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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guy Diaries: Musicians

We, girls, find it utterly agonizing to think on how to dress up perfectly for our date with that special guy. That's definitely a girl thing, right? We can't easily make up our mind. We see a closet full of clothes, but we can't decide on what to wear. Yes, we have that dilemma almost all the time, but have we at least paid attention to what guys think on what we should wear on that special date? If we did, maybe that Catch-22 situation would vanish that instant.

As someone whose name I forgot (My apologies, now what happened to my Fame 101) says it, dressing up should show those dudes how excited we are about their presence. For the pilot episode of this blog series, let me disclose the thoughts on dating of these three musicians I've interviewed. I know some of you out there have this thing for guys who can play musical instruments like a pro. My heart, for one, pounds for musicians, especially for drummers like my man! Drum rolls please.

Anyway, I asked those three guys two questions:

1. What do you hate or love seeing girls wear during your dates?

2. Where do you usually take your date?

Now, I believe it's time to turn the first leaf of Guy Diaries. Let the revelation begin!


Lead Guitarist of Zumbi Anito
I think he's in a relationship with a friend.

1. I'd love to see my date wear simple outfits. I don't want her to look too sexy on those skimpy clothes.

2. I would take my date on nature-friendly places like Eden Nature Park or Loleng's Mountain Spring Resort, perhaps.


Guitarist/Vocalist of Caitlyn Bailey
Based on his Facebook Info, his relationship status is It's Complicated.

1. Girls I date usually have a great sense of style. It's one of my standards. I don't have to comment on something superficial like that even though it's normal for girls to spend a lot of time making themselves look good. It's best not to focus in on things like this though. I don't date women who make a big deal about their looks because beauty is common. What's rare is a great outlook, a great energy and a great personality.

2. I never spend anything on my dates. I personally think they are a waste of time and money. And dates only defer the feelings we both want to experience together. If you were to feel those great feelings with a guy even if you haven't even gone on one single date and you just know right there, wouldn't that be a wonderful feeling to experience? Location doesn't matter. How locations make you feel matter. But it's a crutch for guys who don't know how to enamor a girl with his words and personality.


Drummer of Highway Drive
Former Drummer of Repolyo
He's in a relationship with a beautiful girl.

1. I like it when my girl prepares for the date I've planned out by wearing something womanly like dress or skirt cause that will show that she's a real girl. I hate it when she wears something very loose like that of a hiphop outfit.

2. I'd take my girl to whatever place she'd love to go to. It's better if she chooses the place so she'll feel comfortable. Kung ako ang pipili baka di niya magustuhan. That's my reason why I always ask my girl where she'd love to spend our date.

Very well-said boys. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.. and photos. I hope their words will help us girls choose for the perfect date wear! Til the next leaf of Guy Diaries. What should I ask those next set of boys? I'm open for suggestions.

Hey girls, what do you usually wear during dates? Do you follow your boyfriend's advice?


scarlet's walk said...

it's been so long since i've been on one.hahaha. what i would wear if i would be on a date? hmmm. if we're going to a fancy restaurant, definitely i'd wear something a little formal & lady-like. if on a more outdoorsy kind of date, i'd probably wear my normal clothes.

Mikimoto Angel said...

Did your boyfriend care about what you wear, Ms. Z? :D

Tessa said...

very nice post kat ^__^
most of the items I've read about what men want regarding how their girlfriend dress up, they mostly go for simple clothes... whether it'd be lady-like of sporty. they also like women to wear minimal make-up or something natural.

my boyfriend however wants me to dress up. I felt really encouraged in dressing up because he always have this supportive feedbacks like "I like how you look today", "you're beautiful", "you look good now, but I like it's better if you wear...", "are you going to wear a dress today? *smile*" but it doesn't mean he can't appreciate me in my simplest outfit. he just wants to support me and help me look good.

Mikimoto Angel said...

Thanks Tessa! What I love about my boyfriend is that he doesn't act like a Hitler to me unlike any other bf's out there. He appreciates whatever clothes I'm into. :-)

karla stefan said...


I wear whatever's comfortable. Being comfy lets me be at ease with how I move and behave; and that kind of feeling is the best backdrop for me trying to impress a guy or trying to show my best side to a guy. Of course that is if I like the guy.

Pieces of apparel which make me feel comfortable: jeans, a t shirt, flip flops. Also, I make sure that I wear nice accessories; so I don't look too common. :-)

Mikimoto Angel said...

Hello Ms. Karla Stefan, thanks for dropping by! I agree with you that girls should wear whatever is comfortable. So you don't get fidgety just because you wore the outfit that doesn't suit your style or comfort zone.

Dee said...

Nice feature, Kat! And I have to agree with Karla Stefan -- Comfort really is important. Well, of course comfort with style. :-)

Mikimoto Angel said...

Comfort and style is indeed a deadly combination. Style without comfort is definitely nothing.

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