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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In The Realm of Senses: Psychotic Lust

True story of a woman called Sada Abe.

I am really honored to have the chance to watch one part of Japan’s history unfolding before my very eyes in class. I can’t imagine myself watching “In the Realm of Senses” outside the four corners of our classroom. I don’t actually feel anything bad about Sir Varquez showing the film in class, because we will be well guided especially with someone more knowledgeable around. For me, the movie was very helpful. It opened my heart and mind from different realizations. That’s what I love about UP, we can still get some significant life lessons even from the most sensitive and controversial matters.

Watching Sada Abe’s sexual undertakings made me think of many things. What if I get obsessed with my partner, will I do what she has done? Just thinking about it makes me shudder. I don’t think I can do such a cruel thing. I may sound like a typical woman-in-love, but I am someone who believes in an intimate, yet passionate kind of love conquest. Each one who participates in a romantic affair must be selfless. Selfishness of even just one party is certain to result to something chaotic, just like what happened to Sada and her partner, Kichi-san. I really pray that I shall never have to stand in her shoes. Psychotic lust is dangerous!

My heart goes out to Kichi-san. My heart bleeds seeing him suffer just as long as he could give pleasure to the woman he loves, even though he couldn’t take it anymore. Sada Abe was always asking him why his manhood gets hard that easily. Who would’ve thought that in the last part of the film, it would no longer erect, unlike what’s expected? After everything they’ve done, maybe Kichi-san has had enough. Their sex scenes had totally taken its toll on me. I got fed up just watching them do it habitually, how much more if I’m doing it as well. I don’t think I can manage getting laid ALL THE TIME.

One of the most memorable scenes in the film, aside from the part where Sada castrated her partner, was when Sada asked Kichi to choke her during sex. It may be too mushy to say, but I saw the love in Kichi’s eyes. He said he doesn’t want to see Sada suffer, but she still didn’t care. That proved his love for her, but she wasn’t mindful of it. All she minded was the satisfaction she wanted to attain from him. For me, seeing how Kichi showed his love for Sada was the turning point of the film. For almost an hour and a half, I thought what she felt for Sada was only lust and nothing more. I didn’t think he loved her that much that he sacrificed himself just to make her happy. That was the best part of the film for me.

I’ve noticed that the two main actors were really having sex. It was not fake unlike in other films. I can’t imagine what it’s like doing it in the set where there are a lot of people watching. I commend the actress who played the role of Sada Abe, because she’s not afraid to flaunt what she got. She has a great body, so she has the right to show it off. I admire her courage of not depriving herself of baring her skin in one of the Japan’s important historical movies. Her performance was also superb, because I can definitely feel that her pleasure was real. I can also feel that her craft was important to her, that’s why she gave her all. She didn’t mind what others might think about her. With that, I salute her!

The experience of watching “In the Realm of Senses” with other people was just normal. We don’t know what other people might think of doing after watching this film alone. I can’t take seeing the scenes all by myself. I want to be surrounded with my classmates who highly regard this film as something for academic context only. There was a unanimous question that has been raised while the movie was going on. Sada Abe and Kichi-san had been making love like it was their hobby, did they ever had a baby? In Tagalog, “Nagbunga ba ang kanilang kapusukan?”

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