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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random School Stuffs

I'm lollygagging as of the moment. Spending my time surfing the Internet all over again. I have three hours free time every day. I'm supposed to be at the library now to read some literature for my thesis, but I guess I'm feeling unmotivated to hit the books . Geez, I don't want to talk about such dreadful matters about school. I'll self-destruct and die. My mere thoughts about it make me feel like choking.

But despite that.. I still want to share you some stuffs at school. Voila!

Riding our UP Ikot. I wore my Kamiseta top, Modisch shorts, Advan shoes and Victoria Secret bag.

This is my first photo with my PE uniform on. I felt giddy with joy!

Our course's tarpaulin just within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences bldg.

An announcement for the Freshmen Night which was held last Thursday August 4, 2011.

The stage for the freshmen night. Not the final one.

The freshmen isko and iska of all the courses we have. My bet basing on looks? BS Comsci for Iska.

UP Mindanao's Canteen -- the Kalimudan.

Our pathwalk towards the Admin and CHSS building.

My gym/weight-training buddy, Joy Montecalvo -- a 2nd year BA English student.

Our very small gym. We could use a little help here. We need new equipments.

Congratulations to our school. We got a spot in QS list of TOP TEN Universities in the Philippines.

I intend to write about my Top Ten Favorite Teachers at school to cap off my few remaining months in this university. I might also blog about my Top Ten Favorite College Subjects. Aren't they interesting? Watch out for it.


Glenn Encinares said...

wow may gym sa school nyo, thats good :)

Bad Joan said...

Love the outfit your wearing on the ride to school! Good luck on your thesis.


Peiyinn said...

Good luck in your thesis :)
Nice outfit! :)

Tine said...

cool pics you got here... you're from UP Mindanao pala... astig! :)) nakakamiss tuloy ung freshmen night.. sana meron kaming seniors night. hahaha

dunia kecil indi said...

you have a very COOL school. envy! :D my school didn't have gym, so we should exercise at public field T__T

Scarlet Letter said...

i think it's cool ur PE is in a real gym.. with all those neat equipments..

ChiChi81 said...

Ahhh... I miss the hustle and bustle of college days. Enjoy each and every moment of it, Ang ;) And the UP-Min Campus has changed so much since the last time I last visited (circa 1999 lol).



Skinny Love said...

a top ten college subjects would be cool ^^
and i just noticed that you have a gym! do you have to pay extra to use it? in my country a lot os universities have gyms but you have to pay an extra every month if you want to use the exercising machines and stuff :c that's why i just do jogging by myself in the street aha :p

love * Sofia

Nettie said...

Cute! You have a pic inside a jeep! I've always wanted to try that! :>

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