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Monday, August 22, 2011

“What Would Penis Do?”

I knew by then that this video from Lev Yilmaz is going to be as fun as the others, also from him. But I would admit that when I first heard of the title of this video from our professor, I panicked. I might not be able to watch this at home because I thought my mother is not that open to things about sex and penises. I asked my friend if the video is sensual, and she said it's not so I watched it home secretly wishing my parents won't see the vulgar title.

If you ask me, I agree with the Lev's statement “Guys doesn't have entire freewill as he has three governing factions: the heart, the mind, and the penis.” I don't think boys do things only from their mind as some psychologists claim. They say men use their mind frequently as women use their heart. Yes, it's true, but I think men's mind are more concerned with matters about sex, which we can say the job of the penis.

Men are really vulnerable to sex. From an outsider's point of view, I think sex for them is something they can't live without. They talk about it a lot, showing that they desire for it. If they could live with the one and only girl in the world, but with an alien-looking face, I bet they would still have sex with that girl. That's what I assume about men in terms of sex. I know it's quite offending in a sense, so I give you my apologies.

It really is true that some men brag about their sex adventures with different girls. I read it in a magazine that men don't feel like a real men if they haven't experienced having sex with many girls. They even kiss-and-tell it to their male friends to let them know they have just become a real men by having sex with such overwhelming number of women.

I should at least be thankful to that five-letter word because if it's not for it, I wouldn't be born in this world. I feel ashamed saying the word, but it's true. Just consider it as a metonymy. Lev Yilmaz's video opens our mind to views that are both practical and realistic. This video shows us that there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes with our dealings with the opposite sex, or even to the same sex.

I suggest you watch other videos from Lev's Tales of Mere Existence such as Procrastination, Arrogance and Confidence, A Typical Conversation with my Mom, How to Break Up, Boyfriends I Have Been, How I Found Out About Girls, and many more fun videos. He now has five new videos for 2011, like How to Get Out of a Rut and Times I Tried to be a Womanizer. Check out his homepage Ingredient X Entertainment and YouTube link, here

The video used in this post is not intended for copyright infringement.


Oh my Dior! said...

ha ha funny


Mikimoto Angel said...

Thanks for dropping by! Lev's videos are really funny. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hanep to na video momi ah! hahahaha


Mikimoto Angel said...

Talaga! Watch his other videos. :-)

Tantan Luz said...

gi basa nako ni imong post mother country! keeeeewl! continue to blog!

Mikimoto Angel said...

Thanks for dropping by Tan! Ug gi-english jud daw nimo ang Inang Bayan noh. Hahaha!

Faust said...

sounds like sexist.. hehehe.. or perhaps chauvinist pig.

Peiyinn said...

That funny and adorable video! Thanks for sharing. :D

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