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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anthology for the Sole

My friend Shimea and I were talking about shoes last night. We both agreed that it's much better to invest more on shoes since it has always been a must-have for every girl. Then, she spoke about the shoes she has a great crush on -- the Anthology shoes. I actually have no background about it, whatsoever. But when I Googled about that brand just now, I gave it an instant liking! I've always loved flats because they make me feel utterly comfortable since I love strutting, and heels don't make me feel that way. Flats have indeed become a staple in women's footwear. What I love about flats the most, is that you can wear it even in dressy or casual moments.

I allowed myself a moment's luxury as I considered browsing Anthology's site. Now, I'm definitely drawn to Anthology shoes, cause they are designed for comfort just like Suelas. That's my number one criterion for a good pair. I love it when they said, "Indulge your soles in Anthology." It makes me want to splurge on them! They're so lovely, I wanna die! So here, I'm dishing out my top picks of Anthology shoes. Let's all together drool over these SOLE-ful creations.

Round toe ballerina flats with scallop edge and dangling Anthology medal
Php 2,695

In embossed leather with signature rubber sole.
Php 1,795

Brougues -- The effortless cool of a menswear-inspired lace up shoe.
Php 3, 995

Two-tone banana flats with buckle and dangling Anthology medal.
Php 3,495

Shanghais are there to bring a whole new level of comfort (They look like TOMS Shoes).
Php 2, 795

Quilted Ballerinas
Quilted Ballerina flats with over-sized Anthology ornament.
Php 1, 895

Makeup artist Xeng Zulueta and Anthology shoes come together to bring you a collection bursting with the colors of paradise. Proceeds of the sale goes to UNICEF Philippines.
Php 2, 995

Anthology shoes are available exclusively at Anthem, Spruce, The Ramp, Analog Soul, The Flat Shop and (good news) at Catalogue, Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Post script: Details and images of the shoes posted are courtesy of Anthology Shoes.


Tessa said...

Ohhhh... I love flats. Whatever brand it is as long as its durable. My shoes easily get broken. :( Maybe because of my weight and how I love to walk around.
My best pick from your shoes would be:
1-Brougues - Would like to have a brown one with this with white accent around the area of the shoe lace :D or just brown. such a classic! :)
2-Paradiso - Love the colors and shape.
3-Shanghai :) Good colors :)
Berlin is just too cute for me :D hehe.
I like this list :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

The Shanghai is actually my best pick too! it looks like a patent version of toms. haha

I'm looking forward for your reviews on shoes too. :-)

Anonymous said...

so love love flats. is it a local brand like suelas?

Mystic Nymph said...

Yes, Ms. Z it is! it's available in gaisano mall! :-)

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