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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gastronomy: Grub and De Boerderij

I had a food coma yesterday with Ciovic and Tessa. I spent the money my parents gave me for food and food alone. I've planning to do it since my Gastronomy food blog series has been hibernating for such a long time already. I went downtown right after my three-hour class to meet my boyfriend at Gaisano South. My travel was from southwest (UP Min) all the way north. I puked a lot of times on the way. It was a crazy ride that I'm still not very used to even up to now.

My boyfriend and I decided to eat at Grub Resto Cafe first. We didn't order their humongous meals since we still have a food trip with Tessa in store later that day. I ate their famous Home Run Pie, while Ciovic had their Mexicalli Pork which tastes like Caldereta. I love the pie so much. It's refrigerated, so it's hard. It has nuts, cream and chocolate crust. The taste reminds me with that of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I will surely be back to try more of their sumptuous dishes.

The price of their menu items are pocket friendly. You can have a rice meal and dessert with a budget of 200php.

Grub Resto Cafe is located at Duterte St., beside Hairs &Nails and in front of Shakeys, Davao, Philippines

We went straight to De Boerderij Burger Cafe and Music Bistro after that. De Boerderij is a Dutch phrase which means The Farm. That explains the country ambiance of the place. They have plants and farming materials as decorations. The walls, tables and chairs are also made of wood. Here are the photos I took from this cozy food spot:

De Boerderij is located at #106 DBC Building-H, Mac Arthur Highway, Davao City, Philippines.

I was not very satisfied with the service. The waitress wasn't accommodating, especially to me. It was my first time there so I asked her what's their best-selling burger, but she acted as if I'm a low-life person who doesn't know a thing. I was even smiling and all that to her. I was just asking her because I was confused with what to order. Two thumbs down to her for treating a paying customer that way!

1.) My Pizza - their one and only pizza
2.) Meat Balls (Ciovic's)
3.) Pork Ribs (Tessa's)
4.) Boerderij Burger - I ordered it for the Gouda Cheese

We waited for almost an hour for the food. We really experienced what their signpost says: "If your order hasn't been served in 15 minutes, wait longer!" I couldn't help but think it was a little rude, but it was just okay since it gave me and Tessa more time to talk and get to know each other more.

They served the food altogether and not one after another, so no worries! They also played music videos to entertain their customers while waiting and dining. My order didn't look appetizing, but it's tasty. It made me so full, that I could only manage to eat two slices of pizza after it. I just wish they included some greens in my burger.

By the way, the prices of their meals are also quite affordable for an international cuisine. You can have great food with a budget of 300php per person. I suggest you visit their site for their menu first, so you can save time on choosing what you'd like to eat when you're already there. They have a lot of food choices in their menu that will surely daze you, just like what happened to us. I'm crossing my fingers that you won't meet that waitress with bad customer service.

I can say that despite the awful service I got, our experience became memorable because of the fun conversation we had. Thank you for the great time, Tessa!

'Til my next episode of Gastronomy.


scarlet's walk said...

i always feel sympathetic for those who serve tables because i've experienced it myself during my OJT. but to be treated the other way around, i think that's just unforgivable.

will be steering clear from that resto for the bad service then..

ps. di naman kaya na OP si tessa nyan sa inyo ng bf mo? hehehe! hope to meet you guys soon.

glenn encinares said...

Hi Ms. Mystic Nymph :) thank you for dropping by in my blog and thank you for the comment about my new header at least now I know which one is better. The first resto Grub seems nice, good ambience and the food look nice (I hope someday I can visit Davao and check that resto. For De Beoerderij, that was really disappointing first thing to observe in a business is the service (customer service) hope the waitress have under go training :(
Keep blogging...I'm your number 1 reader :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Ms. Z: You're right, Ms. Z! This is the first time I've encountered such a bad waitress. :-( Ok sana ang food, pero you don't want to eat with a bad feeling, right?

Di naman siya na-OP Ms. Z. Infact si Ciovic ang na-OP. Haha! Tessa and I talked a lot while he was watching music videos. :-D

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Ms. Glenn: You're welcome po! More power to your blog. I really hope you get to visit Davao soon. You will enjoy our city! Don't worry, there are A LOT MORE food spots here with good customer service.

Thank you so much for your heart-warming words! I hope you enjoy my posts. :-)

The Cat Hag said...

Awww I feel angry for you! I hate it when customer service is bad, it irks me to the max!

The last time I encountered that in a restaurant, I never went back though the food is really tasty. :)

The Cat Hag

Mikimoto Angel said...

I agree with you Ms. Addie. There are other restaurants out there, why would we suffer those on those with bad customer service right?

Thanks for dropping by! :-)

fashioneggpplant said...

wow, they all look and sound really good, craving for that pie right now :)

Tessa said...

kat! :D hahaha... at last nakapaginternet. your the first blog that i visited becaue i know you'll be blogging about the gastronomic adventure we had last monday. :D it was really nice to have spent time with you and ciovic :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

@fashioneggplant: Thank for the lovely comment dear. You must try it at Grub. It's delicious. :-)

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Tessa: Haha. Thank you! I really had fun, swear! I can't wait for our next bonding moment. Hihi :-)

Anonymous said...

haha! i realized something... my food entry sucks >.< *clap clap* GRUB!! yay!

Mikimoto Angel said...

Thanks Ping! You should try Grub. :-)

Abby said...

That's too bad that service was sucky. Good thing I read your blog first because I was curious to try this. And reading your post, I don't even want to bother, esp since their food is not that special.

As for Grub, this is two thumbs up for me! Everything here is good - food, service, ambiance, and price! :)

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