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Saturday, June 25, 2011


A cop. A criminal. A flower.

Daisy is a 2006 co-production film of Hong Kong and South Korea directed by Andrew Lau and set in the Netherlands which top bills  Jeon Ji Hyun (My Sassy Girl), Jung Woo Sung (A Moment to Remember) and Lee Sung Jae (Public Enemy). Hye Young (Ji Hyun) is a painter who works for her grandfather's antique shop. She also sidelines as a sketch artist for tourists. She fell in love with Jeong Woo (Sung Jae), who is an Interpol agent specializing in Asian crimes, after mistakenly thinking of him as the guy who sends her daisies everyday at exactly 4:15pm. Jeong Woo couldn't admit that he's actually not her daisy guy or even lie to her, so he chose to be silent instead. Park Yi (Woo Sung) is a professional hitman who has had a secret love towards Hye Young ever since he first saw her painting daisies in the countryside. He was the real daisy guy, and not Jeong Woo. According to this film, daisies mean "secret love". Sweet!

This is another great romantic Korean film I've watched, despite some reviews saying that this flick has some flaws. I'm not that much of a hater, unless it's really that bad. I'm also not a good movie critic so I don't have the right to find fault for this well-made movie. I don't know what's with Korean films that make me cry and stuff. Maybe it's because of their melodramatic and sentimental story line that is way different from others. I especially love the music and the setting of Daisies. I love the part when Park Yi (hitman) told himself that loving Hye Young makes him feel like he has a pure soul. He's a soulful lover despite his wicked profession. He always stands by her from afar and unnoticed. He has also learned to like art and classical music because of her. One may think he's a stalker, but I think he's just too sweet to be called as such. How I wish a man like him would exist in reality. I don't know what to feel if I were in Hye Young's shoes.

I strongly believe that Guns and Roses got their concept from Daisies. They have similarity on some details. Park Yi receives black tulips when he has another assignment, while Abel (Robin Padilla) receives black dove. Jeong Woo and Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) are both detectives on a hunt for the hired killer. Hye Young and Rain (Bea Alonzo) are painters. Abel also has a secret love for Rain. I also think that Guns and Roses got the color effects of their show on this movie. I don't want to think that this is another rip-off. It's just that I can't help but notice it. Watch this film and you will see the evidence. You will love Daisies for sure.

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ice2kill said...

Gaya-gaya tlaga ang pinoy.haha Yes, some korean movies also made me cry, but I forgot the title. Booh me. My boyfriend's dad is addicted to Korean movies and Korean series. He would stay in front of the TV literally the whole day, just watching bunch of korean flicks. And I also saw DVD of this movie on their house. Maybe i'll try to watch this movie.hehe

Mikimoto Angel said...

Oo nga eh. It's one of the unattractive traits of Philippine showbiz. I don't want to condescend them, pero sana they realize na better ang original.

Wow, it's nice to know that a father likes chick flicks like this. It's a rare case, but I think that makes him a better man. He's not afraid to watch films that are sappy. :-)

ice2kill said...

But on the negative side nman, he's son (my bf) is complaining because they can't watch other TV shows, the news for instance because his father is glued in front of the TV.lol

Mikimoto Angel said...

Haha! He's a one-of-a-kind father talaga! Parang nagkapalit sila ng bf mo. :-D

Zahara said...

not surprising! tsk tsk tsk!

Syrious said...

wow it looks pretty GREAT!!!
love it
very cute blog!!!!
i'm following you by google friends hope you'll do the same if you'll like mine :)
sweet italian kisses

Syriously in Fashion
Official Facebook Page

Mikimoto Angel said...

Hello Syrious, no problem. I'll follow you too. :-)

Gloryrose Dy said...

tell me about it..medyo corny pero we're always A for the effort...and effort only....hahaha

lav said...

big sighs to Pinoy teleserye (and movie) makers. why do they always prefer to imitate?? I think the ability to make an original story line is there but they're too afraid to make it click. :(

Mikimoto Angel said...

Tama ka talaga Ms. Gloryrose! We put so much effort on mimmicking and reliving something.

@Lav: Filipino showbiz I think is afraid of taking risks.

Zahara said...

because all they ever care about is making big bucks..

jamie said...

hey sweetie! ohh i love korean movies!!! to be honest, its been sooo long since i've watched one though.. my most favorite one is "errant love" i used to watch that all the time with my sisters and my mom :) have you seen it?

hope that your day is going well! Muah!

Mikimoto Angel said...

@Ms. Z: You are so right! Commercialization over quality talaga.

@Jamie: Thanks for dropping by! I haven't watched errant love yet.but i'll definitely look for a copy of it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah nice!!! That girl's my crush but you are my love!


The Cat Hag said...

This movie sounds awesome, I shall get hold of a copy of the movie so I can watch it too. :)

The Cat Hag

Red Reidinghood said...

Thank you for your comment, dear! I'm following back now!



Harija said...

Thanks for your sweet comments and I am following you too =)

My Style Vision said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments the last few days!

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