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Monday, September 5, 2011

Mama Bet’s Cookbook: Fruit Cocktail Butter Cake

The baking bug bit my Mama again. Happy tummy for us once more! She recently cooked Fruit Cocktail Cobbler, Rainbow Butter Cake and Date Cake. All those three heavenly sweets have two things in common. First, they’re all fruit cakes. Second, they were all not documented. I can hear a resounding boo, was that from you?

It breaks my heart that I haven’t even taken photos of them, because that would only mean I can’t blog about them in full details. Most of the bloggers who drop by here in my niche are more into visuals. They’re used to seeing… and not much about reading things. Talk is cheap if we don’t have a proof of what we’re yakking about.

Good thing though that I’m not really that hapless about keeping a record of Mama’s baking routine. I have here some graphic support on one of her latest cake innovations. But before I show them to you, let me apologize for the poor image quality. They’re very noisy, so just bare with them if you can. I now present you… Mama Bet’s enchanting Fruit Cocktail Butter cake!

Mom’s using McCormick Vanilla Flavor and Food Coloring. Now she has three food colors aside from red. I bet it’s still going to grow in number as days go by.

Mom baked two butter cakes. Find out why later on.

Mom baked it for approximately 40-50 minutes.

Del Monte Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup.

Mom layered the two pink butter cakes like a huge sandwich, with the fruit cocktail as their “spread”.

An attempt for macro shot using a phone camera. The result is a blur.

Mom topped it with another spread of fruit cocktail, and then she covered it with thick frosting.

I swear this looks like a cake tower in real life. This also looked so tempting, but because of the noise, what I’m saying turns out to be just like a lie.

Another shot. I think this looks better. Relatively.

My glutinous share of Mom’s Fruit Cocktail Butter Cake!

My Mama and my sister Janine, who’s studying BS Food Technology in UP Min, are planning to take up a culinary crash course in the near future. This is for the food business, specifically coffee shop, they’re planning. I volunteered to be their food photographer and interior designer. I can’t wait for it to materialize. God willing!


ChiChi81 said...

That cake looks yummy! You're so lucky your mom loves to bake, my mom isn't a fan of baking so haha... we didn't get the chance to indulge in home baked treats lol

And I earnestly hope that plan to open up a coffee shop come to realize in the future!


A Single Girl's Musings

lav said...

kat, i hope to eat some of your mom's cake/s when I'm able to visit your house again. hihi :)

Peiyinn said...

Food post! Those food seem yummy! You make me hungry even though I just have my dinner.:)

Sunny & Star said...

I have a huge sweet tooth. This cake looks totally delicious.

Bad Joan said...

Great idea!


BlueVanilla said...

Yummmbumm! Looks good!

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Hayley said...

Yummm this looks delicious =)


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