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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mystique Shutterbug: Old and New Cats

Caramel gave birth to two kittens four months ago. My sister insisted on naming them after her favorite Philippine TV Series characters, Wako (orange) and Kokey (black). I know they do sound absurd, so my Mom and I suggested to change Kokey into Kay.

This is a funny picture of Wako and Kay planking.

I don't know why Kay's fond of  looking upwards whenever I snap a photo of her.

Wako and Kay are by far one of the sweetest kitty siblings we've ever had.

Here's Kay playing with the headset.

Here's a sad news about Wako. We found out that he has feline epilepsy. He's had more than five seizures since April 8, 2012. According to online sources, this sickness is never curative. We can only decrease the frequency, severity and duration of seizures with anti-convulsant drugs which.... we can't afford.

Wako doesn't let his condition get in the way of his "happiness", which is to play with everything that he finds amusing.

One big happy family. Left to Right: Kay, Wako, Caramel and Bench.

Mousy used to hate Wako and Kay, but that maltreatment changed after she had a miscarriage. She's now back to being the kind and lovable cat we know. See? She even breastfeeds Wako. Sweet, eh?

This is Mousy with her two babies. The bigger one is just actually her adopted kitty we named as Saucer. Maybe Mousy didn't realize she had a miscarriage, that's why she thought it was hers. The smaller one is her one and only survivor offspring. We named him Snap-snap. I hope he'll grow as healthy as her mother.

This is how Caramel shows how much she cares for Mousy. I almost got teary-eyed watching how loving these cats are. This is definitely a moment worth capturing.

....More photos soon...


Adam said...

awww cute little kitties

Patti Graveley said...

aaaaawww they are soooo cute!! but i'm sad to hear about the little kitten's epilepsy :( it is soo sad!

Mary Lou said...

oh gosh how adorable and absolutely lovey all these furry darlings are! i´m definitely a catlady too and love mine so much!!! this family portrait is beyond beauty!
love and kiss,mary

May Loh said...

Awww....I absolutely love cats!! It is so sad that Wako is not well! :( I have a ginger cat too called BouBou...so that is another coincidence! Glad you liked my 1920s post and thanks for the lovely comment! Apologie for the late reply and hope you will stop by again.
May x

Fabrizia said...

omg, so cute and adorable!!!!!If you want we can follow also on bloglovin, fashiolista, google+, twitter and facebook?
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Z said...

huhuhu!!! cuteness!!!

this makes me sad. if only Sasha's babies lived.

Zhang said...

any update on your cat ...how is she/he? i love cats too and i'm just recently moved in from davao. Here's my blog www.madameskitchen.blogspot.com

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