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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Deepest Thanks to Thee

After 13 hours of waiting in vain with my three batch mates at Clare Heaven's Bookbinding services, here come my seven hardbound thesis copies.

Thesis is indeed one of the hardest parts in every UP student’s academic life (not to mention about it being a solo project), because it leads to having a mixed-up mind that usually results to anxiety and depression. What was unimaginable for me three semesters ago was actually possible three semesters later. It’s a surreal feeling that the research study I’ve been working on for the past three semesters is finally done, and it would not have been possible if not because of those people who gave me support in any means.
I am very grateful for the constructive feedbacks my panellists and adviser have given my thesis. If not because of those comments and pieces of advice, my study would still have been very shallow and unorganized. I want to thank Prof. Dennis John Sumaylo for helping me narrow down my scope during the thesis proposal part; to Prof. Karen Joyce Cayamanda for giving me the idea that I should just highlight one part in my thesis; and of course, to Prof. Sheila Grace Europa for being patient with me all throughout.

I want to thank the beautiful and charming CHSS Librarian, Mrs. Merlyn Castaneros for showing her genuine kindness to me whenever I disturb her for the books I couldn’t locate only to find out that they’re just actually in their assigned shelves. She understands about our situation, and I acknowledge her for that. Her words of encouragement to me and my colleagues never failed to help me feel that I can really get it over with.
It’s a pleasure to express my appreciation to my pretty friends Jael Magbanua, Ann Marjorie Luz, Maicie Ceballo, Christine Bayang, Regina Doctura, Francis Lyn Malalis,  Ella Rinos, the Aguzar siblings and Ali Altizo for helping me cope with pressure. They made it easier for me to deal with difficult circumstances by hanging out with me to get rid of stress. Thanks for the happy memories we had during our fashion photo shoots, laugh trips, and pig-out moments.


Similarly, I want to thank my batch mates and special friends namely,  Janice Javerle, Jewel Rose Torotoro, Maxine Alexandra Villas, Shimea More, Lavinia Oliveros, Ria Petrache, Troy Requizo, Jesse Pizarro and Charina Amor for giving me guidelines on how I should go about with my thesis. They were also the ones who were there for me in times when I didn’t know what to do anymore. They gave me strength and motivation not to give up on what I have already started.

I also feel so gratified with the boost my boyfriend-and-bestfriend Ciovic David Sol Balabbo has given me. I’m thankful because he never complained about me being busy with school the past year. He always raises my spirit, and he always believes in my capacity. He sees the good in me even though I’ve been very short-tempered lately because of too much tension. I thank him for understanding me and for giving me confidence all the time.

More importantly, I owe my deepest gratitude to my family Miko, Janine, Mikee, especially to my mother who didn’t ever surrender in providing for me despite the many short-comings and disappointments I’ve caused her. She is my number one inspiration in doing my best for this thesis, because I don’t want to fail her again. She gave me countless chances to prove myself, and I’m forever thankful for that. I hope you’re proud of me. I also want to thank my father who accompanied me and my friends until 2am while we were waiting for our hardbound copies. I don’t know what could have happened to Ate Jael, Charina and me if he wasn’t around. I love you Mama Bebet and Papa Bebot!
Lastly, this thesis will never be feasible without the divine help coming from my Almighty God and Savior. I thank you My Lord for sharing me your knowledge and wisdom so that I can be able to finish this requirement successfully. Thank You for giving me peace of mind when I need it the most. Thank You for always listening to my unending requests and rants. Thank You for granting the necessities of this study. Most of all, thank You for all the blessing! I offer all these in your name, My Lord.

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Luisa T. said...

loved this last photos! the post is amazing

Fashion Breaker

ThePinkMargarita ♚ said...

congratulations on completing your thesis dear! :)

The Pink Margarita

Sunny & Star said...

Congrats on completing the thesis! It is so sweet that you are thanking all the people that helped you and it's nice that you had so many people that you could count on! Good luck with whatever comes your way next.

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Beautiful photos and well done on completing your thesis! It sounds as though you have wonderful friends and a lovely supportive family! :)

So what is next for you!?


kristina said...

a huge congratulations to you! you must be so happy and so proud!!!!! and the books look great ;)

Sandra Leiva said...

Nice pictures! <3

Fashionistable said...

What a beautiful Thank You to every one who helped you along the way. It is a great feeling indeed to finally finish your thesis. Well done. Xxxx

Lyosha said...

I loved having a look into your life! thanks for sharing!

Inside and Outside Blog

Patti Graveley said...

congratulations on this live achievement!

Oh my Dior! said...

wow congratulations for your thesis!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Momi! Love you! ^_^

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