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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crisis Comm Group at PSCC

Image Source: Panoramio

One of my major subjects this semester is SPCM 112 or Crisis Communication. As what the course description says, we study crisis management through communication. We are expected to understand the nature and scope of crisis communication including the possible applications of various models and theories in crisis management. Pretty tough course, eh? I even thought this subject is a crisis in itself. It's giving me head ache. Kidding aside, I've learned to appreciate it because of what we experienced yesterday.

Our teacher tasked our class to break into two groups (we're only 12 in class) and write a paper regarding the flash flood in Davao City last June 28, 2011 that took 31 lives and ruined properties. We need to observe how Davao City reacted to that disaster by tracing the pre-crisis, crisis and post-crisis activities of the incident done by different sectors, especially the government. We are going to present the results of our investigation to a panel of specialists. Geez, my last semester here in UP Min will be this hard. I still have thesis too!

Me and my group mates decided to choose Barangay Talomo, 911, National Risk Reduction and Management Council (NRRMC) and the Public Safety Command Center (PSCC) as our main sources of data. We went to PSCC first to interview its chief, Col. Magno G. Adalin. I have to say I'm now in awe with Davao City because of this office. Do you know that PSCC is a first of its kind here in the city? It is definitely Davao's pride. Why? Let me quote Sun Star Davao for a more reliable explanation:
The PSCC serves as the nerve center for 17 CCTVs installed in 16 strategic areas in the city, covering entry and exit points and populated areas in the downtown areas, and the traffic signalization for the entire city.
The project implementer Abratique and Associates Inc. also noted that the multi-million facility is at par with those in New York and California in the United States, and the best in the country.
Costing at P704 million at its 3rd phase alone, Abratique said this funded the widening of roads, the facilities including 17 CCTVs, the installation, and the needed training of the Traffic Management Center, among others. Read more here. - Sun Star Davao
 According to Col. Adalin, PSCC was used to be implemented only for the city's traffic system but then later on, it leveled up into a bigger office that caters issues about safety. They are the ones assigned to mitigate and to coordinate to disaster response teams. Col. Adalin shared about what he did during the recent calamity in Davao. He called the Disasters Reduction, sent out teams in the affected areas and requested for imports from AFP, Navy and Coast Guard. He said that the city government's efforts alone weren't enough without the help from those imports/sectors. He could say that they were successful on their response and mitigation.

Our visit at PSCC was one heck of an unforgettable experience. They told us that we were the first group of students who have been to their office. That sounds amazing, eh? Way to go UP Mindanao. They were very accommodating to us even though we were just walk-in interviewers. We weren't able to call them first to schedule our interview. It was so kind of them that they even let us in their CCTV Room. They showed us their original footage of the flash flood which was actually borrowed by the local media for their coverage. They also showed us the clips of some vehicular accidents in Davao City. We cringed watching them. Good thing they wasn't able to record the latest one which also happened last June 28. It was so morbid.

We took some shots in their office, but we have agreed to their rule that we will never post them in any networking sites. They are going to block our accounts if we do so. Anyway, I want to thank them once again for being so nice to us. I salute their job well done. More power to PSCC!


Red Reidinghood said...

That looks so cool!
Thank you for you sweet comment, dear! Come and check out my new outfit post!



lav said...

i didn't know that office exist in Davao. you are so lucky to see what's inside there!

Sunny & Star said...

Very cool.

Mikimoto Angel said...

Thanks for dropping by Rowa and Sunny & Star. :-)

@Lav: I was so amazed with their facilities. I even noticed that my eyes grew bigger seeing them. Haha!

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