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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Should Sexism Matter?

Allow me to share you this video we watched in class before. It's a project on the portrayal of masculinity offered in Disney films.

The battle of the sexes is one of the most controversial issues since time God knows when. Debates on why God created woman from a man's rib has been a source of greater disputes. Some say Eve should be the one to blame for the subordinating treatment for women, in general. This story from the Bible is commonly distinguished as sexist.

Theorists, mostly feminists, say that words should not have more than one meaning. According to them, both sexes should be classified with distinct grammatical terms. They insist on not using nouns and pronouns such as "man" and "he" on both genders. They don't want the language to accord dominion for the mean. But come to think of it, should we devote any chance we live by arguing on who should dominate?

Men and women have their own equal abilities. There are some things that men find hard to do, but are easy and meant for women and vice versa. Each member of the two sexes must learn to appreciate one another. They should not get insecure with what they can't do and bring each other down in the process.

For an instance, the statement "You carry this cause you're a man!" is not really intended to degrade the men. Since women normally seek for help from the men when it comes to laborious activities, the men should at least reach out and should not think that they are condescendingly treated.

On the other hand, the statement "Don't be boisterous, cause you're a woman!" shows what culture a woman must have. Behaving properly is what women must do. No matter how vulgar a girl is, there will always be an instance when her modesty and decorum is tested. That may offend women, but we can't deny the fact that we must pay attention and be cautious of what we say and do.

Grammatical genders should not be reflected for emphasizing prominence over one gender. This is really a lame contention. I don't think we have to mull over what each one says, and criticize them if they say something we think is degrading to either of the genders. This practice will eventually make the world more confused and disorderly.

Our reputation is a valuable possession that we must not take for granted. If it remains undervalued, we run the risk of losing it and eventually letting others mock or make fun of us. Women, as well as the men must be mindful of what they do, because this may result to general perception or impression of what the opposite sex might think about them.

The Disney documentary tells us that even from childhood, we have been watching sexist cartoon movies. I don't think that it was made for children not to watch cartoons anymore. It is for everyone to understand that the world cannot exist without the opposites. From the book Sophie's World, it says that without the constant interplay of opposites, the world would cease to exist.

Think about this: if men weren't dominant, who would protect the women? Who would have the strength to do things that are way too risky? Sociologists claim that men are more level-headed than women, which is why in most decision makings, men have the greater say. They make decisions at the right time when emotions are balanced.

There are also instances when women are dominant. Without women, men may lose track of their emotional aspect of something. Without women, men may have chaotic lives. It's undeniable that women really are the ones who make good boys out of bad boys just like what our mothers do. It may sound cheesy, but it's true and proven. men are somehow afraid of being seen as troublesome by the opposite sex.

Men cannot live without women, and that's a vice versa. Sexism should not be argued upon all the time. No matter how hard we find faults on each members of the opposite sex, we still unquestionably give in to the gender wants. It's nonsense taking time looking for grammatical terms just to avoid sexism.

Both genders are dominant in their own different ways. If we take away the authority of each party, the world would definitely be imbalanced. A woman can take control over one thing, and so as the men. They may not have the same degree of reason, but there will always be one kind of reason that is certain to bind the two.

Do you think sexism should matter?

The video and photos used in this post are not intended for copyright infringement.


The Cat Hag said...

I think there will always be inequalities between the sexes, and most times we should just embrace the pros of both sexes, and try to complement and embrace the cons. :)

The Cat Hag

scarlet's walk said...

God created man and woman to compliment each other. if one lacks, the other provides. i guess some people just want to feel superior or whatever.

Maydy May said...

Interesting post! Men and women are simply different.....the world might be less interesting otherwise!
All is good if seen to be good, likewise all will be bad if seen to be bad.
May xx
ps: Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! It was sweet of you! I'm now following you too! :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

I agree with you girls. We shouldn't make a big thing out of sexism. It's only there to make our world a troublesome place.

Thanks for following me and for sharing your thoughts, May! :-)

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