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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Food Coma at Picobello and Zabadani

If somebody has to ask me when did I start appreciating student life, I would say.. in high school. Nothing compares to the memories I had in that stage. It was a great ride. Full of moments and memories that enliven my heart and mind. High school is such a bliss, of course with a few spices to make it more remarkable.

Whenever I'm with my high school friends, I really get a wonderful time. They never fail to put a curve on my face. If someone cracks the corniest of jokes, everybody still bursts into laughter. They truly make me sane and insane at the same time. These moments of innocent fun can never be traded with anything else. Incomparable, I should say.

Each of them has their own place in my heart. If only I could give them all a tribute just to show how much they mean to me. This scribbled thoughts is not enough to show how much they mean to me. My actions may not disclose how I feel for them, but at least I could say that through my words, I truthfully say, they can count on me.

When I was in my freshmen year, I remember those two school organizations I took part into. It was in The Reflector (Official school paper) and Young Einsteins Science Club. I also became a member of the Parliamentary Procedure Team, but in sophomore I got booted out. Maybe they forgot I was part of them.

In those clubs, I met many friends. Those who are still my true friends up to now are one of them. We had camps and trainings then, and I always wanted to go back to those times. I love those kind of fun. I miss it that much.

Two weeks ago, I met up with Regine and Lerr. They were two of my most loved high school best friends. We had a smashing gastronomic blast at Picobello Italian Restaurant and Zabadani Cafe. Food trip is really fun, especially with the most important people in your life.

We were supposed to eat at Zabadani Cafe first, but they open at 5pm during Fridays to make way for their prayer. We didn't know that. We headed at Picobello instead. I actually don't like the place cause it's too crowded. I prefer private restaurants. But I have to say that their pizzas taste good. We went there at 3pm so we still had a chance to avail their Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza deal. We only have to pay for the highest-priced pizza that we ordered.

Anyway, here are our photos:


Pizza fun at Picobello Italian Restaurant.

Quattro Satagioni Pizza (P305)

Con Salsiccie (P275) -- Not sure with the price.

It's Regine and Lerr's first time to dine at Zabadani.

Orders: Lerr - Dajaj Kebab; Regine - Qatayaf; Mine - Pita Shateerah.

Zabadani is the place to beat!

My outfit: Vintage Long Vest, Dorothy Perkins Pink Tube Top, Plains and Prints Skirt, Parisian flats, Bag and accessories (except bangle) from England.

Mr. Wadi offered to take a picture of us. Regine was supposed to have a picture with him, but he said it's forbidden in Islam. Why?

Ms. Tessa (blogmate) was waiting for a ride outside Zab (I think). Glad to finally meet you.

Food coma indeed! More photos in my Multiply. We were the first customers of Zabadani that day. I'm amazed with Sir Wadi, cause he personally cleaned the place. He's so hands-on with his business. I admire his passion to work. We also witnessed them perform an Islamic prayer for 15 minutes.

Til our next food trip bonding friends! :-)

Do you still get in touch with your high school buddies?


zaharatales said...

we met the owner too and saw him clean the place up himself. we were too early kasi hehe.

for the picture, i'm not sure what his reasons are but could try to guess.. it could be (1)to have his picture taken. in Islam it's considered an imitation of life.but i guess we have failed to remember and follow that.(2)to have his picture taken with a woman who is not his wife or sister or close relative.

Mikimoto Angel said...

Oh.. now I understand. I'll tell my friend about that. She really felt rejected. Haha! I find that part of your culture interesting, especially the first guess you said. :-)

Is that an old belief in Islam Ms. Z?

Tessa said...

Quite surprised with the picture in the end! hehe. Didn't expect that. Thank you for posting and for mentioning. ^__^

I like that place very much. I was actually there last night, and it reminded me of you. hehe.

the owner is too kind :) very approachable and friendly. :) have you met his cat? :)

lav said...

I've barely seen my high school friends since first year college. Some are in Mati, Gensan, Marawi, Tagum and CDO. My h.s friends that are here in Davao are also always busy because they're so academically inclined (gahot jud!). We still keep in touch in facebook though and plan to get together after graduation. i hope that happens. :]

Mystic Nymph said...

@Tessa: Haha i've seen the picture of his siamese cat through my friend. i heard he's selling a siamese kitten too. hope to meet you again soon! :-)

@Lav: i also hope that you get to bond with them again. Long live high school! hahaha

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