years even when his master already died. Who wouldn't be moved by that wonderful story of loyalty? It was like Hachi's love for Mr. Parker was life for the dog itself. If not because of its strong and imperishable love for its master, Hachi would not last that long. With that, I would like to share you this line Mr. Parker's Japanese friend told Hachi when he found it patiently waiting at the train station after many years. I got this from IMdB:

(Talking in Japanese) It's been a year, hasn't it? I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night and think about Parker. He was a good friend. I understand how you feel. Hachi, my friend, Parker is never coming home. But if Hachiko wants to wait, then Hachiko should wait. You want to wait for him, don't you? Have a long life, Hachi.
That quotable quote really made my tears fall. How I wish I'll have a dog like him. Now, let me talk about my top favorite scenes from this film. The first one was when Mr. Parker was training the little Hachi how to fetch a ball. It was the time when Parker's wife was about to sell the dog, but when she saw how much her husband loved it she changed her mind. The second one was when Hachi was already two years old. Hachi accompanies Mr. Parker at the train station every single morning, and waits for his return at the same spot every afternoon. The third one was the morning before Parker died. Hachi never fetched a ball but before its master died, he managed to do it for the first time which made his master really proud. The last one was when Mr. Parker died while at work. Hachi still waited for him at the station despite all the hindrances that came its way everyday for nine years.

Every single scene in this heart-warming film is very memorable, I have to say. You will never regret watching this. Prepare to shed some tears, folks! Be sure to bring tissues with you.

To watch the trailer of this dog's tale, just click this link.

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Dee said...

This is such a tearjerker! I watched this with my family and we were all touched by the story.

Mikimoto Angel said...

True, Ms. Dee! I tried to control my tears for more than an hour, kaya yun sumakit ang lalamunan ko. Haha I cried hard when Parker's Japanese friend talked to Hachi. :-(

Tessa said...

one of those movies that I don't want to watch again! It's a painful story (not just sad). I'm not sure though if I hate this movie... it's just so so sad :( Di nako kaya na luoy ayu si hachi diri. :|

Mikimoto Angel said...

I totally agree! I'm thinking of watching it again, but I'm afraid I'll feel the pain again. Corny noh?

Just imagining the scenes makes me sad talaga.

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