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I'll let you in a little revelation about my favorite usernames in my virtual sites. First is about my Mikimoto Angel pen name. Mikimoto is a famous brand of pearl accessories in America. I first saw that brand in Vogue Magazine. I got mesmerized by that label, and I thought of using it. I just added Angel from my name "Angela". Thus, the formation of Mikimoto Angel.

For my other pen name Mystic Nymph, the word mystic really came from the show Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. I used to be so hooked to that show. I am also obsessed with mythologies, and nymphs are mythical creatures depicted as beautiful young women who are considered as guardians of objects and places in nature. Thus, the evolution of Mystic Nymph.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Desires of a Mystic Nymph: Food Edition

When I'm broke that's the time when my mind is flooded with so much thoughts of food. Like now, I don't have even a cent left in my wallet. I can't buy what I want to eat. All my extra money for this week all went to school projects and contributions. Fudge! Poor Mystic Nymph, only pictures of delicious meals make her full. And on that note, I wanna scream that I really want to eat something appetizing. I've been craving for food for the past two weeks. The last time I had such a heart-warming and mouth-watering meal was when my boyfriend and I had a Pre-Valentine date at La Toscana, and when we celebrated Maxine's birthday at Bigby's. That was more than two weeks ago. I miss pleasuring my palate with one hell of a.. I mean "heaven" of a gastronomic adventure!

"Without food everything is less than nothing."
- Bunyip Bluegum (The Magic Pudding)

"Amazed at how something could taste this good in the midst of life's being this bad."
- Dolores Price (She's Come Undone)

"It's important to begin a search with a full stomach."
- Henry Bromel (The Big Kiss)

"I am acutely aware of food, and its omnipresence is astounding."
- Adam Scott (The Monkey Chow Diaries)

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food."
- George Bernard Shaw (Man and Superman)

I wanna pig out! Just looking at the photo I first uploaded for this post makes my stomach grumble. It's a food (obviously) from Sofitel Hotel in Manila. That luxurious place is most famous for their international buffet. I've known some acquaintances who have already dined there, and I envy them a HUGE deal! I'd love to splurge on it. I would definitely want to try a smorgasboard of food from all the continents. It's good to try all sorts of cuisine even though they look and taste different. I bet that will absolutely be a distinct and extraordinary meal to remember. I do hope to partake of fine cuisine as many times as I can someday -- twice or thrice a week for an instance. I don't mind getting insane just as long as I get to gobble up all the goodies that have been striking my fancy (just kidding).

I've been yakking about food, and it's making me hungry. It seems like I can't contain my cravings any longer. Web-surfing has been my stress-reliever for the past days, and I happened to chance upon some food available in the Philippines that actually give me an eyetooth for. They're so yummy-looking that I end up thinking about them MORE than my thesis proposal defense on Monday. The photos of those gratifying foodstuffs never fail to jumpstart my mood although I've seen them a number of times already. They get me revved up and chillaxed at the same time. The bad thins is, I haven't tried those delightful things just yet. I know it's not the end of everything for me. I know I can devour them when the perfect time comes! Anyway. these are the food I'm talking about.


This is a gourmet siopao. These are also available in different sizes and flavors. I'd love to try their Giant Seven Treasures Siopao! So enticing!


What do you think is better-tasting, Krispy Kremes or Cello's Doughtnuts? These are also available in Governer Sales Street, Davao City.


This is actually called Choco Chip Jaffles. This is available in the said coffee shop in Lanang, outside the entrance to Insular Village Phase 1.


Need I say more? This is available in Izakaya Nonki Japanese Restaurant located at F. Torres Street, beside Davao Trade Convention Center.


Pandawan or Dolphin-fish. This is available in Swiss Deli-cious located in Lanang, Davao City, on J.P. Laurel Avenue across Damosa Building.

I love food! I'm having a relationship with them, as quoted from Liz Gilbert from the movie Eat Pray Love. I would like to share you this term I learned from my favorite Davaoeño food blog, Davao Deli. It's called FOODNOGRAPHY. They use it as a term for food photography. Good idea, isn't it? So, what food makes you crave these days? Let's talk about them! :-)

PS: Information on the location and details of the food posted have been copied from Gourmet Pao Facebook Page and Davao Deli website. All images used in this post are not intended for copyright infringement.


Tessa said...

At akoy nakakarelate nanaman.

I don't have money as of the moment either... and gusto ko mukaon ug lami. Your entry makes it worse. hahaha. Haven't eaten a meal yet for the day! :D So unsa na lang kaha ang akong gibati noh? :D

If we have budget for foodtrip? Can we meet up and eat out? :D You should point me where these delicious looking foods can be found. I love eating out too. Nagsasawa na kasi ako sa usual restaurants na pinupuntahan namin...

Mikimoto Angel said...

Hello Tess, thanks for reading again. Haha! sure we can eat out! Gusto ko na talaga mag-foodtrip ulit.

Most of the best food spots in the city are in Torres and Damosa. We have to try them all soon! :-D

mikaela said...

wow ate nakakagutom mmmmmmmmm :-)

Blooh said...

hah! buti nalang at ako'y nagmerienda na bago ko binasa ang entry na ito :) i like what richard gere's character said in autumn in new york, "Food is the only beautiful thing that truly nourishes." aah, this inspires me to write a blog about cooking :) nice one gel!

Mikimoto Angel said...

Thank you ate Gem. I'm happy this post inspired you somehow. I'll check out your post Ate. ;-)

lav said...

1) gigutom ko karon
2) wala koy kwarta
3)gigutom ko ug samot ani na post


Katrina Angela Castro said...

hahaha salamat sa pag-read lav! :-D

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