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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Something Alluring for a Bad Day

My day started out on a wrong note. My patience was again tested by my little sister who did things that irked me a great deal -- like staying long inside the bathroom when I badly needed to use it too, and by dropping the soap on the floor without picking it up. She always loosens my temper! Another bummer is that I didn't do good in our Biodiversity exam. Too bad! Ok, I don't want to whine about those stuffs anymore. It just gets me out of mind. I know you're not interested to read about me blowing my top. Let me discuss about something more appealing instead.

I was browsing about the different styles girls can have, when I came across this website called Allure (The Beauty Expert). This site features trends for hair, skin and makeup. They also list the best beauty products you can purchase and the best salon and spa experience you can try abroad. The first thing that got my eye was their feature about the 31 New Hair Ideas for 2011. I am a total sucker for hairstyles, it's just that I always play safe when it comes to mine. I haven't ventured into other trends yet. I've always had may hair long and straight. No bobs, no frizz, just the usual and boring straight hair.

All those 31 new hair ideas are attractive, but I am just going to pick my top ten favorites among those. These ten picks are what I deem suit me best. Let me just quote Kayleigh Donahue's instructions and descriptions for each hairstyle, because her words are far more credible than mine when it comes to this subject.


"Apply gel to your roots and use a brush to pull hair into a high ponytail. Then braid the tail, securing the ends with an elastic. 'It's good for a party, because it looks great with a cocktail dress,' says hairstylist Ryan Trygstad of the Marie Robinson Salon in New York City."


"This is, hands down, the sexiest ponytail we've seen—and it's simple to do: Make a clean center part with the tip of a comb. Gather hair at the nape of the neck, brushing it over your ears, and fasten. Gently tug out pieces of hair from around the elastic (but don't pull them out all the way); you want to create a bit of volume at the back of your head. Run a bit of serum over just the hair in the tail."


"Frizzy waves can look good (really!)—just check out the fuzzy hair at the spring Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs shows. Now do you want it? If you have natural waves, 'just let your hair air-dry without disturbing it," says Garren. "Then run a paddle brush over it to separate the curls and get some volume.'"


"Not all poufs are created equal—and this one is definitely more sophisticated, less Snooki. For this half-up style, Buckett says to grab the section of hair on the top of the head between the temples and tease it at the roots to create height. Smooth it out with your fingers and pin down the hair at the center of your crown; let the rest loose."


"A seemingly simple chignon is suddenly dressed up when you add a jeweled comb or barrette. 'Slide it in right above and behind the ear so you can't see it from the front,' says Garren. 'It's a good place for an accessory, especially if you're going to be wearing earrings'"


"Sleek and shiny isn't the only way to play it straight; a slightly disheveled finish is irresistibly cool. Spritz roots with a volumizer (try John Frieda Luxurious Volume Lavish Lift Root Booster, then blow-dry using a paddle brush. "Don't dry it 100 percent, though," says Buckett. "A little moisture left in the hair to air-dry will coax some frizz." Use your fingers to tousle your roots, too."


"This style has a pretty finishing touch. Pull back wavy hair and shift it over to one side of your neck, letting face-framing pieces fall free. Begin braiding at the nape, Trygstad says; then tie it. Wrap a small section of hair from the ends over the cord to hide it; use a small bobby pin to fasten."


"To get loads of volume, run mousse through damp hair, then pick up your blow-dryer and round brush. 'Start blow-drying hair to the side immediately,' says Buckett. 'Then wrap sections of hair around the brush, holding each in place for a few seconds so that you're using the brush as a Velcro roller, heating the hair on it instead of pulling it smooth.' When you're finished drying, rub a dab of pomade, such as L'Oréal Professionnel Lumi Contrôle, over your fingers, then use them to tousle the ends."


"Pin-straight, center-parted hair 'is a throwback to the '70s, but it's also very current,' says Trygstad. Apply a styling lotion to damp hair. Part it down the middle, then blow-dry it straight with a paddle brush. Wait—you're not done yet: Flatiron it smooth, working in one-inch sections. Now you're good to go."


"Buckett believes there are two kinds of frizz: 'Pretty frizz is evenly distributed throughout the hair, instead of just on the top of the head,' he says. If you have naturally curly hair, use your fingers or a pick to muss up your curls when they're dry, making sure the texture is the same all around the head. 'Mist hair with shine spray so it still looks polished,' Buckett says."

So, what style do you want to have for your hair?

Information and photos of these hair ideas are properties of ALLURE. They are not intended for copyright infringement.


Tessa said...

I pretty much stay safe when it comes to my hair... but that was before. I grew tired of seeing the same hairstyle for about almost my lifetime maybe? I like to grow my hair long, because I thought it's the safest hair for a big girl like me :D then I made some research on what type of hair can help me look slim or maybe pretty... so I thought of experimenting.

I love short bob cuts or pixie cuts... but I think it won't suit me well because of my round face :D

I love the mini pompadour :) Always wanted to try that... but too lazy. Love my hair to be always on the go :D

lav said...

I want to try the side braid style but I don't know if it suits me :))

Mystic Nymph said...

@ Tessa: I saw your photos when you still had a straight hair. You look younger when you had it! But I also love your hair now, because it gives you more fierce attitude. :-)

@Lav: Side Braid is also my top pick! I hope we can experiment on each other's hair some time. :-D

zaharatales said...

like tessa, i stay safe when it comes to hair. i like my hair in layers, long or short. and i never have the patience to blow dry or iron them. pretty much my hair looks unintentionally like the "rough up hairstyle"... or the volumized blow up.

Mikimoto Angel said...

I see! You just want to have your hair, the laid back style. Am I right? :-)

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