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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crimes and Death

Image courtesy of Natalie Dee

I can’t believe how easy it is for others to take away another’s life these days. Those heartless culprits deprive other people their right for life as natural as a routine. It totally makes me sad to know that all of us are already in the hands of danger. That piece of truth alarms me like crazy. Honestly, I get frantic just watching the news lately because I might get surprised to find out that someone I know has just got killed or something. Damn, just saying it makes me shudder. It’s not something I have to think about, but I can’t help myself. God forbid!

Half of my mind is occupied by this wicked thing called paranoia. That is mainly because crimes take place anywhere and anytime to anyone. Exemption happens to no one, whether you’re a rich and famous personality or otherwise. It just goes to show that there is no discrimination when it comes to crime. It’s true that death is just around the corner and that it comes like a thief in the night, but what’s unacceptable is the fact that cruelty becomes an instrument for the loss of those helpless humans. Too bad that the life they deserve has just been stolen from them by some worthless evil creatures.

Criminals nowadays have evolved into something more dangerous. From carnappers, thieves or swindlers, they have all turned into monstrous murderers as well. It’s such a predicament to realize that we can no longer trust everybody that easily. I know it's bad to judge people, but in times like this, all we can do is to prepare ourselves for the worst even if it means not putting our full trust to people, even to those close to us. As someone says it, every single person you come in contact has the potential to kill you. Scary, isn't it?

Have you heard the news about people getting tortured, gunned, stabbed or even chopped to death? Those bits of news make me fear for my life even more and of course, for the life of those people I hold dear in my heart. As much as possible, I want all of us to be safe wherever we go. If only I have the special powers to shield them from uncanny criminals, I definitely would. I don't want them to suffer from the hands of filthy animals who just get away with murder.

Because I care for you, I've gathered some tips that I think are very helpful to everyone of us. I got these from the news and from the web as well.

Tip #1: "Criminals focus on easy targets. The best and easiest way to avoid crime is to be alert and aware. Pay attention to your surroundings. If something doesn’t look or seem right it probably isn’t."

Tip #2: "Criminals love a victim who is predictable, so don’t be! Change your routines regularly. Add some variety to your routine."

Tip #3: "Never be alone. Always have a lot of people that you know and trust around you at all times, day and night."

Tip #4: "For carjacking incidents, make sure you keep your doors and windows locked at all times and especially when at a traffic stop."

Tip #5: "Stay alert. Be informed, take the time to educate yourself about crime trends and use that information to protect yourself."

Tip #6: I also learned from a TV show that criminals like snatchers or kidnappers get out-of-focus with their goal if you distract them by shouting. That can also call other people's attention. Throw your something you have to the snatcher, and run as fast as you can.

Tip #7: This is from TV Patrol World -- Carjackers sometimes use the identity of policemen to get more victims. Always remember that a real policeman doesn't go too close to the automobile of civilians. They have this certain required distance away from a civilian car. Also, a real policeman doesn't get his hands inside the civilian car window during transactions.

Tip #8: Also from TV Patrol World: Car Dealers should not trust buyers that easily. Criminals usually take advantage of test drives for their attack. To make sure that the buyers are authentic, ask for valid IDs and documents.

Tip #9: "Get involved in your community by joining or starting an anti-crime program like neighborhood watch."

Tip #10: "As much as possible, avoid conversations with strangers. If you feel you have to answer, do so simply but firmly, and keep walking."

Always remember folks, NEVER GIVE IN TO CRIME! In that way, you will be safe. I hope these compiled tips helped you. Be safe everyone!


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scarlet's walk said...

nice post! i don't even watch the news anymore. i'm sick of hearing news of murders or any other crimes. we cant even trust the police nowadays. that's just really sad.

Mikimoto Angel said...

yes! have a safe trip to you and your family, Ms. Z. There are a lot of killings here in Davao these days.

Tessa said...

I don't watch the news anymore just like Z, I got tired of all the negative stuffs happening around the country or even outside the country.

I still hope though that we'll be able to find or achieve peace.

it's really disturbing. there are just a lot of things happening around the world. it scares me too, but I don't want to live a life full of fear.

mas hadlok karun kay dali ra mapalit ang kinabuhi. so if ever you encounter a misunderstanding or some big fight, fix it right away. or just avoid having such things... we don't know what will come to mind in some people.

Mikimoto Angel said...

I think it's still important to watch the news so you'll know what's happening in the society. But i completely understand you. Negativities sometimes smother me though.

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