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Monday, February 27, 2012

Gastronomy: Lunch at Bigby's

Potato Soup

Fisherman's Catch Platter

Wild West Steak Rice Bowl

Raging Hungarian Pasta

Midnight Dream Cake

Photo courtesy of HIMATI. This is not intended for copyright infringement.

We had lunch at Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant (SM City Davao Branch) last Monday (February 20, 2012) after my mother and I attended our school University of the Philippines Mindanao's 17th Foundation Day and Recognition Ceremonies. We were there to support my sister Miko who was one of the students who got recognized for being a part of the Dean's List.

Don't you just love having an intelligent sibling when you're otherwise? Mediocrity is what I get for being a complacent student who breaks her parents' rules more often than not. Kidding aside. I don't want to sell myself short just because I'm not even an honor student. LOL. Did I sound like I'm sour graping?

Anyway, we ordered two Potato Soup (P50 each - $1.2 each), one Fisherman's Catch Food Trip Platter (P575 - $13.4), one Wild West Steak Rice Bowl (P219 - $5.1), one Raging Hungarian Pasta (P225 - $5.25) and two Midnight Dream Cake (P95 each - $2.22 each). Obviously, we got really full so we just brought the pasta and ate it at home instead.

My favorite among all these would have to be the Fisherman's Catch Platter, because I'm a big seafood fan. I love the crispy fried Dory Fish, the grilled shrimp and of course the calamares. The burst of colors in this dish made me so hooked with it. I also like the tall slice of cake because of the rich chocolaty frosting.

My least favorite is the Raging Hungarian Pasta. It was too sour because of the generous amount of tomato sauce. As a Filipino, I'be been used to sweet & sour, and creamy pastas. I could say we made a mistake of choosing it, because I was the only one who ate the majority of this meal. I did it so nothing would go to waste.

That's it for today's Gastronomy episode. 'Til my next food trip moments, my fellow connoisseurs.


Shulamit E said...

ooh yum that looks amazing...

Pandora`s Box said...

That seafood platter looks mouthwatering. Congrats to your sister for making the dean's list.

My Styleadvisor said...

Oh that looks absolutely delicious!

Anna-Alina said...

mmm....i like this!♥

Bravoe Runway said...

In every family there is always 1 child that excels at 1 thing more so than another but you will still be successful :) The food looks amazing and just like you I am a seafood fan.

I'm With Stupid said...

It all looks good but, I especially love potato soup and that Hungarian Pasta looks really delicious.


Cailin´s Place said...

All look so good!!!yummy!;D

❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

the food looks absolutely amazing!


kristina said...

oh congrats to your sis!! you must be so proud!! and all of this food just looks scrumptious - mmm, potato soup!!

Irene said...

looks likes delicious!!



Lyosha said...

looks very yammy! thanks for sharing!

Inside and Outside Blog

Head to Toe Chic said...

This looks so good!


mitchinheels said...

Hello dear,what an awesome blog u have here,your really an inspiration,i'm following u now via GFC and bloglovin.hope u can check out my blog and return the favor if u like.


Patti Graveley said...

everything looks soooo yummy!!!

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