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Monday, October 24, 2011

Proudly Pinoy


The third season of Pilipinas Got Talent recently ended with a bang last night. The show has been a trending topic not only on Twitter, but also in every household in the country with the word-class Pinoy talent it showcases. However despite the success of PGT 3, not everyone was satisfied with the results. As we all know, the grand winner in this prestigious search will be determined via the people's texts and online votes and not on the judges. That is a practice worldwide. Anyhow, let me not dwell on that negative issue because the Maansinhon Trio are still worthy to bag the 2 Million pesos somehow. Congratulations to them! They're great singers, it's just that I have a different bet by the name of El Gamma Penumbra. Here's a video of their spectacular performance:

Performance by El Gamma Penumbra (PGT 3)
Song: Piliin mo ang Pilipinas (Choose Philippines) by Angeline Quinto

What can you say? This group is truly an outstanding group! They make me feel proud to be a Pinoy (Filipino). As you can see, they were promoting the cultures and tourist destinations of our country. What I love most in their act was when they showed the unity of Muslims and Christians. The sense of positivism and nationalism that they're advocating are what the whole world really need in times like this. Well, need I say more? I hope the Department of Tourism sees how excellent they are and let them be a part of our government's tourism projects! They may not have won the competition, they still have the support of the majority of the Filipinos nation and worldwide.

I have always wanted El Gamma Penumbra to win right from the very start. They actually got the idea of shadow play from the Silhouttes of America's Got Talent. You can watch them in this YouTube video. EGP's act may not be original, but their concept is. I don't condemn them for copying others, because for me it's a positive thing that the Filipino talents can also do what they can. I definitely think EGP did a great job in PGT 3's Grand Finals. They even got a standing ovation from the judges and the crowd. They gave me goosebumps all throughout! I just couldn't believe that they didn't even reach the Top 3. Their performance was awesome, and I believe that they deserve to win!


The Cat Hag said...

Songs have such a way of moving a person don't they?

I love listening to Chinese songs too, though my first language is English, songs in my mother tongue will always have my heart. :)

The Cat Hag

Pop Champagne said...

they're pretty good! I always love reality talent shows like these, there are some amazing people out there!

ChiChi81 said...

I wasn't able to catch the finale performance nor the awards night ;( My dad's bet were the Bringas Brothers, but the Maasinhon Trio truly deserved bagging the top spot. Shows like this are just inspiring, it only goes to show that there are a lot of truly talented folks out there waiting for their shot at the limelight.


A Single Girl's Musings

Peiyinn said...

Great show!They are talented. :)

kristina@beancakes ★ said...

it's interesting how every country seems to have a show like this ~ very cool! i would so love to visit the philippines one day!!
xoxo ~ kristina

Pop Champagne said...

I'm following you now too!

Kaleido Mind said...

my bf's filipino...so i have a bit of filipino pride for him:)

Laughing Vault said...

its awesome :D

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