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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gastronomy: This Week's Food Trip

Mama Bet's Oreo Truffles. I felt weak in the knees after tasting this!

Mama Bet's Chocolate Layer Cake. I swear this is so delectable!

Afghan Gosh Feel

Afghan Salata

Afghan Mourg -- Grilled Chicken marinated in Yogurt.

Avocado Crazy. Sri Lankan Meal.

Kazakhstan's Kespea. Spicy Beef Noodles!
Israel's Holishkes. It has meat and rice rolled in a cabbage. It's like pastil.

Israel's Hamentaschen. Prune cookies.

Pita and Chickpeas Hummus.

Believe it or not, those Asian cuisines were cooked by my schoolmates for their Asia and the World class. That's how they spell hardwork and diligence. I have to say they did a job well done! They deserve to get a high grade for their collective effort in presenting what they have prepared for their Asian Festival final project. I wasn't able to take the photos of all the participants' dishes because people were all over them already. I love Iraq's Qatayef, Cambodia's fudge something and Sri Lanka's spicy beef curry. I couldn't get enough of them!

 I'm talking about how great they are with full conviction because my sister Janine is part of it. She's with the Afghanistan group. I heard Kazakhstan group won though. They did a wonderful cultural dance anyway. I just hated the sound system. It was awful! We weren't able to enjoy all the country's music that much. Anyway, do you wanna see how she looked like that day? Here it is.

My sister. My friend, Jael, did her make up. Isn't she lovely?


Bree said...

I gave you an award! ;)

read here:

Have a great day!

karo said...

Thank you for sharing :)
Yummy pictures!
Have a nce evening( In Germany 10.52 pm)

Sunny & Star said...

Oh yummy looking food!

Your sister looks beautiful.

Tanisha Shulamit said...

OMG I want the recipe for those oreo truffles. yumm!

Scarlet Letter said...

drooling over here!! the chocolate layer cake looks devine! but it would have looked even more yummier with a little presentation.

ChiChi81 said...

Your mom's Oreo Truffle looks divine :) And wow, those food were cooked by your schoolmates? awesome! They look really good, I'm loving Spicy Beef Noodles!


A Single Girl's Musings

The Cat Hag said...

Wow, the food photos look so yummy! :)

The Cat Hag
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Gizmo said...

That Prune cookies looks delicious!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

i got so hungry just looking at your photos! your sister is so gorgeous, you look alike a lot :)


Fashion Fractions


Thank you so much for your comment!
Food looks delicious! Yumiee..


BlueVanilla said...

You just made me hungry :)

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Sharde said...

her makeup looks cute! all that food is making me sooo hungry! seriously. i want some, now :)
sharde @ the style projects

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

All of the food looks so delicious! Ecspecially the chocolate. Mmmm. :)
And your sister is so pretty!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Wida said...

Mmm, so yummy!


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