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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Child’s Play: Color Blocking for Plenary

What I wore
Mini-Floral-Dress-Worn-As-Top: FOVL (Japanese brand)
Polo-Blouse-Worn-As-Blazer: Rosella (Japanese brand)
Skirt: Vintage
Dark Brown Boots: Janeo
Sleek Belt: SM Accessories
Earrings: Gift from Mom
Necklace: from England
Bangle: from England

Two days ago was our Thesis Plenary (final defense), and I’m just so glad and proud to say… I made it at last! We still have a few things to add for our final draft though, but what I’m sure of is that my sacrifice for this major subject is about to end soon. I’m ultimately stoked to don our school’s famous sablay for our much-awaited graduation come 18th of April. Now that it’s nearing the finish line (and it's only a month to go), it’s becoming even more nerve-wrecking! The anticipation is killing me!

Now on the glam side of this post, presentations at school has always been the BA Communication Arts students venue for dolling up. A fashion enthusiast like me would miss chances like this under no circumstance. Of course it’s uncommon for a shutterbug like me, to play dress up without photography. What good are lovely clothes when you don’t get to capture them? That’s just what I personally think. Maybe that might wrinkle your brows, but for me it’s something that I totally dig.

I always plan my outfits days ahead, and with that I mean I have a sort of “dress rehearsal” so that I won’t go panicking in front of my closet on the day itself. I chose to throw in some vivid hues for this get-up to uplift my mood, because I’ve been in some neutral colors like white, black, brown/beige lately. I also decided to wear my mini floral dress as a top, and my blue button-down top as a blazer. I tucked the dress in the skirt, put the blouse over it and cinched everything with the sleek belt.

I love that my printed top and bangle made it pop in my plain color-blocked ensemble. It’s like having two fashion fad in one – print popping and color blocking. How ‘bout that? I also love that the combination of this vibrant blue and yellow shades made a cheerful effect in my mood for this day. Blue is associated to the calm waters and yellow to the bright sunshine, so putting them together definitely helped me be in good spirits that lasted for the entire day, and hopefully for the whole week as well.

How could I not be in a pleasant disposition when I wore clothes that look so happy, and I got one of the best news in my college life? Color therapy and good news indeed have the power to make us feel so great about ourselves! Thank you so much dear God for the blessing! Now I’m off to write the abstract, acknowledgement  and biographical sketch to cap off my final thesis draft. I’m almost done! And oh please hype this look in Lookbook. ‘Til next time and have a good day, lovely dolls!



Naughty Baubles said...

Love the colors!!!

Mary Lou said...

oh i love this colourful look darling!!! yellow and blue together = beyond fabulousness!

karo said...

You look so wonderful!
I ❤the colours

mestizay said...

Love this wonderful color block outfit!

Bad Joan said...

Love these bright colors!


ATACADAS said...

Hi! Love your blog and your style! I follow you! Please, follow me too!
Kisses from spain

badBarbara said...

Love the bright blue top, my favorite color! Almost done with school! Congrats to you!

Peiyinn said...

Love this vintage style! I always have the problem of picking the outfit. It take quite a long time for me. I could change few outfit just for one outing as I always think that the outfit I pick doesn't suitable. :)

◄Charlotte.from.FAW► said...

So cool outfit ! Love it !

Marcela Gmd said...

Hi lovely, I love the colors of your outfit!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

The Cat Hag said...

I love this outfit, I think you look gorgeous!

That short crop looks great on you. :)

The Cat Hag

Irene said...

nice outfit!

Shulamit E said...

u look really pretty and these colors are fab together and on you. Work it out girl!


vnikali said...

thanks for coming by:)
I m looking forward for ur next post:)

Anonymous said...

Hey ;O))) very nice Photos Honey! I like your blog....;) I follow YOU i hope you follow me maybe back? Kiss from Germany ;*********

QUEENIE G. said...

I love how you play with color sis,I adore you skirt!!!

Got a good news by the way, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award:)

and as a recipient of the award, you just have to follow some rules. Visit this post http://sweetandspicytown.blogspot.com/2012/03/versatile-blogger-award.html to see details...

Sandra Leiva said...

Cute bag <3

Chi said...

nice outfit, especially love the mustard skirt :)

Head to Toe Chic said...

I really love your skirt! Gorgeous color.


kristina said...

you look so stylish - just loving your ensemble here + those colors, so pretty!!!

Wida said...

Love the skirt! And bright colors!!

Missing Amsie Blog

Shels415 said...

Great color combo!


CutestPrincess said...

that was nice, color blocking is one of my fave!

It’s a GIRL Thing

Sunny & Star said...

You look darling. I love the color combination and the print. And I am always a sucker for belted looks. I need to be more disciplined and plan my looks further in advance.

lapetiteblonde said...

great look dear!love your skirt!!

goodbadnfab@gmail.com said...

Love your style and love your blog! Please check out mine when you get a chance. Also, I'm working with BCBG on a fabulous giveaway for my readers and would love for you to enter!


style and musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

Lyosha said...

looks like so very much fun! love your skirt colour! and the place for photos is very nice as well

Inside and Outside Blog

Karen Ussene said...

Hiya thanks for the visit and comment and hun.
That is a Lovely combination of colours that you have done! :)
Take Care xoxox

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