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Friday, April 29, 2011

GT: Techie Talk

I’m finally part of the GT loop. Welcome me with open arms, folks. I know I’m already four topics late, but there’s no harm about that, right girlfriends? I’m still groping on how I can connect with other girls who are into GT, so that they would also know my ideas on a given topic. But, that’s not a big problem to fret about. I know my girls will help me out.

This week’s topic is technology, which is actually my blind spot. I don’t fancy any other thingamajigs aside from camera. I’ve mentioned in my wish list before that I badly want to a DSLR camera, but until now I still don’t have one. I’m a shutterbug, but I don’t own a camera. It’s like being a warrior without a sword – having the skill without the equipment.

Hopefully, I can get hold of the desire of my heart this year. I’ve been pestering my father to buy me one, and he said he will give me what I want before graduation. I still have to wait a little longer, but it’s just OK. I have to be patient, because my favor’s not very easy to get. Cross fingers for the arrival of the photography buff’s best friend! Promises are NOT made to be broken, right Papa?

Going back to techie talk, there’s this camera that has been making me drool to death for months already. I know we can’t afford to purchase those luxurious stuffs, so I always go for the more affordable ones. I don’t usually dwell too much on the things that are quite impossible for us to reach. In that case, I think it’ll just be fine if I dream on having this not-so-expensive entry-level DSLR cam – the Nikon D3000.

Here are the key features of my much-coveted Nikon D3000. I got these details from this site.

  • 10.2megapixel CCD sensor. Even in low light the image resolution makes easy work of big prints and sharp enlargements.
  • 11-point autofocus system. Keeps even the fastest moving subjects in focus, often the biggest challenge for compact cameras
  • Fast response. The start up time and shutter lag means you can capture the shot almost instantly, without the delayed response time common of compact cameras
  • Guide mode. Simply the easiest way to get great pictures, without having to read the manual
  • 3-inch TFT. With pictures this good, you will need a great screen to share them with friends and family
  • EXPEED image processing. Exclusive system to deliver rich, bright results close to what you saw with your own eyes
  • Picture Controls. Lets you set the look and mood of your images before you shoot
  • 3 fps continuous shooting allows you to capture fast-moving action at 3 frames per second
  • Intuitive ergonomics. We challenge anyone to pick up a D3000 and it not to feel part of your hand
  • Stylish discrete appearance. The D3000 does not become a barrier between you and your subject, resulting in natural looking expressions
  • Compact, light and durable. It won’t fit in your pocket, but with pictures this good you will find a shoulder to hang it on
The downside of this camera is that it can only take pictures but not videos, but I don't mind. Photography is my thing, not video documentation.

It will be fine for me if I get deprived of those cool gadgets like laptop, iPOD, iPAD, or QWERTY phone, just as long as I can have this camera, at last! I even told my Mom, “It’s ok if you don’t give me new clothes, new shoes, or whatever. A camera is all I want for now.” I sound too desperate, right? I hope that desperation I got there will still pay off in the end. I’m just LOL-ing around, Mom!

The image used in this post is not intended for copyright infringement.


scarlet's walk said...

weee! i'm excited for you to have your own DSLR.

Mikimoto Angel said...

Thanks, Ms. Z! :-)

STEF said...

Another camera fanatic! hehe. Thanks for dropping by.

Mikimoto Angel said...

Super! It's the only gadget I want to have. Haha. Thanks for dropping by as well. :-)

Tessa said...

oh... been reading a lot of camera gt entries. :) I do hope you'll get this soon.

Jhari said...

I started off with Nikon D40x. Buti ka pa nga ganda agad ng MP mo. Hope you'll get it soon too.

Thanks for leaving some love for my GT entry this week.

melandria said...

wow, really nice. I've been dying to have one too. Hopefully in the near future. Thanks for the visit

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