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Monday, May 16, 2011

10 Things From My Childhood

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again. ~Elizabeth Lawrence

Old memories from my childhood never fail to make my day bright. They're one of those special things that I hang on to whenever I'm hiding in my solitary cave. Just reminiscing those beautiful moments of my past paints a smile on my face. It's really one of the best activities my abnormal mind can do. That is why for this entry, I will again share you a list of ten things I got to grips with a long time ago. Break a leg.. and arms.. and head! Hehe


I brought out my mind's deepest and wildest fantasies through my pieces of drawing. I believe I've already mentioned before that I used to draw mansions, dresses and princesses. My drawing pads are basically like blog; and my sketch works are like my scribbled thoughts. I have loved drawing even before I started to love writing.


There were no CDs and DVDs before, only video tapes. We even used to have VHS with Rewinder. LOL! And then, my parents finally decided to buy VCD player for convenience. We used to rent movies every weekend at EMCOR. Two of my favorite childhood films are Homeward Bound and Babe: The Gallant Pig.


This was a yearly event we were required to take part during my elementary years at Royal Valley Academy which is a Seventh Day Adventist school. Every class had to present group singing presentations with skirts. Sadly, I was always one of the wall flowers. But still, I loved this event because I got the chance to dress up and wear make up.


I used to spend my summer vacations here in my Mom's hometown and my birthplace. I've had a lot of memories in this place with my grand mother. However, I have to admit that this place is one of the scariest places I've ever been. Not because of the bombs, but because of the ghosts. Whenever I'm here, I always encounter spooky things.


I was so obsessed with notebooks, bond papers, pencils and other school stuffs when I was still a nerdy grade schooler. I love their smell, especially the new ones. Actually, my favorite section in malls before are not those fashion boutiques but the school supplies section. Honestly, even until now I still am into those things.


My sisters and I used to have a lot of nursery rhymes and story books. I can recall my mother reading them to us once in a while before bedtime. My favorite stories were Aesop, Hans Christan Andersen and The Grimm Brother's tales like The Ugly Duckling, The Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. If not because of our carelessness, maybe we still have all those; and maybe we can have a library full of children's stories.


During those old school times, I still had to save 20 pesos just so I can buy this magazine filled with many songs. I loved to buy song hits because it has that element of surprise. No one could say what songs were in it, that's why I get really happy whenever my favorite songs have been included in the publication.


Almost every girl used to be so into these scented letter papers with envelopes that come in different designs. I used to spend almost all of my daily allowance on these. I bought them, but I don't even use them. I just collect them and then wait for another girl to ask me if we could barter. Those memories are still fresh to me even up to now.


Remember these two? These are my favorite snack time combo in elementary. Our canteen only had banana cue, nutri-bun, hot cakes, yema and iced juice back then. We still didn't have burgers and pizza rolls. Mom didn't want me to drink too much cola so I opted to have iced juice instead, and besides it was yummier and more affordable.


We used to have a good number of Barbie Doll and Friends toys all the way from England, and their clothes were one suit case full. We had two KENs, two BARBIEs, one CINDY, one KELLY and four other Barbie's girl friends. Sad to say, they're all broken now. We weren't really good at handling toys before. As Aqua said, if only I could turn back time.

How about you dear friends, what ten things do you have in your childhood? Care to share your thoughts about them?

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scarlet's walk said...

hot cakes and juice was also a favorite meryenda for me on grade school.

i used to draw paper dolls and dresses too when i was in grade 5.

i collected stationeries naman on grade 6. my classmates and i love trading. i never got to use it. hehehe. i think they're still here somewhere.

Mikimoto Angel said...

Haha. oh yah.. i forgot to metion about autographs. Haha I've seen in your online shop that you sell a hardbound version of them. Haha are they still available?

Tessa said...

drawing - i draw a lot when i was in grade school. a lot of my old notebooks have drawings on it... mostly women and styling clothes :D

movies - omg u know homeward bound? i love that movie :D hehehe. i miss that. i used to watch wizard of oz a lot (the one with julie garland on), and the animation cinderella. they were on vhs too... luckily my mom has a friend who has a bunch of vhs tapes... she gave me copies of the movies i've mentioned including the classic charlie and the chocolate factory.

song hits - geez i used to purchase this a lot... like every week or month i buy one and just sing to the lyrics :D even though they're all mixed up or with wrong words on it :D i think that's the only source before. the internet was not that accessible before.

hotcakes - this is something that my mom always cook during weekends :D

barbie dolls and paper dolls - used to play with them... alone :D no siblings, that's what u get :D hehehe.

really fun reading this. trip down to memory lane. btw, have an award for you http://www.fashionfacile.com/2011/05/blogger-luxury-award.html

Dee said...

This made me reminisce about my childhood. :-) Nice entry, Kat!

I used to love drawing back when I was a kid. More like drawing dresses for my paperdolls though.

I grew up watching Tom and Jerry! Back in the days of Betamax. When VCDs came out, it was all about Disney cartoons and movies.

Used to go to GenSan as a kid too -- it's my father's hometown. We never really stayed for long vacations though because GenSan is too hot. Hehe.

Fairy tales were my guilty pleasure back then. The Grimm Brothers' stories were darker though, kind of like your kiddie thriller which was what I liked more.

I've had my share of collecting stationeries and stickers too.

I loved Hi-ro, Jolly & Nutri Star as a kid. Oh, I still do now. Hehe.

Mikimoto Angel said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ms. Dee and Ms. Tessa! Glad reading them. :-)

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