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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fame 101

I'm a big fan of Cosmopolitan Magazine because one, it's a mature version of the teeny-bopper Candy Magazine; and two, because it tells me everything I'm dying to know about fashion, relationships, basically about all fab things in store for girls. They give us the latest fun and fearless tidbits that can help us girls stand out in every social scene. They've got everything to make us look trendy and starry whenever we hit every occasion. As Cosmo says it, there's no room for those blues.

I've read about one interesting article in their December 2008 issue, and I wanna share it to you. It's about 10 star-making moves that can help one become leading-lady material in all aspects of life. These tips are straight from showbiz industry's experts namely: Lolit Solis (Talent Manager), Popoy Caritativo (Talent Manager), Boy Abunda (Talent Manager) and Rikka Dylim (Star Magic PR Manager). They definitely have the experience to share us some insights on how to live out the fab life we always dream of. Here goes the stellar list:

Star Tip # 1: Always Look Your Best

"Whatever the case or situation, real stars know the importance of looking good, so follow suit. Look professional when it calls for it, adhere to dress codes, and always aim to look your best."

Don't appear sloppy. Who knows, you might bump into someone important. Always make an effort to look good anytime and anywhere. Don't be a turn-off.

Star Tip # 2: Highlight Your Individuality

"Find your unique quality and make it shine through. Differentiate yourself from the regular office folk through your image and demeanor."

When you admire someone, don't make it to the point that you duplicate his/her style or qualities. That's not impressive. Hone your distinct attributes instead.

Star Tip # 3: Be On Time

"An always tardy employee hardly ever rise up the ranks. Being prompt and punctual can make you seem more dependable and easy to work with."

Practice sense of urgency. No one likes people who come way past the scheduled meet up or call time. As the adage goes, time is of the essence. It should be valued.

Star Tip # 4: Cultivate Good Public Relations

"Know how to deal with others. This entails being courteous and respectful. There's nothing as impressive as someone who can treat others well."

Develop good public relations by giving out your sincere effort. Don't treat other people shabbily. Remember the names of co-workers and be accommodating to them as well.

Star Tip # 5: Find Joy In Your Work and Be a Joy To Work With

"Bank upon your professionalism and good reputation to propel you up the ranks and tide you through the challenging times."

Be passionate with your craft so you get the chance to enjoy the longevity of your careers. Always show sense of genuine satisfaction and dedication to your work.

Star Tip # 6: Be Alert for Opportunities

"Actively look for prospects. As Abunda advises, find out who is looking for what. You need to know the landscape. Then, be that someone they are looking for."

Take heed for specific opportunities to leap and take advantage of that. Ditch the complacent comfort zone and make your dreams come true.

Star Tip # 7: Turn Your Negatives Into Positives

"Derive motivation from experience. So, instead of wallowing in self-pity or poor-me drama, use your challenges as ammunition to work towards the life you want."

Don't dwell and moon over what you lack. Don't go around acting beaten down. You have to roll with the punches. Keep your chin up and move forward.

Star Tip # 8: Know Which Intriga You Should Address and Ignore

"Intrigues abound in real life, and the truth is one's best line of defense. Don't lie and sugarcoat as much as possible. The truth will end an issue."

Choose your battles. There are some things or people who deserve to be ignored. There are also some who deserve to be put in their proper place.

Star Tip # 9: Protect Your Stature

"Don't linger. Simply appear and exit. Don't stay too long or else people will get fed up of you. Master making graceful entrances and swift exit. Know your worth."

As what Abunda said, maintain "invisibilty" by being visible the right way. When nobody seem to notice your presence, exit. Then, come back with a new color.

Star Tip # 10: Be Realistic

"Abunda says that one should know when to wait a little more and when to simply give up on a dream. When you realize that you are not meant for something and you tried your best, you can laugh and you'll be at peace."

Be patient, cause patience is a virtue. However, always be productive while you wait. Study and practice doing well on your craft when your break has not yet arrived.

We can all be stars not just in the world of show business, but also in our careers, relationships and life, in general. I hope these star tips from the experts can help us in our own stake at stardom.

Source: Cosmopolitan December 2008 issue.
Image courtesy of Natalie Dee


scarlet's walk said...

may all of us shine as bright as the stars. (^^)

Mikimoto Angel said...

Tama, Ms. Z! ;-D

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