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I'll let you in a little revelation about my favorite usernames in my virtual sites. First is about my Mikimoto Angel pen name. Mikimoto is a famous brand of pearl accessories in America. I first saw that brand in Vogue Magazine. I got mesmerized by that label, and I thought of using it. I just added Angel from my name "Angela". Thus, the formation of Mikimoto Angel.

For my other pen name Mystic Nymph, the word mystic really came from the show Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. I used to be so hooked to that show. I am also obsessed with mythologies, and nymphs are mythical creatures depicted as beautiful young women who are considered as guardians of objects and places in nature. Thus, the evolution of Mystic Nymph.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mystique Shutterbug: All Me

I hope it's not too obvious in these photos that I was struggling. It's just hard to be alone when you want someone to take a picture of you so bad. I wish I have a tripod. Darn! Enough of all that ranting, Kat. Friends, here are some of my recent pictures:

I don't know why, but I hate it when my blog posts don't have a lot of words. Too bad, I can't think of something better to blog today. So, let me grab this opportunity of re-posting some of my latest tweets from @KatrinaAngela, just like what I always do in Katrina's Thought Bubbles. Here goes:

  • My sisters are already getting busy for school stuffs. They're studying, and I'm not. Why am I so lax? Wish I could be as diligent as them.

  • These four new kittens we have totally made my day! I find them so cute when they chase each other. They make me smile. I love them so much!

  • My next shoe target is Figlia. Last time I checked their collection, I was totally smitten. It's just that, they were a little pricey. Save!

  • Why am I so wasteful on money? I need to learn how to spend my money wisely. My effort on budgeting just becomes worthless all the time! :-(

  • I really wanna watch those death-defying acrobatic stunts of Cirque de Soleil. I wish I can see just even one live performance before I die.

  • I wanna join events with the Davao Bloggers, but I still can't. Hopefully after this semester, I will be able to meet those cool bloggers.

  • "If you can't laugh on the same joke again and again, then why do you keep crying on the same thing over and over again?" - This is so true!

  • Good thing there's Twitter and Blogspot to help me cope w/ difficult moments. They're my emotional outlet. How do you get rid of bad vibes?

  • An advice for myself: Worry one thing at a time, or else your mind will explode. I'm thinking too much, and it's slowly killing me. Help me!

  • What would you do if every step you make is being doubted by people around you? I hope they realize that they're not making everything easy.

Follow me on Twitter, if you like! Anyway, what was your favorite shot of me? :-D


scarlet's walk said...

weee! hurray for cat lovers like us..

i have the same problem with taking pictures. no one takes my photos anymore.

ice2kill said...

You're picture with the cat is cute. I also love the wind effects in your hair.hehe

yiqin; said...

the color of the cardi is SWEET.

Pinguu Enriquez said...

i love the one with the cat :3 you look very cute when with the expression. btw, what camera are you using ate? and yea we share the same photo problems >.< as well as hating posts without chunks of texts. i feeeeeel you. :3

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Ms. Z: Haha! Ang hirap talaga. I'm the only one who loves taking pictures at home that's why I'm struggling. :-(

@Ms. Ice: Thank you! Haha electric fan lang ang katapat nyan. :-D

@yiqin: Thanks for dropping by! :-)

@Ping:haha! pansin ko nga sa posts, you always see to it that you have descriptions with the photos you post. I used a Canon camera. :-)

Nicole said...

Your cat is so sweet!

Thanks for your lovely comment!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

Mikimoto Angel said...

Thank you Nicole, and no problem! :-)

Kisses from the Philippines as well.

GEORGIA said...

your cats so cute!!

cheryl said...

so cute!


Mikimoto Angel said...

Thanks Georgia and Cheryl! :-)

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