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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Once Upon A Time

“Only one can break the curse, and only one knows the truth.”

Just like any other kid, I was also once very imaginative and I’d like to believe that I still am until now. I was and still is mesmerized by the mere thought of castles, royalties, fairies, magic and even dark powers. Those fancy stuff are part of my phase as a child who believes in fairytales beyond doubt. I even remember having all kinds of classic story books a kid knows. They even come with beautiful boxes and cases. I didn’t know what came into me and my sisters. We destroyed all of them in a heartbeat like outraged monsters. How perfectly dreadful!

For a stretch there I thought I’ve already gotten to grips with my enchanted mind’s eye, but here I am grappling with it all over again in spite of everything. A few weeks ago, I browsed YouTube for some trailers of new Hollywood TV Series that could get me hooked. I found only a few, and one of them is ABC Studios Production’s Once Upon a Time. The title itself thrilled me to watch for it. The series now has seven episodes. I’m still on the fifth, and I’m totally riveted by it. I can’t wait to see the developments of this new favorite show of mine.

Centers on a woman with a troubled past who is drawn into a small town in Maine where the magic and mystery of Fairy Tales just may be real.

Once Upon a Time stars Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, and many more. It revolves around the classic characters from fairytales that were trapped in a place where all their happy endings were stolen – Our World. The main characters are Snow White, Prince James, the Evil Queen and Emma Swan (Snow and James’ daughter). For a little information, Emma is considered to be the savior who is destined to break the Evil Queen’s curse and to free our beloved legendary fellows from the spell of not knowing who they really are.

If that hint sounded vague to you, I suggest you spend time with the Once Upon a Time and I’m quite certain you’ll be drawn to it. Anyway, before I end this piece let me share you some points about the show that fascinated me a great deal. First, is that it made me become a kid again. Why, because almost all my favorite storybook characters have connection with each other in this series. I also like that Snow White is not the dainty damsel we know. Here, she’s the independent and strong girl type who isn’t afraid to fight if necessary.

The second thing is the moral I get from each encounter the individuals of this story has. Just like in every classics, the most important thing we can gain after reading them is the lesson learned. For instance: Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.” You can have some more if you watch it. The third would be the production’s effort and expertise in coming up with a huge show like this on TV that I can compare to an epic movie. Two thumbs up to them! I hope it will reap more supporters, and of course, longer telly life span.

PS: I also heard in the local news that there actually is a Filipino in the cast. I haven't seen him yet, but they said he plays the role of one of Snow White's 7 Dwarfs -- Bashful. I'm just so proud of him!



Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

This seems like a very cool new show! I have also always been fascinated by fairy tales.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Adam said...

cool show

The Cat Hag said...

That is such an interesting premise, since we all know not everything can have happy endings.

Thanks for introducing me to this show. ;)

Hope you had a beautiful Christmas, love. ♥

The Cat Hag

lav said...

This post has grabbed my interest to watch the show. What role does Ginnifer play there?

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Love this post!!!
Very cool!!!

Oh my Dior! said...

Happy new year!!


Harija said...

love this show & Happy New Year 2012!
My Lyfe ; My Story

Bad Joan said...

Love this show!


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