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Thursday, April 19, 2012

UP Mindanao Class of 2012


April 18, 2012 was a big day to UP Mindanao's Iskolar ng Bayan Class of 2012. It was our Graduation, or shall I say, SABLAY day. The Sablay is our alternative to the usual toga and cap, which made it very unique. One advantage of its advantages is that we don't just rent it, we have it for keeps. It is a very sacred thing especially to us UP students, because for us, it is synonymous to our academic success.We transfer it from the right to left shoulder upon graduation as a sign that our college life in UP has finally ended.

Sablay is actually a Tagalog word that not only means "failure or missed chance" as many of you might think. It also means "a loose piece of clothing, worn by a person, that is simple yet elegant and joined in front by an ornament, and two, the draping object or fabric on the shoulder. The Sablay gets its inspiration from the Muslim malong but incorporates various traditional elements found in other Philippine cultures. Running through the Sablay are geometric motifs of indigenous Philippine tribes."

It seems not so long ago when I was only imagining myself being a part of UP's unique college graduation  ceremonies and rocking the highly desired Sablay, and suddenly now, it's already my first day of being a UP graduate! I still can't believe it to tell you honestly. I know, of course, that life doesn't end when you get out of college; but it's just but normal to feel ultimate joy when you've accomplished something every student in this world covets for. It's one thing to actualize yourself. One dream down. To God be the Glory!

I could really say my college life was one heck of a ride, full of highs and lows in various aspects. You see, I'm not an achiever. I got my bachelor's degree without any academic or leadership distinctions at all. I've flunked a number of subjects many times, got extended for a year and experienced disheartening social issues along the way. I may have failed more often than not, but I believe those misadventures made me even more mature and equipped for the true battles of life. UP education truly made me a better citizen!

Anyhow, I know you want proof of our Graduation Day so here are I'll be dishing out the photos of what I'm talking about.

The iconic symbol of the University of the Philippines, The Oblation, also wears Sablay during Graduation Day.
Taken during Graduation practice. These Red and Green Vinta is one of the main attractions in our school's Atrium during Graduation Day.
Seats on the stage are occupied by the UP Board of Regents, The UP Mindanao Chancellor and the guest speakers. 
This is my only photo with UP Mindanao Chancellor Gilda Rivero, Senator Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel (our guest speaker) and UP President Alfredo Pascual.
Taken before the program when we still wore the Sablay on our right shoulder.
Taken after the program when the Sablay is finally on our left shoulder and when we already had our diploma.
Another shot of the most important people in the program yesterday.
With my sister Miko and her bestfriends Nica and Czeichelle.
With my family, Ate Mamu and some photo bombs.
With my mother and one of my dearest college friends, Charina.
We're not supposed to take pictures during the program, but hey, we can't help it. LOL! With my seatmate and partner in crime, Maicie; and with Troy and King in the background.

Our Graduation Ceremonies started at 6:45 in the morning; and since, there were only 135 graduates, the program ended as early as 9:30am. It's difficult to take decent and strategic shots during events like this especially when  you don't own one of those HD DSLR cameras. Thanks to those who have one, and also to our official photographers. I still have to wait for them to upload and print it though. Anyway, we headed straight to Loring's Lechon House & Restaurant (Matina branch) for our intimate celebration with only a few  invited friends and relatives. Thanks to my parents for making everything happen! Here are our photos there.

Wrong spelling for my sister Miko's name. FYI, Gelie is my nick.
Array of food.
Shanghai Rolls

Chopped Pork Lechon

Beef Kare-Kare

Chicken Pancit Canton

Sinigang na Bangus soup

Sinigang na Bangus

Mom's Home-made Brownies for Dessert

Mom's Home-made Chocolate Cake for Dessert

Watermelon and Pineapple for Dessert
Aunt Nerie and Cousin Patrick

My sister Mikee's forner nanny and her daughter

Shaira, my sister Janine's cute and bubbly bestfriend.

My sister Miko's bestfriends Czeichelle and Nica

My college friends Dolly, Harvey and Maxine

Hi Harvey!
Hi Maxine!

Me and my family went to Lito Sy at SM for our studio pictorial right after our party. The pictures will be ready by Sunday, and I just can't wait to let you see our family and prestige shots. I'll surely keep you posted for that. Now let me express my gratitude to our guests Aunt Nerie, Cousin Patrick, Ate Nene, Uncle Boy, Nica, Czeichelle, Shaira, Harvey, Dolly and Maxine. Thanks for gracing us with your presence!

My boyfriend Ciovic and my true friend Regine were also invited, but they weren't able to make it due to some concerns. Ciovic is still in Cotabato for a family affair, while Regine was in Manila for some training. I would love for the rest of my closest friends who are also part of UP Min's Class of 2012 to be with us for lunch, but I know they would be with their families to celebrate as well.

On that note, I would like to greet all of us a resounding, Congratulations!

PS: Thanks for bearing with this very long post. I will be writing another graduation post soon. :-)


Glenn Encinares said...

Congratulation Kat (hhmm Gelie pala :) After graduation I know you look for a career, ang ma-advice ko lang sayo be brave, believe and don't forget to pray. Welcome to the world of reality (malalaman mo ang ibig kong sabihin if you start working :)

Lyosha said...

very interesting! thank for sharing!

Inside and Outside Blog

Patti Graveley said...

you look soooo cute!!!! loooove how the sablay looks with the white dress, it's like the perfect accessory! congratulations girl, and dont feel bad, even though you didnt have any awards getting graduated is an accomplishment by itself :)

karo said...

wow! wow! wow!
Amazing pictures and you look so amazing cute!
Have a nice day :)

I'm With Stupid said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. But, 6:45 am?? I probably would have slept through it! ha


BlueVanilla said...

That is soooo awesome! CONGRATS!

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Marcela Gmd said...

Congratulation!!! great post!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

GEORGIA said...

All that food looks insanley good!

the other wolf

k come karolina said...


xoxo from rome

kristina said...

those sablays are so beautiful and congratulations!! + the food is making me hungry, mmmm on that chocolate cake!!

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