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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Mystic Boyfriend

I have already shared about many things, but there’s something I really want to write about ever since. It’s just that I still couldn’t find the perfect words to say to portray my --- LOVE LIFE! Well, I actually wrote about it many times but I never really had it written in a lengthy and painstaking piece. But now that I’m somehow prepared to disclose about my relationship, I’m not going to let that chance pass without blogging about it. This is going to be my proof that I’ve composed an essay about my boyfriend at last, since he’s been constantly asking me to talk about him here in my mystic niche. You owe me a lot, mah-man!

Before I go into details, let me tell you about my dream guy. Back in high school, I’ve always told my best friends that I wanted a light-hearted and humorous guy as a boyfriend. I also had this thing for musicians, specifically for drummers. I wanted a guy who has a total package of a real man – from attitude, skills and appearance. My first boyfriend wasn’t like that. He was a self-centered and arrogant guy. He did things to make me mad. Why did he court me in the first place? After our bad break up, I thought all the guys were just like him. I lost my hope in finding the right man for me. I was a high schooler then. I admit I was a pathetic hopeless romantic.

I was wrong with my hasty judgments on men, in general. I got surprised that this guy named Ciovic David Sol Balabbo has what it takes to be my dream guy. He wasn’t actually my crush back then, but according to him, he gave me an instant liking the first time he saw me. Am I allowed to say, CHARUT? When I met him through the initiative of her elder sister, I was still mending my darn broken heart (I know that sounds corny, but I feel I have to say that anyway). That was why I just saw him as a friend. I never thought of anything romantic towards him. However, Ciovic has this certain capacity to charm ladies though his striking talents and humor.

Ciovic pursued me, and I eventually said yes to him three years and six months ago -- September 7, 2007 to be exact. That explains why I began to love the number seven. For me, that day was like a seventh heaven. My dream guy came as big as life in his persona. Now, let me brag about my boyfriend. He is a double-edged drummer as his friends described him. He knows well how to play double-pedals. His friend, Dawn, even told me that he can play the drums using his left and right hands. Some drummers find it difficult to do that. He can perform songs from As I Lay Dying, A Day to Remember, Atreyu, Attack! Attack!, Queso, Saosin and many more. Ask him to practice some hard songs, and you’ll be staggered by the results.

I was taken aback the first time I saw him play the drums during his band practice. He’s uncommonly good that my heart pounded really fast. He gained thousand of points from me that instant. He’s different from the other drummers I’ve seen play live. He’s HEAVY, and he made me melt by all means. He’s not only good in playing the drums, he can also sing, play guitar, paint, cook and fix broken things in ways he know he can. He’s also excellent in mind-boggling strategic games like puzzles, rubic’s cube, abstract reasoning, chess and the likes. He’s definitely talented, and I know I can never find anyone else like him. I am totally proud of him!

Ciovic is a man who deals with troubles and trials in a cheerful way. It’s not that he doesn’t take things seriously, he just don’t like sulking over the dark times of his life. He doesn’t want things to get more difficult by having a bad temper. He thinks calmly for solutions while managing to make me happy as well. He gives everyone a hearty laugh with his cute antics even when he himself is undergoing distress. He relaxes everyone’s nerves just by goofing off. He thinks of other people’s happiness more than himself. With that, I can say he’s truly my superman! As what Robert Fulghum said in his book, “His love was life to me!”

Now, let me tell you about what and how Ciovic is as my boyfriend. He’s sweet, gentle, undemanding, kind, persevering, in other words, he’s the best! I am a moody type of girlfriend, and I admire his patience in keeping up with me eventhough I get so rude to him at times. I also appreciate him for not taking my pieces of advice to him badly. He takes them as something that could make him better. He also does anything I ask of him. He makes sure to do everything he can just to give me the things that make me smile. He’s generous, and he never fails to include me in his plans. He treats me as his wife and his girlfriend as one.

The best thing Ciovic did for me was when he gave me back to my parents when I ran away from home. He never took advantage of me, by keeping me away from my family. He faced my parents with all the courage he had, although I saw him got jittery for the first time, while we were on our way to my home. Good thing my mother didn’t blame him for what I did. He saw me cry so hard in front of my mother. For some it would be very embarrassing, but he perfectly understood me. That experience made me realize how much he loved me. He lent me his hand when I needed him most. He was like my best friend! He always makes me feel comfortable. I saw his sincere concern for me, and I thank him for helping me understand the worth of home.

Ciovic came when I was having a trouble with my former organization. He came right in time to save me from the mess I was into back then. He helped me cope, and forget about the problems I had. He tried his best to release me from the dungeon of pain and desolation. I thank him for not eluding from me, just like what my ex did to me. I thank him for not keeping his love tucked away. I thank him big time for not being afraid to show his powerful love for me. To tell you honestly, I can’t wait for him to ask my hand in marriage. I want to be engaged to him. But of course, I know that we still have to prioritize other things. But Ciovic, know that you are the man I want to be with for the rest of my life. I love you, Daddy!


zaharatales said...

awww... so young and in love.

i remember the feeling.. i wish i'll find the right guy for me too... AND FAST! hahahah. i'm not getting any younger!

really, it's so sweet. natawa ako when you said in your blog he specifically asked to be blogged. it's a perfect gift!

Mikimoto Angel said...

hahaha. thanks! oo nga eh, ilang beses na talaga siya mag-request. i wish you can find that right man too, Ms. Z so you both can fulfill your dream wedding as you posted in your blog. :-)

lav said...

Ma-touch jud si Ciovic ani. I can see your future with him jud. :D

Mikimoto Angel said...

thank you so much lav! bride's maid ka. hahaha

Anonymous said...

thanks momi.. na touch ako sobra T_T hahahahaha will you marry me? hahahahahha


Mikimoto Angel said...

@ciovic; Sure let us marry each other now na! hahahaha

mikaela said...

go katriovic! fight for your love. joke. yuck! hahaha


Anonymous said...

joiner ka mikee ha!

Nim said...

Kat! I'm so happy that you finally met the man for you. This is LOVE. :)) So happy for the both of you. <3

Pinguu Enriquez said...

awwwww ate. :D keep God the center of your relationship.

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