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Monday, July 18, 2011

Chronicles of the Harry Potter Fever

Would you still be surprised if I say, the 7th and last installment of the Harry Potter saga is a trending topic all over the world? Of course, you wouldn't. Am I correct or I am correct? I believe it's nonsense mentioning it, because HP has been a household subject for almost nine long years already. Both fanatics and detractors can attest to its magical fame and glory that caused mass hysteria every time. All got smitten to how the story of the boy-who-lived unfolds. Harry Potter has indeed cast a spell on the whole world with more than 250 million books sold in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Almost every soul in the entire globe got totally Potter-crazed. By that I mean for an instance, the HP mania has caused those enthusiasts to throw around words like "muggles", "mudblood", "quidditch" and whatnot. This bewitching craze has always been a little out of control, and that's a clear fact. Die-hard fans got so frantic in familiarizing every single detail about the life of Ron, Hermione, Harry and all the other characters of the story. I, for one, became a fan but sad to say, my fondness for it got out of my system. It had already died a natural death, or maybe it's just on hiatus. I don't know. It's quite ironic, because my ring tone is still the Harry Potter theme.

Most of the world are suckers for HP, while I'm slowly becoming not. I'm not alone, and I'm quite sure about that. Tons of people experience having incredibly anti-social moments whenever they get to read HP books. How come I'm not as addicted as them? Maybe the HP magic got nullified with the state of mind I have. Kidding aside! On a serious note, if I were to evaluate myself as a fan I would say I'm just below average. With my insufficient knowledge on the story, I can conclude that I will never pass for an HP geek. I haven't even hit its books yet. Well, I've read a few pages from the Sorcerer's Stone, but still, that won't ever make me a full-fledged advocate.

For a few moments, let me go back in time when I was still diagnosed of Harry Potter fever. Sit back, relax and REWINDIO! Absurd, I've found a chance to show off what little I know about the Hogwarts' spells. Okay, let's cut that out. I only rely my narrow range of supernatural information from the motion pictures. I know that's just quite lame of me. I don't want to sound as if I'm baffled about that, so let me get this straight. I really don't have great aspirations of becoming a part of the hugely rabid HP fans club. That way, I save myself from unnecessary obsession.

Did I just sound like I'm sour graping? My apologies for that. I don't want to come off as if I'm high-minded or something. I guess I'm bitter because I used to keep up with my friends who are so into HP. I used to be at par with them with the advent of the Internet. I used to know a lot of character names, and terms in the book/movie, but now I can barely remember everything. But that's not a big deal for me, because going to great lengths just to arm myself with all the HP trivia isn't everything to me. Although I have to admit that I once collected things that are related to HP, like pictures and quotable quotes from the movie and the book.

I've had a dose of this saga until Order of the Phoenix already, which I got to watch in the special screening done by the Order of De Molay Davao Chapter last 2007. My liking for HP has also ended there. My brain got all mixed up with the flow of the story. I got bored as a result. I lost my interest simply because I lost track of the important details of the story. There, I said it for honesty's sake. I don't want to watch it again and again let alone reading all those HP books just to fully grasp everything.

Harry Potter has just come to its finality, yet the undying support of the people who have grown to love it still remains. I may think for now that its fame is getting overrated, but I'm hoping that the thought of it won't linger long enough on my mind. I believe my pessimistic stand towards HP is just due to the fact that I've missed out a lot. I have a feeling that the former HP fan in me will get back on track once I get the chance to re-run the saga. I have to admit that I still have the desire to know how it'll all end, but I'm just trying not to let it show.

That's my Harry Potter experience. How was yours all along? I would love to hear about them. Share your thoughts! Smiles.

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tim said...

I ma the product of this movie. I grew up with this, back in the States.

Harry Potter will remain as the best movie of this generation!

rilag said...

I had so much fun reading/watching it. It's like a puzzle only you have to wait for a year or two for the next clue. Buhbye HP, I can now start to outgrew you , besides 10 years is not bad. And I am grown up now. :p

The Cat Hag said...

I have yet to watch the movie but seriously can't wait to! :)

The Cat Hag

Meena Dhuga said...

i loved the movie! but still loved the books more :)


Meena xxxx

J said...

can't wait for the movie !

Journal J

Kristen said...

girl just give in to hp! harry potter is and will always be amazing in my mind haha, and i loved the final movie.

La Mode En Rose said...

i watched the last movie in 3d and it was amazing! i loved it! i'm kind of sad that there won't be more movies
= (

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

Mikimoto Angel said...

I hope I get to re-run HP soon. I'm a bit lost. I haven't watched Half blood Prince and the Deathly Hollows yet. :-(

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