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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Opening Soon at Abreeza

The much talked about shopping mall complex located at J.P. Laurel Avenue has just opened. It's actually the first Ayala Mall here in Mindanao, and I'm so glad that the owners have first chosen Davao City for their business. I know this is a very late news, but I just can't help but blog about it. I haven't been there though, cause I don't want to drop by in that luxurious universe without some bucks in my pocket. I don't want to end up just roaming around there, window shopping. That would be so frustrating, right? I got really frantic to know that the famous fashion and food stores in Manila are set to open in Abreeza. Here's what I got from Mindanaoan Blog. I hope they won't mind my repost.

FASHION Stores we are sure to love:

Cache Cache
Philip Stein
Paris Hilton Abreeza Branch
Liz Claiborne
Marithe Francois Girbaud
Marcs & Spencers
Armani Exchange
The Body Shop
The Face Shop
Dorothy Perkins
Shoe Salon
Nine West
Planet Sports
Nothing but H20
What A Girl Wants
Power MAC Center
Sneaker Club
La Senza Lingerie
Etam Lingerie
Kenneth Cole Reaction
... and many more

FOOD Stores that will definitely please our palate:

Blackbeard's Seafood Island
Teriyaki Boy
Red Kimono
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Gilligan's Restaurant
Go Nuts Donuts
Dairy Queen
TGI Friaday's
Tokyo Tokyo
Lemon Grass
Fudge Factory
Chicken Tsunami
Cafe Laguna
Grab a Crab and Coffee Club 101
Mooon Cafe
Taco Bell
Bread Talk
Burger King
...and many more

Fully Booked, Net Xpress and BoyzTrek will also open soon. Or, are they open now? The opening of Fully Booked is a great news for bookworms like me.

I can't wait to try those new food joints for my food blog series Gastronomy. I'm also happy that my favorite fashion brand Dorothy Perkins is already within my reach. I hope H&M will also open soon. Go where the breeze takes you. There are just so many things in store for everyone in Abreeza. Those new and exciting things make me wish that I could get a job this instant. This is just the beginning of a more industrialized Davao City. I've also read from Weird's Eye View that a 12-storey high hotel (Kukun) and a 30-storey high residential condominium (Alveo) are also soon to rise within the complex. That is a good news for our city, because it will surely boost our tourism and economic growth. Don't you just love Davao even more?

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Zahara said...

rumor has it Zara and Topshop didn't push through?

so looking forward to Nine West, Terranova and Nothing But h20 (not TOMS hehe).

i want to check out Armani Exchange and Aldo! weee! can't wait to go to Abreeza. my savings is in danger.

Mikimoto Angel said...

Haha sorry for the erratum. TOMS kasi ang nakalagay sa source. :-D

scarlet's walk said...

weee! maybe we can meet there one of these days.. have coffee on Starbucks maybe. yeee!

Mikimoto Angel said...

Haha. Yup! I am looking forward to that as well. Can't wait to meet you! :-)

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