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Friday, April 8, 2011

Nationalism is Key

I'm feeling so nationalistic today, not because I want to let Ms. "Fashion Forward" know right smack in her face, that the least we could do to elevate our country's status is to be proud to where we came from. Well, at some point it's honestly one of my reasons though. Dissing your own country just to put yourself up the pedestal is completely not cool. It's a perfect example of being rude and uncouth. Yes, it's true that not all Filipinos are updated with the latest fashion (like me) but you don't have to rub it in especially when you're given the chance to represent the Philippines for a prestigious event. Like..Like..Um..Um.. with an upward inflecTION. :-)

I just would like to quote what Bianca Gonzales said in her Twitter Feed. It goes like this, "If you're a Filipino with a chance of making it big or having your voice heard abroad, don't put down your countrymen, be proud to be Pinoy." Then she added, "There are too many to mention insanely brilliant and talented people in the Philippine Fashion Industry." We shouldn't be so full of ourselves when we're fortunate enough to have one shot at being in the limelight. Being conceited doesn't make us less of a Filipino, right? I hope Bianca's words enlighten everyone's heart and mind, especially Ms. Fashion-Forward-Herself.

I'll just have to stop brushing her off now, cause I know she's had enough of overflowing hate comments. I heard she already said her part through Twitter, but I haven't read it yet. She's two years older than me, so I have to respect her opinion. Yes, you read it right. Kidding aside, let's divert our topic to something positive. Let's blot out the negative vibe now. Her insulting thoughts all the more beckon me to highlight our country's best. Let me grab this opportunity to list my top five picks in whatever fields here in the Philippines. Wanna join me? Come on let's pull our country up this time.

Top 5 Pinoy Fashion Fiends

1. Rajo Laurel of House of Laurel
2. Kate Torralba of Kate Torralba Holdings Inc
3. Bang Pineda of Vanguard Clubwear
4. Edwin Tan of Pepsi Herrera & Edwin Tan
5. Inno Sotto of Muse for Rustan's

Top 5 OPM Legends

1. Ryan Cayabyab (Composer)
2. Vehnee Saturno (Composer)
3. Apo Hiking Society
4. Gary Valenciano
5. Martin Nievera

Top 5 Pinoy Rock Bands

1. Urbandub of MCA Universal
2. Queso (Independent/Unsigned)
3. Franco of MCA Music, Inc
4. Imbue No Kudos of Tower of Doom Records
5. Typecast of Backbeat Artist Management

Top 5 Pinoy Movies

1. Tanging Yaman (2000)
2. Magnifico (2003)
3. Dekada '70 (2003)
4. Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (2005)
5. 100 (2008)

What are your top 5 picks in whatever fields in the Philippines?

I'm still on a hunt for the best things Filipinos can be truly proud of. If you'll just pay attention real hard, you will see how abundant our country is. Instead of trifling your time away by pointing out what our country lacks, why not spend it wisely by dignifying your fellowmen? I'm sure that's not a difficult thing to do. Let me just say, I'm Proud to be Pinoy no matter what others do or say against our country.

Are you?

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha I like this blog post Kat! Spot on! :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

Thank you, serj. I look up to you on fierce writing. Haha

scarlet's walk said...

i've been wanting to do this post for a long time but i'm actually saving it for independence day! you beat me to it, haahaha!

great post kat!

Mystic Nymph said...

Thanks a lot, Ms. Z! Good to know that there are still a lot of people who love our country.

I'll be waiting for your Independence Day post, Ms. Z! :-)

lav said...

thumbs down to "Ms. Fashion Forward" for saying those things in front of a thousand viewers (or millions, who knows?). she apologized in her blog though but the damage has been done

Mikimoto Angel said...

Yes, indeed Lav! thumbs down for her. I haven't read her apology though. I'll check it out.

Dee said...

Now that's Pinoy Pride!

Mikimoto Angel said...

Truly! :-)

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