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Saturday, June 11, 2011

GT: Favorite Subject

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It's back to school for me, and hopefully I won't flunk another subject so that this semester will be my last. I don't want to stay too long in UP Min. I'm getting fed up with that place. I'm happy to report to you though, that I survived another first week of school blues without my BA Communication Arts batch mates. I miss them a great deal! Okay, let me wipe my tears now. 

This week's Girl's Talk assignment is to blog about our favorite subject in school. I have a lot of subjects in mind like Asia and The WorldEthics, Philosophy, Intercultural Communication, Public Relations & Marketing, and many more. I already posted about Arts and Society which is also my favorite subject, so now I'll be choosing another one, and that would be MST 6.

MST 6 (Math Society and Technology 6) or simply Biodiversity, was taught to us by one of my favorite professors in UP Mindanao -- Dr. Antonio R. Obsioma. Let me give you a little background about him. He is the head of the Solid Waste Management Program which covers selected barangays in Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur, Panabo City, Samal and Davao City. That makes him credible and suitable enough to handle the subject.

Sir Obsioma imparted many things to us. He never stopped to show us some videos and Powerpoint presentations about biodiversity until we find ourselves fully appreciating our environment. I've loved MST 6 more when we went on a field trip in Philippine Eagle Center and of course, in the Island Garden City of Samal. We had an island-hopping adventure. I really had fun learning from him! Education and entertainment combined.

Here are some of the important things I've learned from our MST 6 class last semester. I hope that through this post, you will also learn even a little from him:

  • Theory of Catastrophe: every time a major calamity happens, new set of animals will emerge.
  • People have genetic potentials to become something, but there are times that these potentials are not exposed by the environment.
  • If nutrients are bound on you, you deprive others to live because no recycling can occur.
  • Filipino native animals may look inferior when it comes to economic value, but they can withstand extreme conditions.
  • With increasing human pressure on biological resources, rates of extinction can only be accepted to accelerate.
  • Some species are not really extinct, they may just be undocumented.
  • If the consumer is a specialist, it may drive itself and the food source to extinction.
  • The presence or absence of a particular organism in an ecosystem would reflect the actual condition of an environment.
  • Cyanide is used for live fish trade; while dynamite is used for targeting school of fish.
  • For so long now, fish are caught much faster than their ability to naturally replenish.
  • All of the loss is caused by human activities, mostly through habitat destruction and over hunting.
  • Biodiversity is a necessity, not a luxury; it is important to the economy; it is essential for food security; it safeguards human health; and most especially, it affords us life support system.

MST 6 will forever be a part of my list of favorite subjects, because it made me realize the importance of biodiversity in our ecosystem. Thank you Sir Obsioma for broadening our knowledge on biodiversity!


Neris said...

Thanks for following! Im following too :)

Fashion Fractions

lav said...

MST 6 made me appreciate nature and biodiversity more. the field trip was the best part of it. :)

Kristen said...

this class sounds really interesting!
following : )

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Neris: Thank you! I hope you enjoy my blog. :-)

@Lav: Haha. Field trips are what I always look forward to whenever I enter a class. Haha!

@Kristen: It really is. Thank you! :-)

scarlet's walk said...

the subject close to Biodiversity i took was Anthropology 16 (forgot the subj description). it would have been a really interesting subject. unfortunately, our professor was really busy and rarely appeared on class. out of guilt, she gave everyone in class a very high grade. haha!

Baguio Girl said...

i really love a professor when he/she goes beyond what's required of the school to engage students into learning and loving a subject. sounds like your professor is my kind of prof ;)

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Ms. Z: We also have professors like that. Too bad noh? Sayang lang ang pinang-enrol natin.

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Baguio Girl: You're right! Teachers should be versatile. They could bore us if they do those routinary things over and over again.

ice2kill said...

oh wow, i didn't know that my subject plng ganyan. Im a biology graduate pa nman. That's so lame of me. Anyhoo, I love your post and I also believe in the reservation and care for the ecosystem. And since my thesis is all about Biodiversity of the marine life I can totally relate to this ^.^

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Ice2kill: Thanks for dropping by! Wow, your thesis topic is about Biodiversity? That's good! I've always wanted to study it not just as a subject, but as a course. :-)

ice2kill said...

yes, Diversity of marine plant and animal species. I did an inventory and community assessment.hehe It's really fun at the same time scaaary. What's your course pla?

The Cat Hag said...

Hey Sweetie,

It's not a problem at all. :)

Even though I am a trifle busy sometimes, I make sure I keep up with everyone kind enough to leave me comments. ♥

Hope you are having a fantastic Sunday!

The Cat Hag

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Ice: Your thesis sounds promising. You must have gotten the best thesis! I'm a BA Communication Arts student, by the way. Hehe

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Ms. Addie: Thanks again! You are just one of the nicest bloggers i know. :-)

Happy Sunday to you too!

ice2kill said...

Nope, though they considered it but I was not chosen to represent our department. But Im still happy, because 2 of my classmates bagged the 1st and 2nd price.hehe I also have lots of interests in your course. If not with my will to become a doctor I would've chosen that course.hehe

Mikimoto Angel said...

I bet you like Photography. One of the perks of my course is actually posing in front of the camera. Haha BA Comm Arts is more like a hobby course for me.

Being a doctor is one of my childhood dreams, but I'm not that good in Science. Too bad!

Phoebe's Blissful Life said...

Following thru GCF @Phoebe Mendez

Pinay Mama
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Phoebe's Blissful Life

Mikimoto Angel said...

Wow, you have lots of blogs! :-)

Thanks for dropping by! :-)

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