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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pretty Little Liar Wannabes

L-R: Francis, Ali, me and Jael.

This is one of my favorite shots.

With Jaimie who did Jael and Francis' make up.

I wish I didn't tilt my head like that.

We look like Showgirls.

I love this a lot! It looks vogue-ish.

The pretty Jael. Check her out in Cosmopolite.

The sultry Francis. Check her out in Cosmopolite.

The alluring Ali. Check her out in Cosmopolite.

Make Up: Jael Magbanua and Jaimie Cabrera
Photos Taken by: Ourselves
Style: Ourselves

We had a photo shoot last Wednesday to practice Jael's make up skills with the help of her "mentor" Jaimie, whom I heard took up Fine Arts in UP Diliman before transferring here in UP Mindanao to study Communication Arts. Nice meeting you, dear! I would love to feature you in one of my blog series soon. 

Anyway, that day was also our skirt day as you can see. Francis pulled off a rockstar vibe and Ali had a corporate slutty look. I'm not sure about my theme though. For me, Jael was the best dressed among the four of us. She looks like a walking doll, especially with her Fedora that I want to steal! I love it big time.

Again, this is something very short. Much love!


Peiyinn said...

Amazing make up! Nice photos especially the no. 1 ,3, 10 and 11.
You look so stunning in the no 10 photo! Nice pose :D

ChiChi81 said...

You girls look absolutely gorgeous in these shots! Kudos to the make-up artist for doing such a fine job in dolling you girls up :) Your friend, Jael, look like such a cutie in her outfit. All of them are true Cosmopolites!


A Single Girl's Musings

Sunny & Star said...

I love the photos, especially the full body photos. You all look so beautiful and you all have on the prettiest outfits.

Skinny Love said...

this seems like a fun photoshoot to do with friends :D I also like Jael's outfit the most, maybe because it's the most similar to mine :) and you, i think you're classy in a very subtle way while Ali looks more fancy. And Francis, she's obviously a rock and roller ;D
This was a fun and unexpected post! I loved it ^^

Love * Sofia

jamie said...

wow very fashionable and flirty! fun photo shoots, i need to do this with my girls too =)


Scarlet Letter said...

nice photos! which PLL is your favorite?

tim said...

Okay ah.. Grabe much!

lav said...

you all look pretty! thumbs up to the make-up artists!

karo said...

Thank you for your comment!
This pictures are sooooo cool!
you & your friends look so good!
Karo :)

Madeline Quaint said...

These are some fantastic group photos! You look great! :)

Thank you for yoour sweet comment on my blog! I've followed you back. :)

Mishu said...

this is so cool! you girls look so hot ;)

dongala (wanderer) said...

seems like you guys had lotsa fun with the shoot! ;)
btw..you and i have somethings in common... we both are geminian..
and both studies media! ;)
intersting huh?


Limasim said...

how beautiful, like your blog, will follow you <3

My Styleadvisor said...

this looks like fun!

Shinigami_U said...

I love that show, Pretty Little Liars. x

kristina@beancakes ★ said...

hi angela! gosh i just love this post! what a cute idea and you girls really do look like the pretty little liars!!! gorgeous!!!
xoxo ~ kristina

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