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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tribute to my College Friends

I've already blogged about my bad experience in college, and how I managed to go through it. And then I thought, "Why not write about the things that made me happy in that stage as well?" Half of my memories in my college life are distressing. I fought the depression of failing my parents' expectations, not having a lot of friends and being hated by many, all alone. But I could say God is good for giving me even a few but true friends who helped me surpass those challenges.

My college life will not be memorable if not because of those people who chose me to share some of their experiences with. They made it easier for me to deal with difficult circumstances. They made me feel comfortable in tagging along with different types of personalities. Most of all, they made me feel that I'm someone who's worthy of their trust and respect, despite what others used to make me feel.

I wasn't actually expecting to have new friends, because I got used to being alone. All I wanted was to know how was it like to be taught by teachers from this premier university. The only thing I honestly looked forward to when I passed UPCAT was not wearing uniform in school. That got me so excited because I can mix and match clothes everyday in my student life. One more thing is that, I had the experience of dwelling away from comfort zone because I lived for three months in the dormitory. I just went home during weekends. I enjoyed it somehow, because it was like one heck of an adventure.

However, groups are everywhere whether I like it or not. It's quite impossible to live life in college without those people you can hang on to. We need friends, not to gain something from them, but to share countless memories with them. We need each other to survive. I may shy away from groups, but I know that I will always be part of them. So now, let me introduce you to the various cliques I had in college.


This is how our second batch shirt look like.

Freshies at Ate Ling's Old Kubo.

We were getting ready for our speech presentation.

Bloc A of BACA 2007 literally took the floor.


I met Mae Joy during the Summer Bridge Program in UP. I met Dolly because of Maej.

I miss Maej and Dolly's company. I miss our laughters and conversations.


Biodiversity field trip at Philippine Eagle.

Business Communication Finals under Ms. Elaine Isip.

Intercultural Book Launching.


Max and I love taking pictures, while Jewel loves eating! :D

It was just recently when I got close to these girls, but they became special to me instantly.


OSA, welcome our club with open our arms! :D

Too bad, Ria and Lavinia wasn't with us when we had this group pic.

This is Lavinia. She may look bashful, but she's really not. :D

With our group's clown, Ria Gene Petrache. :D

To all the groups I've mentioned, I hope you like this tribute. I’m very grateful that God gave me a chance to get to know some of the truest people in UP Mindanao. I must have done something so good in the eyes of God. I hope we still become tight friends after graduation. I can’t afford to lose some friends again. I will do my best to keep our camaraderie stronger.

Happy graduation BACA 2007! I wish I can march with all of you, but it's impossible. Before you go on in the next chapter of your life, let me just say that you all are very special to me. The memories I had with you will always remain in my heart and mind. It was a blast having you around, and I hope we get to reunite again someday. I will miss you, and thank you so much for the genuine friendship you've given me. As what I always say, I will remain a true friend to each one of you no matter what happens! Mikimoto Angel will definitely be with you along the way.


Anonymous said...

upon reading, i shed a tear.. thank you also for accepting who and what i am, for being so supportive :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

I hope I know who you are. Thank you for reading, friend! :-)

Is this you, Max?

lav said...

I bet the first one who commented is Maxine. hehehe...I'm moved. Thanks Kat! We'll still be friends after grad and we'll keep in touch through our blogs and of course, the great Facebook.

Mystic Nymph said...

That's for sure, Lav! I had a feeling that it's Max too. Friends forever *highschool motto*! :-D

max said...

how'd ya know guys it's me?! my english? or for being so emo? hahahaha! :) love you all! :P

Mikimoto Angel said...

Wow! You're now on Blogspot Max! Yehey!

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