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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Simple French 101

credits to: learn-french-in-france.us

Last night as I was blog-walking, I happened to stumble upon Manon's blog who is now my new blogger friend. It's written in French, but I could say I did understand a few words. Why? It's because I had the chance to study that language for one school year under Professor Maria Araceli Dans-Lee when I was still a freshman. That was four years ago. I haven't practiced it at all after I finished the course. 

Some French statements I can remember are Je T'aime (I love you), S'il vous plait (If it pleases you), Excusez mois (Excuse me), Voulez vous coucher avec mois ce soir? (Would you like to sleep with me tonight?), Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas), Bonne Anniversair (Happy Birthday) and a few other ones.

Here I'm going to let you read a French essay I've composed when I was still better at it a few years back. I assure you this was not formulated using the English to French Online Translator. Our teacher was strict. Okay, I'm done defending myself, so here's a little background about myself written in French. Don't worry I will be translating this later on. I apologize in advance for I am just a beginner. Spare me of your smirks and taunts just this once. LOL!


 "Bonjour tout le monde! Je m'appelle Katrina Angela Castro. J'habite a Puan, Davao City. Je suis nee le huit de Juin mil neuf cent qatr vingt dix a General Santos City. Je n'ai pas freres et trois soeurs. Je parle Anglais et Je parle Francais aussi. Je suis un ami fidele. Vous pouvez compler sur moi. 

J'aime la musique. Mais je prefere le rock. J'aime chanter. J'en fait le reve d'est avec une bande. Avec la musique, je ne creverai jamais d'ennui. Je deteste les sports. Je n'aime pas le que jeux qui fait me transpirent. J'aime massieds juste pendant qu'ecrivent quelques poemes.

Je deteste les endroits bondes. Je serais plutot seul. J'ai un ami. Il me fait hereux. J'aime suis avec lui tout le temps. Il est l'homme que je toujours ai voulu. Je espouser un jour. J'aime aussi les mysteres resolvant. C'est frais.

Je n'aime pas que n'importe quoi a aime par tout le monde. Je le deteste quand les gens aiment que j'aime. Mais si j'ai un nouvel ami, je cherche nos similarites aussi. Je deste les gens parlant de moi sur mon dos. Ils sont des hypocrites appelant me nomme. Peutr-etre ils m'envient juste.

J'aime aller aux parcs de nature. Ces endroits me donnent la paix d'esprit. Un jour je veux avoir mon propre parc de nature. 

J'espere que vous avez appris beaucoup de moi."


"Hello everyone! My name is Katrina Angela Castro. I live in Puan, Davao City. I was born on the eighth of June 1990 in General Santos City. I do not have brothers, but I have three sisters. I speak English, and I speak French as well. I am a faithful friend. You can hang on to me. 

I love music, but I prefer the rock. I love to sing along. In fact, I dream of being with a band. With the music, i never get bored. I hate sports. I do not like those games that make me sweat. I love writing poems instead.

I hate crowded areas. I would rather be alone. I have a friend. He makes me happy. I like being with him all the time. He is the man that I have always wanted. I want to marry him one day. I also like solving mysteries. It's cool.

I do not like anything that is liked by everyone. I hate it when people like what I like. But if I have a new friend, I also want us to be similar. I hate those people backstabbing. They are hypocrites calling me names. Perhaps they just envy me.

I like to go to nature parks. These places give me peace of mind. One day I want to have my own nature park.

I hope you learned a lot about me."

How I wish I could go to France so I can practice speaking this language of romance with conviction. Can somebody teach me for free?

Sorry for that lousy composition. That was four years ago, and I admit I was a bad writer that time. Although I still don't claim to be a good writer up until now. I still want to improve. I'd like to be better, and I believe it's never too late for that. Okay, that's it for my simple French 101.


Manon said...

First thank you so much to tagg me! It makes me smile!
And after waow!! Ur french is just wonderful!! I'm really surprised!! You speak it fluently that's incroyable!! :oo!! You're really smart!!

I'll be really happy if I could teach you more ! :D

See you my friend and my new penpal :D!!

Kristen said...

i wish i knew french! such a beautiful language!

thanks for your comment, following you now : )

Mikimoto Angel said...

@MANON: You are welcome dear. I can just write French, but I really can't speak it fluently. Too bad! I really hope you could teach me more soon. :-)

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Kristen: Thanks for the follow. Hope to know more about you through your posts. :-)

Nicole said...

Great post!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

Mikimoto Angel said...

Thanks Nicole! :-)

Much love from the Philippines as well! :-)

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